Family Histories

Below is an unpublished alphabetical list of Family Histories available in the Special Collections & Archives Reading Room. Since family histories are often published, please also search the Library Catalog for a family name. If you are unable to visit the archives please contact us.


Adam - Book of Adam... Kind of Genealogy Harold Kind Bowen
Adams - Adams Family. By Andrew Napoleon Adams
Armbruster - Ferdinand Armbruster and Elisabeth Scheurer


Baker - Stillwater Evangelical Lutheran Church Records. By Lois Ann Baker (1972)
Ball - Joseph Ball Genealogy
Barnes - Family History: The Barnes Family Tree
Barr - Barr Genealogy and Related Families. By Ira R. Barr (1981)
Barrickman - Genealogy of the Michael Barrickman Family group of Fredrick, Maryland, and His Sons and Grandsons, of PA, OH, IN, IL, and all points West and North. By June B. Barekman
Barron - The Barron Family of Pulaski County KY, 1798-1975. By William P. Barron, Jr. (1982)
Beise - Beise History and Genealogy. By George Adams Beise (June 1973)
Bell - Founders of the Bell Family. A Record of Pioneer Settlers in Mifflin County, PA. Raymond M. Bell (1929)
Benham - The Benham Family (1992)
Bentley - "The Bentleys of Eastern KY" William W. Bentley, Jr. & Kathryn L. Bentley (January 1973)
Bigger - Bigger Family. William H. Bigger (1950)
Bitzer - Bitzer, David Harold (13 November 1995)
Black - Black: Descendants of Brothers, Daniel Black and David Black of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Barbara Woolery Hannum (2010)
Boyer - William Boyer Genealogy
Brewer - Family History of the Peter Brewer Family 1777-1970. Lulu E. Scholz (1970)
Brown - Corey-Brown Genealogy. By Gil Corey (August 1974)
Bryant - Bryant Family Genealogy. Chester Lanius Bryant. (Circa 1980)
Burkhart - The Burkhart Family. Holly Fee (1986-1987)
Burnett - Family Genealogical Association. Thomas Robley Burnett, Editor (1982)
Burns - John G. Burns


Call - Family History The Call Family Newsletter
Carlock - Jacob C. Carlock-Founder of Webster, OH. Early settler in Wayne Twp., Darke County OH (1973)
Carver - Smith Carver Family Sketch and His descendants living in OH from 1917-1969
Caven - The Genealogical records of George and Elizabeth Caven, Immigrants from Ireland and Pioneer settlers in Springcreek Towship, Miami Co. OH
Coblentz - The Coblentz Family in America 1743-1982. Compiled by Ruth Coblentz (1982)
Coblentz - Supplement to The Coblentz Family in America 1743-1982. Compiled by Kenneth W. Stricker (1986)
Conover - Roots of William Conover and Catherine Sutphen. Compiled by Leona Conover Meehan
Corey - Corey-Brown Genealogy. By Gil Corey (August 1974)
Crawford - Family History: The Crawford Family Exchange
Crumrine - Descendents of Michael and Peter Crumrine. By Gale D. Crumrine (1 April 1971)


Daniels - The Daniels Family (1987)
Davis - David Davis Family of Carter and Boyd County, KY (1980)
Day - Military Papers of Solomon Day-Revolutionary War
Dean - Dean Family History. By Frances D. Sibley
Death/Dearth - "Death/d'eath/Dearth Family in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio, 1742-1982: A Sense of Place, Northwest and West Central Ohio." Vol. 1 (1982)
Diefenbach - John Baltaser Diefenbach and his Descendants. By Josephine C. Diefenbach (28 February 1941)
Diefenbach - Lewis Diefenbach/Tiefeubach, Lewis Rohrig/Rarick/Roehrig
Dinsmore - Family History of The Western Ohio Dinsmores. By Albert Dinsmore (August 1966)
Dozer - Autobiography And Family History of David H. Dozer (September 15, 1967)
Drayer - A summary -The Drayer Family: A Pioneer Family of Montgomery County, OH (25 June 1981)
DuBois - Name and Family of DuBois. Compiled by Aaron DuBois
DuComb - Vincent DuComb of Philadelphia... Hairdresser, Perfumer and Merchant and his family
Dumm - The Dumm Family of Cabria County, PA. The Kirkpatrick Heritage. Part II- Chapter 10. By William E. Kirkpatrick (May 11, 1975)


Ehrhart/Earhart - The Genealogy of the Ehrhart/ Earhart and Thomas Families (1981)
Elleman - Historical Sketches and Records of the Elleman and Ward Families and their Progenitors and Descendants. Births/Deaths/Marriages (July 1907)
Elliott - Some Elliott's of Licking County, OH
Eltzroth/Elseroad - Three Generations of the Eltzroth/Elseroad Family


Fee - The Fee Family, CA (1986-1987)
Flannery - Genealogy of the McDivitt and Flannery Family (January 1982)
Fobes - Descendents of Revolutionary War Soldier, Absalom Fobes, through his grandson Jasper Forbes
Folketh - Folketh Reunion Book, 1908-1960
Foster - The Foster Family, 1603-1969
Foster - The Line of Descent from Robert and Margaret (McCord) Foster, And Early Pioneer Family of Adams County, OH (1 December 1996)
French - French Ancestors Beavercreek, OH
Fuchs/Fox - The Mathias Fuchs/Fox Family from Adenau, Germany and Mercer County, OH, 1750-1993


Gaines - History and Genealogy of the Gaines Family, from Rockingham County, Virginia, to Montgomery County, Ohio. By Barbara Woolery Hannum (2010)
Goodpasture/Goodpaster - Early Goodpasture (Goodpaster) Families in America (VA TN KY OH IN IL TX MI) 1972-1979-1986-1987. Parts 1-15, continuation series
Groves - "Of This Stuff We Are Made:" Genealogy of the Groves/Herr Families (December 1969)
Gutherie - Gutherie Family in Harrison County, OH (15 April 1998)


Hand - Robert James Hand Family Genealogy
Heisey - The Genealogical history of the Lineal Descendants of Martin Heisey (1981)
Herr - "Of This Stuff We Are Made:" Genealogy of the Groves/Herr Families (December 1969)
Hershey - History and Records of the Hershey Family from the year 1600
Hess - Hess, Hunn, Wisler, Zwiesler Family
Heydon - The Heydons in England and America. Braintree, Massachusetts (1877)
Hill - Hill Family Of Miami County
Hixson - 200 Year Genealogy of the Hixson Family. History of Hixson's Genealogy. (November 11, 1978)
Hixson - The Clan Hixson and its roots in America... 1635-1981 (4 July 1981)
Hoblit - Johannes Michael Hoblit Family (1969)
Hollon - Genealogy of Hollon and Related families: Early Settlers of Eastern KY and their descendants
Horne - Horne Families of America: bulletin (1973)
House - The House Family from Diersheim, Germany in 1817. With Supplement of Henry House, Morgan County, IN (July 1971)
Hubbard - The Hubbard Family genealogical new letters. (Periodical- Beginning July 1973)
Hunn - Hess, Hunn, Wisler, Zwiesler Family
Hunt - Honey Creek Hunts and Associated Families (Circa 1945)
Hunt - The Hunt Family and allied families (Circa 1948)
Hunt - Hunt Family genealogy. By William Hunt (1 May 1981)


Ireton/Irton - The Ireton-Irton Family (November 1972)


Jacobs - The Jacobs Family History. By Grace Jacobs Bowman (1954)
James - The James Family: A preliminary Report of the descendants of William James Sr. and Jane Williams James, VA and Warren County, OH
Jay - Jay Family Genealogy
Jefferis - Known Descendants of Robert Jefferis, 1670
Johnston - Stephen Johnston, Especially his one son Col. John Johnston and wife, Rachel Robinson


Kendig - Ancestors and Descendants of Daniel Kendig (1760-1809) and his wife Anna Forrer (1763-1852) of Lancaster County, PA (1982)
Keyser - Keyser Family History Book 1- pages 1-251 (May 1974)
Keyser - Keyser Family History Book II Pages 252-465 (May 1974)
Kinsey - The Kinsey Family (family newsletters)
Kirkpatrick - Selected Ancestral Lines of Carole Grace (Aiken) Kirkpatrick (1 July 1975)
Kirkpatrick - Archibald Kirkpatrick, his descendants and allied families of Luther, Hibsch (Hipps), Baker, McAnulty, Eckenrode, Dumm, Mulvehill, Peters, Farrell, and Peach of Cambria County, PA: The Kirkpatrick Heritage (25 December 1974)
Kirkpatrick - Samuel Kirkpatrick Family
Kneisly - Family History: Kneisly Genealogy (1932)


Lacy - Lacy Family
LaCroix - LaCroix Family (22 October 1971)
Ledford - "Ledford-misc." Addie (Kind) and Curtis Burnam Ledford
Ledford - Pioneer Women 1 Country Music Featuring Lily May and the Legendary Coon Creek Girls (1985)
Ledford - Coon Creek Girl Lily May Ledford (1991)
Liess - Liess Genealogy (1975)
Lindhaus - "Lindhaus Outline:" Descendants of Bernard Heinrich Lindhaus and Maris Elizabeth Busselmann (January 1987)
Linville - I Am Related To The Linville's (after June 1986)
Lowrey - Rosaline Lowrey, 1893-1951
Luther - The Luther Family of Cambria County PA (June 1976)


Manier - The Mynhier Family (Manier)
Manship - Descendants of Elijah and Priscilla (Wright) Manship-Van Wert, Ohio (1978)
Mason - Misc. Family Charts and Information. Mason, William and Cline, Barbara circa 1780-1827
Maxum - Maxum, Moxham Family Genealogy From 1746
McAnulty - The McAnulty Family of Indiana and Cambria Counties PA; The Kirkpatrick Heritage. Part II Chaper 11 (May 1976)
McCampbell - McCampbell Genealogy (1964)
McCann - McCann Family of John McCann (1747-1802) and Flora McCann (1756-1833) (early 1970s)
McClellan/McClelland McClellan/McClelland: 1971 and 1936; Note Two Books Combined: McClelland, Captain Robert 1778-1846 and McClellan, John, 1785-1866
McDaniel - The Henry McDaniel Family, 1775 - 1975
McDivitt - Genealogy of the McDivitt and Flannery Family (January 1982)
McGohan/McGohon - Genealogy of the descendants of Mark McGohan or McGohon of Ulster, Ireland, 1725 (July 1973)
McGriff - George McGriff Family and his descendants who lived in OH, IN, IA, and MI (1969)
McKay - McKay, Garrison, Ferguson, Medsker, Fortune, Carle, Geller, Painter, Smith, Washington... Collett, Shinn, Beekman, Penn
McLean/McLane - The Search for and Research of single and small grave sites: John McLean/McLane 1764-1846 (1970)
McMickin - Our Tree: History of Sanford McMickin's Descendants (NC, SC, GA, AL) 1969-1973
McPartland - The McPartland Family (untitled so titled for name of woman who submitted with note)
Meyers - Genealogy of Opal Jordan Kommer Meyers 1914-1997
Middleton - The Middleton Family
Miller - The Genealogy of Jacob. Y. Miller (February 1974)
Miller - Miller Family Micro-card #Ge55/137
Miller - Miller Genealogy Pedigree Charts, 1702-1980
Mitchell - A brief history of the Robert Mitchell Family in America, 1924
Montgomery - Montgomery Family Genealogy
Moore - A brief sketch of James and Elizabeth Moore and a complete record of their descendants, 1908
Moore - Moore and Walker genealogies
Murphy - Genealogy of the Edward Murphy Family (1984)
Mynhier - The Mynhier Family (Manier)


North - North Family Appearing in Records of St. John Parish, Hackney, Middlesex (Near London, England)


Osborne - Early Osbornes And Alleys With Notes on Allied Families
Osborne - The Family of George Emmett Osborne, 1878-1952


Patterson - The Patterson Family and their Descendants (May 1996)
Pearson - Crispin Pearson of Bucks County, PA, 1748-1806
Pearson - Quaker Pearsons Being Descendants of the Lawrence Pearson 1607-1673, of Cheshire, England (September 1982)
Pearson - Thomas Pearson (1728-1820), Revolutionary War Patriot
Pearson - Ancestors of Margery Pearson: Robert and Margery (Pearson) McClure and their Descendents
Pierceall - The Pierceall Family of Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri
Piersall - A Collection of the Piersall Family Records- Kentucky and elsewhere (1984)
Plummer - A Line of Descent from Thomas Plummer
Poole - Ancestors of Joseph Russell Poole (Circa 1978)
Pottenger - Pottenger Pioneers in OH (6 August 1979)
Powers - Dozer and Powers Research (27 August 1971)
Preston - Memoranda of the Preston Family
Proctor - Proctor Family History/Genealogy, Proctor and Gamble History, Cincinnati, Ohio


Rarick - Lewis Diefenbach/Tiefeubach, Lewis Rohrig/Rarick/Roehrig
Raney - A letter to my Raney cousins about our ancestor, James Raney, His Wife, Rachel Rayney, and their descendants (December 1984)
Reeder - The Reeders of Madisonville, Ohio
Reinhart - The Reinhart Family (July 1971)
Requath - Requath Lumber Company-F.A. Requarth (A short family history)
Richmond - The Richmond Family News-Journal, Vol. 1 No. 1 - Vol. 5, No. 4 (January 1972-October 1976)
Riely - James and Rebecca (Harvey) Riely Family
Rienhart/Rinehart - Rienhart/Rinehart (1980)
Rodarmel - A Rodarmel Family in Knox County, IN, 1796 to the year 1975
Roland - Family History Roland Zu Dortmund
Romie - John and Anna Romie Family of Ft. Loramie, OH, and their descendants
Robbins - Robbins Family of Orange and Tioga Counties, NY, Wood County, VA (Now WV), and Ross/Jackson/Scioto/Pickaway Counties, OH
Robbins - Robbins and Glaser Family Ancestor Charts
Robinette - Margaret Symm Robinette and Allen Robinette
Roettger - Family History 50th Anniversary reunion of the Henry Roettger Family, 1914-1964
Rohrig/Roehrig - Lewis Diefenbach/Tiefeubach, Lewis Rohrig/Rarick/Roehrig


Saunders - The Saunders Family (also see Bishop family binder)
Schaar - Schaar Family History
Scheurer - Ferdinand Armbruster and Elisabeth Scheurer
Schleback - The families of Johan Heinrich Schleback and Susan/Susnnah Yokey/Yeakey
Schumann - History and Genealogy of Andreas Schumann 1757-1828
Schumann - History and Genealogy of Charles August Schumann 1795-1858
Scott - The Scotts of Harland County, KY
Seibert - Werling-Seibert Family Tree
Sentman/Sandmann/Santman - Sentman/Sandmann/Santman Family Genealogy
Sergent - The Sergent Family
Share - The Share Grist Mills In PA
Shearer - The Shearer Genealogy
Sheby - The House of Sheby (1962)
Shell - John Shell of Leslie County, KY
Simpson - Simpson Family Reunion
Skidmore - Research notes: Skidmore
Smith - Heirs-In-Law of Delora Smith
Smith - Family History: Family Records of Thomas Jefferson Smith and Sarah Mahler Smith (25 December 1979)
Sparn, Sparr, Spahr - Sparn, Sparr, Spahr Ancestors
Spencer - Spencer Family Genealogical Records from the Revolutionary War in 1780s to the DAR in 1981 (27 October 1981)
Spining - Judge Isaac Spining
Steddom - The Steddom Reunion of 1916.(3rd annual - 5 September 1916)
Steinke - Leo John Steinke Story
Stephens - Family History: The Stephens Family (1970)
Stephenson - The Stephenson Family in three parts
Stetter/Shepeart - Bonds 1810-1812-1813: Jacob Stetter, George Stetter, Sr., Christopher Shepeart, George Stetter, Jr.
Stuart - Biography of James M. Stuart
Sturgeion - Genealogy of the Zinn And Sturgeion Families
Surface - Microfilm of the Surface (Zerfass) Family of VA and OH
Swartzbaugh - A Swartzbaugh Family Tree (1976)
Swearinggen/Sweringen/Van Sweringen - Swearinggen/Sweringen/Van Sweringen Family Information, Chief Blue Jacket's Family


Taylor - Pedigree Chart of Kathleen M (Anderson) Taylor (17 June 1970)
Temple - The Temple Family: My Mother's family records
Templeton - The Templeton Family
Thomas - The Genealogy of the Ehrhart/ Earhart and Thomas Families (1981)
Tolle - The Ancestors of William Vance Tolle (November 1980)
Triebold - The Triebold Family
Trissel/Trissell - Trissel-Trissell in America, 1977; Family History/David Trissel/1761-1886, also Misc. Family Groups Records


Vaughan - Vaughan Family Sketch, 1755-1969


Wade - The Wade Quarterly (1975)
Wagoner - Biography and Family History of Floyd R. Wagoner (1978)
Wallace - Misc. Information for the Reverends William Wallace Family of Jackson County (And Harrison County) OH
Walker - Moore and Walker genealogies
Ward - Ward-Riffle: Ancestors and Descendants of the Children of Margaret Swisick and Georg Ward and David Riffle (1972)
Ward - Historical Sketches and Records of the Elleman and Ward Families and their Progenitors and Descendants. Births/Deaths/Marriages (July 1907)
Washington - Laurence Augustine Washington and Mary Dorcas Wood Washington
Waymire - Waymire Family
Webb - The Webb Family (1972-1973)
Welden - Welden, one of the oldest Families in Souabe
Welden - Welden. Belgium, Germany, USA
Wellmeyer - Wellmeyer Family Lineage
Wentz/Wenz - Wentz/ Wenz Family Genealogy with Maps
Werling - Werling-Seibert Family Tree
Werling - Werling Chart #2
Werling - Werling Chart #3
Westbrock - The Joseph Westbrock Family in America
Weybrencht - Genealogy of Martin Weybrencht: 1689 Bavaria - Lancaster County, PA 1732
Wisler - Hess, Hunn, Wisler, Zwiesler Family
Wogaman - Christian Wogaman Family, 1760-1970
Woolery - Woolery from Carroll County, Maryland, to Montgomery County, Ohio: History and Genealogy of brothers Jerome W. Woolery, George J. Woolery, William H. Woolery, Elijah Woolery. By Barbara Woolery Hannum (2010)
Worthington - Worthington Descendants
Wright - Family of Susan Catherine Koerner Wright


Yount - A brief sketch of the origin of the Yount Family in America
Younce - Larkin Younce Family Tree


Zerfass - Microfilm of the Surface (Zerfass) Family of VA and OH
Zinn - Genealogy of the Zinn And Sturgeion Families
Zwiesler - Hess, Hunn, Wisler, Zwiesler Family