Robert J. Kegerreis, 1973-1985

Robert Kegerreis, described as the man who brought WSU through adolescence and into adulthood, became Wright State University's second president in 1973.

He served the longest presidential term during the years that Wright State experienced the most change. He oversaw an explosive growth in curriculum -- the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Professional Psychology, and the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program all began during his term, and eight major structures were built. He extended the university's physical reach into the community by acquiring the Kettering Center, the Cox Heart Institute, and the Fels Institute.

Kegerreis secured a major coup for scholarship funds during his presidency with the donation of a $1 million scholarship endowment from the late Charles H. Hewitt, one of the largest gifts at the time in Wright State's history.

Kegerreis came to the university in the summer of 1969 as a faculty member, and later served as dean of the College of Business and Administration. He later became vice president and director of administration before becoming president.

Not only did the university grow with the ongoing construction, it also added new programs. The School of Nursing admitted its first students in 1973, the School of Medicine in 1976, and the School of Professional Psychology in 1979.

With the 1980s came a growing excellence in the programs and students. In 1980, the Ohio Theater Alliance listed WSU Theater's audiences as the largest of any university in the state. In 1982, the WSU delegation to the National Collegiate Model United Nations returned with the top award, beginning an unparalleled 16-year streak of taking top honors at the annual event. And in 1983, the men's basketball team won the NCAA Division II national tournament.

Kegerreis passed away in October 2010. A campus remembrance service was held on November 18, 2010, and images from the service are available online.

President Robert Kegerreis

Wright State University President
Robert Kegerreis, 1973-1985

Images from Kegerreis' years at Wright State are available at Wright State's Smugmug.