Collection Guide

The Wright Brothers Collection housed in Special Collections and Archives in the Wright State University Libraries is one of the most complete collections of Wright material in the world. It includes the Wrights' own technical and personal library, family papers including letters, diaries, financial records, genealogical files, and other documents detailing the lives and work of Wilbur and Orville Wright and the Wright Family. It also includes awards, certificates, medals, albums, recordings, and technical drawings. Perhaps the most valuable part of the collection are the thousands of photographs documenting the invention of the airplane and the lives of the Wright Family.

MS-1: The Wright Brothers Collection

Part I: Technical Library

The Technical Library contains an extensive list of the books and published materials in the collection which came from the Wright family's own technical and personal library.

Part II: Manuscripts

The Manuscript section includes personal and family papers, financial records, diaries, genealogical files, letters, and other documents.

Part III: Photographs

This is a listing of the photographs in the collection. To view the actual images in a searchable database, please use CORE Scholar.

Part IV: Albums

This section contains a variety of photograph albums documenting the Wright family as well as the development of the airplane.

Part V: Phonograph Records and Film

This section includes several recordings and films.

Part VI: Awards and Certificates

This section documents the variety of awards, certificates, and other materials presented to the Wright Brothers.

Part VII: Medals

The final section includes detailed descriptions of the medals awarded to the Wright Brothers.