Donating Collections

Special Collections and Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to primary sources that document the history of aviation, the local and regional history of the Miami Valley, and the history of Wright State University. For further information regarding our collecting scope, we encourage you to read our complete collection policy.

What to Donate

We work closely with donors to identify those materials of research interest that should be preserved. Although not all papers, photographs, and records fall within our collecting scope, the information below indicates materials that are often valuable in their content.

Collecting Exclusions

It is not possible for the Archives to accept all materials that are offered. This may be due to duplication, condition, format, or subject areas in which we do not collect. Please note that we do not accept artifacts and suggest you contact the appropriate state, county, or local historical society for information. For further information about our collection policy and how to donate materials, please contact us.