Group Study

Due to COVID-19, most group study rooms are currently unavailable

Room 342

This room contains a whiteboard, video projector, and Windows computer.

Maximum Occupancy: 4

Additional equipment is available for check out on the first floor.

Please notify circulation desk staff if you need assistance with any doors or locks.

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Room Guidelines

Group Study Room

  • Users are responsible for maintaining physical distance from each other and remaining masked while using this room.
  • The room must be attended at all times and locked when vacated.
  • Excessive food or drink is not permitted.
  • When first entering the room, please report any problems to the Circulation Desk.
  • Users may not obstruct the window or door in any way.
  • Turn off all equipment and dispose of all trash prior to leaving the room.
  • Return all furniture and equipment to its original location prior to leaving the room.
  • When finished using the room, return the key to the Circulation Desk and pick up Wright 1 card.
  • The right to use bookable rooms can be summarily suspended or revoked for failure to abide by these guidelines.