photo of a faculty member and a librarian working together

Subject Librarians

The librarians listed below are liaisons to the areas indicated. Faculty and students are encouraged to contact subject librarians to consult about library materials, research assistance, and library instruction. Please see the Library Instruction Support for Faculty page for more information on instructional resources available for classes.

If you cannot reach one of the librarians below, please use our Ask Us service.

Organizational Chart (PDF)

Subject Librarian Phone
Accountancy Carol Fang 937-775-3149
African & African American Studies Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Anatomy Joanna Anderson 973-775-3840
Applied Behavioral Science Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Art & Art History Christina Heady 937-775-2925
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Joanna Anderson 973-775-3840
Biological Sciences Phil Flynn 937-775-2533
Biomedical, Industrial & Human Factors Engineering Phil Flynn 937-775-2533
Chemistry Phil Flynn 937-775-2533
Classics Ran Raider 937-775-3521
Communication Studies and Media Studies Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Computer Science & Engineering Phil Flynn 937-775-2533
Dermatology Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Economics Carol Fang 937-775-3149
Electrical Engineering Phil Flynn 937-775-2533
Emergency Medicine Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
English Language & Literatures Ran Raider 937-775-3521
Family Medicine Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Finance & Financial Services Carol Fang 937-775-3149
Geography Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Geriatrics Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
History Ran Raider 937-775-3521
Human Services Vacant 937-775-2925
Information Systems & Operations Management Carol Fang 937-775-3149
Internal Medicine Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
International Studies Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Kinesiology & Health Ximena Chrisagis 937-775-3840
Leadership Studies Heather Back 937-775-3515
Management Carol Fang 937-775-3149
Marketing Carol Fang 937-775-3149
Mathematics & Statistics Phil Flynn 937-775-2533
Mechanical & Materials Engineering Phil Flynn 937-775-2533
Medical Education Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Microbiology & Immunology Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Military Science Ran Raider 937-775-3521
Modern Languages Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Music Christina Heady 937-775-2925
Neuroscience, Cell Biology & Physiology Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Nursing Ximena Chrisagis 937-775-3516
Obstetrics & Gynecology Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Ophthalmology Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Orthopaedic Surgery Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Otolaryngology Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Patents & Trademarks Ran Raider 937-775-3521
Pathology Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Pediatrics Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Pharmacology & Toxicology Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Philosophy Ran Raider 937-775-3521
Physics Phil Flynn 937-775-2533
Political Science Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Population & Public Health Sciences Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Psychiatry Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Psychology Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Religion Ran Raider 937-775-3521
School of Professional Psychology Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Social Work Vacant 937-775-2925
Sociology & Anthropology Brian Olesko 937-775-3022
Surgery Joanna Anderson 937-775-3840
Teacher Education Heather Back 937-775-3515
Theatre Arts Christina Heady 937-775-2925
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Brian Olesko 937-775-3022