Church Records

The archives holds several collections of church records in the Dayton area:

Dayton Gospel Mission (MS-32)
Records, 1922-1945. .5 lin. ft.

Consists of records from the Dayton Gospel Mission while under the leadership of Frederick S. Hixon. Included are some of Hixon's sermons and poems, Sunday school records, attendance and financial records, a building ledger, service records, flyers, and photographs.


Berry, Rev. Joseph Hawkins, Jr. (1902-1956) (MS-65)
Papers , 1924-1950. 1.5 lin. ft.

Papers consist primarily of sermons written by Rev. Berry during his 26 years of pastoring, first in Kentucky, then in Texas. Also included is some correspondence, a few poems, and a published sermon.


First Regular Baptist Church, Dayton (MS-81)
Records, 1883-1937. .5 lin. ft.

Records consist of minutes, financial records, baptismal records, annual reports, publications, audio materials, correspondence, clippings, photographs, programs, genealogical charts, blueprints, and scattered records of various church organizations including missionary and women's societies. The earliest documents date from the 1820's and include materials on the Cambellite schism of 1829.


Fairborn United Methodist Church (MS-132)
Records, 1900-1980. 5 lin. ft.

Records consist of minutes of official church boards, reports, financial records, marriage, baptismal, and membership rolls, weekly church programs, publications, women's and youth organization materials, newspaper clippings, historical files, and photographs. Finding aid available.


Dayton Cooperative History Project (MS-169)
Records, 1968-1972. 2.5 lin. ft.

The purpose of the Dayton Cooperative History Project was to identify and locate the widely scattered and unindexed business, church, and other institutional records which document the history of Dayton. This collection consists of papers and records gathered to prepare a preliminary inventory of available historical sources and includes pamphlets, brochures, correspondence, clippings, notes, and inventory forms. Finding aid available.


First Lutheran Church of Dayton (MS-212)
Records, 1839-1984. 8 lin. ft.

First Lutheran is the first and oldest Lutheran church in Dayton. Records include minutes of the Church Council, financial records, vital statistics containing information on baptisms, marriages, deaths, and confirmations, Sunday School records, newsletters, church bulletins, materials dealing with church history, photographs, and records of various church groups and committees. There is also a complete set of blueprints for the church's current building which was designed in 1905 by the Dayton architectural firm of Peters, Burns, and Pretzinger.


First Unitarian Church, Dayton (MS-230)
Records, 1911-1988. 2 lin. ft.

Records of the First Unitarian Church, Dayton, consist of annual reports, correspondence, bi-weekly newsletters, scrapbooks, photographs, and a set of audio-taped sermons from the mid-1980's. The records reflect this church's deep involvement with social and political affairs.


Central Baptist Church ()MS-257
Records, 1882-1964. 1 lin. ft.

Records include a collection of church histories and clippings, a constitution and by-laws, financial records, and ledgers containing a record of Sunday School attendance and other membership information.


Westminster Presbyterian Church (MS-276)
Records, 1799-2007. 103.5 lin. ft.

The records document over two hundred years of the church, from its beginnings in 1799 as First Presbyterian Church, to its split into the resulting Third Street Presbyterian Church, to its merger in 1919 as Westminster Presbyterian Church. The records document all aspects of the three churches, including the administrative functions, buildings, finances, membership, ministers, organizations and their work within the church and for the community, worship services. In addition to documenting Presbyterian history on a local level, the records are a rich source of information on the church's role in the community of Dayton.


Dayton Area Baptist Association (MS-309)
Records, 1949-2000. 6 lin. ft.

Formed in 1964 by a merger between the Upper Miami Baptist Association and the Dayton Baptist Union. The association is still active. Membership includes participating Dayton area Baptist churches, the Ohio Baptist Convention and the American Baptist Convention. The association's active mission is the Dayton Christian Center, located on West Riverview Ave.


Corinth Presbyterian Church (MFM-2)
Records, 1927-1989. 1 reel.

Consists of a church register which lists pastors, church officers, elders, and members as well as baptisms, marriages, communicants, and funerals. Also included is a church history and Session Meeting minutes. Corinth Presbyterian is located in Dayton.


Salem Lutheran Curch of Ellerton (MFM-3)
Records, 1818-1990. 2 reels.

Records include a constitution and articles of incorporation as well as records of baptisms, marriages, funerals, and confirmations. In addition, there are financial records, minutes of the Women's Missionary Society, and copies of the church's newsletter. Salem Lutheran Church of Ellerton is located in Miamisburg, Ohio.


Dayton Female Bible Society (MFM-25)
Records, 1819-1846. 1 reel.

Records consist of the minutes of an early 19th century Dayton women's religious society.


St. James Episopal Church (MFM-33)
Records, 1832-1986. 2 reels.

Records include vestry minutes, parish registers, the records of 3 early female missionary societies, and a service record book. St. James Episcopal is in Piqua, Ohio.


Westminster United Presbyterian Church (MFM-34)
Records, 1850-1985. 3 reels.

Contains membership lists, a register of Elders, Deacons, and Pastors, board minutes, the church register, and miscellaneous printed materials. Westminster United Presbyterian Church is located in Piqua, Ohio.


St. Jacob's Evangelical Lutheran Church (MFM-94)
Records, 1826-1985. 1 reel.

Records of this Miamisburg, Ohio, church include the original constitution and minutes, records of baptisms, marriages, funerals, confirmations, ministerial acts, and membership lists. The early 19th century records are written in both German and English.


Crosby United Methodist Church (MFM-104)
Records, 1832-1985. 1 reel.

Three volumes of records include a published history of the church, a listing of pastors, membership records, and an indexed record of burials in the church cemetery. Crosby United Methodist Church is located in New Haven, Ohio.


Greene Street United Methodist Church (MFM-109)
Records, 1823-1986. 5 reels.

Consists of 35 volumes of church records which include Board of Trustees minutes, membership records, baptisms, marriages, church histories, Sunday School records, women's and missionary society records, Quarterly Meeting minutes, a listing of ministers, and Steward's reports. Greene Street United Methodist is located in Piqua, Ohio.


First Baptist Church of Centerville (MFM-112)
Records, 1799-1978. 1 reel.

Formerly the Baptist Church of Sugarcreek, this church is the fourth oldest Baptist church in Ohio. Records include meeting minutes, a treasurer's book, Sunday School records, and an indexed membership register.


Society of Friends (Quakers) (MFM-125)
Records, 1776-1988. 10 reels.

Collection consists of records from the Society of Friends Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting and includes records from the following Quarterly and Monthly Meetings: Alum Creek, Miami, Short Creek, Green Plain, Campus, Milford, Springboro, Fall Creek, Goshen, Elk Creek, Whitewater, Westfield, Yellow Springs, Lafayette, Lexington, and Louisville. Records consist of membership rolls, marriages, births, deaths, removals, minutes of Men's and Women's Meetings, the minutes of various committees, and newsletters. A detailed listing of the contents of each reel is provided at the front of each roll of microfilm.


St. Andrews Episocopal Church (MFM-127)
Records, 1889-1923. 1 reel.

Records consist of vestry meeting minutes as well as records of baptisms, marriages, burials, and confirmations. St. Andrews is located in Dayton, Ohio.


United Society of Believers Collection (MFM-134)
Papers, 1823-1982. 1 reel.

A collection of diaries kept by members of the Watervliet Community of Shakers near Dayton. The diaries of Nathaniel Taylor, 1823-1830, Henry Reynolds, 1854-1856, James Prescott,1842, Richard Pelham, 1837-1840, and Moses Eastwood are included. The collection also includes a 2-volume autobiography of Elder Issachar Bates.


First Presbyterian Church, Yellow Springs, Ohio (MFM-136)
Records, 1855-1988. 2 reels.

Records include Trustees minutes, 1855-1936, and Session minutes, 1899-1988.


Society of Friends, Elk Creek Meeting (>MFM-137)
Records, 1828-1852. 1 reel.

Records consist of Men's and Women's meeting minutes, anti-slavery Friends minutes, and miscellaneous papers.

St. John's United Church of Christ, Dayton, Ohio (MFM-138)
Records, 1851-1982. 2 reels.

Records include confirmations, deaths, marriages, and baptisms.


First Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio (MFM-139)
Records, 1804-1919. 1 reel.

Collection consists of volumes of trustees minutes from 1804-1919.


Farmersville Reformed Church (MFM-140)
Records, 1883-1952. 1 reel.

Records consist of a church register from 1901-1952, minutes of the Ladies Aid Society, 1898-1922, Board of Trustees minutes, 1896-1912, and the Record of Joint Consistency, 1883-1931. Farmersville is located in Montgomery County, Ohio.


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