Student Advisory Board

The University Libraries are committed to providing exceptional research services and resources to facilitate student success. The Student Advisory Board exists to provide students direct access to library leadership to communicate the evolving needs of Wright State’s diverse student body. The board’s primary function is to advise the Libraries on issues related to library spaces, services, and resources.

Meetings are held three times during the academic year: once in Fall Semester, once at the beginning of Spring Semester, and once at the end of Spring Semester.


Student representatives are solicited from offices and organizations across the university and are intended to represent a variety of student perspectives and needs. Interested students are encouraged to apply online.

Members for the 2023–24 academic year are:

  • Emily Mancuso (2nd term)
  • Markus Perry
  • Amber Prater
  • Edna Sanchez Villarraga
  • Ximena Santin Abarca (2nd term)

Terms of service are one year, but student representatives are encouraged to continue board membership for repeating terms for continuity.

University Libraries representation:

  • Interim University Librarian Jane Wildermuth
  • Head of Library Technology Services Leigh Duncan
  • Lake Campus LTC Director Jamon Flowers


What is your standing in school?
In which college is your major?
At which campus do you primarily take classes?
Are you affiliated with any of these organizations or units?
Select all that apply
(i.e., Asian and Native American Center, Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, Latino Center, LGBTQA Center, Women's Center)