Subject Librarians

Subject librarians are committed to faculty and student success. Each Wright State University academic program has an assigned subject librarian whose work can support faculty research and instruction in many vital ways.


Our librarians can help you advance your research agenda, from the early stages through preparing for tenure and promotion. Among other research services, subject librarians:

  • Develop the library’s book, journal, and media collections in your areas of interest
  • Identify appropriate journals for manuscript submissions, flagging potentially predatory publishers, and citation verification.
  • Conduct literature searches on a topic to suggest search strategies, terms, and databases, with articles relevant to your research subject
  • Provide literature research support as a member of a team on a grant-funded project


Our librarians can support your students to help with critical evaluation of information, effective library use, and classroom assignments. Subject librarians will:

  • Provide library instruction customized to your research assignments, in your classroom, the library lab, or online
  • Offer library tours and orientation
  • Create Subject and Class Research Guides
  • Meet with students for personal research instruction
  • Support development of new research assignments

Additional Support

In addition, to subject-specific instruction and research services, our librarians are available and ready to assist in a variety of ways. We

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