Children's Home Records

After the Civil War, Ohio counties began establishing homes for children who were orphaned or from indigent families who could no longer support them. If one or both parents were ill or passed away, children might end up temporarily in the Children's Home until arrangements could be made for them to return to their family or to be placed to work in someone else's home. The various records of the Children's Homes can provide some limited information about the children who were placed in the homes as well as the homes themselves.

Several of the 11 counties in our collection region have Children's Home records, including: Champaign, Clark, Darke, Logan, Miami, Montgomery, Preble and Shelby. A listing of the records available for each of those counties is available in the local government records and in the library catalog.

Please note, however, that Special Collections & Archives does not hold any adoption records. For those records after 1964, Ohio Statute provides that the record of adoption proceedings may be inspected only upon the personal direction of the probate judge. Further, adoption records are not available at any time for inspection by the general public.

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