Champaign County

Records are arranged by county, municipality, township, school district, and federal records and then alphabetically by office of origin. For records located off-site, please call (937) 775-2092 at least one week in advance to allow time for retrieval.

County Records

Record Title Date Span Format
Aid to Dependent Children & Blind
1936-1951 volume
Blind Relief Commission Minutes
1908-1921 volume (off-site)
Chattel Tax Lists
1897 volume
Enumeration of White Unmarried Youth
1832-1833 MFM
Enumeration of White Unmarried Youth
1832-1833 1 folder
Mothers' Pension Record
1917-1940 volume
Board of Education
Teachers' Examination Record
1866-1935 4 volumes (off-site)
Board of Elections
Election Abstract of Votes
1942-1957 2 boxes
Children's Home
Death and Indenture Record 1892-1907 volume (off-site)
Minutes (scattered)
1892-1946 2 volumes (off-site)
Receipts & Expenditures
1892-1968 10 volumes
Record of Inmates
1892-1911 MFM
Record of Inmates
1892-1945 MFM
Record of Inmates
1931-1945 volume
Clerk of Courts
Chancery Records
1833-1854 2 MFM
Circuit Court Appearance Docket
1882-1914 MFM
Circuit Court Minutes
1885-1912 MFM
Circuit Court Record
1887-1891 MFM
Common Pleas General Index
1805-1878 MFM
Common Pleas Minutes
1805-1859 5 MFM
District Court Appearance Docket
1852-1880 MFM
District Court Minutes
1852-1880 MFM
District Court Record
1852-1883 MFM
Fisher's License Record
1925-1926 volume
Hunters' License Record
1913-1932 3 volumes
Justice of the Peace Commissions (scattered)
1822-1956 3 volumes (off-site)
License & Permit Register
1808-1838 2 volumes
Mayors' Certificates of Election
1883-1903 volume (off-site)
1824-1950 MFM
1900-1950 12 folders
Naturalization Locator Cards
1824-1896 1 folder/MFM
Officials' Bonds
1824-1852 volume (off-site)
Railroad Police Commission
1885-1935 2 volumes
Stray Animal Record
1836-1880 2 volumes (off-site)
Supreme Court Docket
1805-1851 4 volumes (off-site)
Supreme Court Minutes
1822-1841 MFM
Supreme Court Record
1805-1851 2 MFM
County Home
Certificates of Indigency
1934-1952 1 folder
Infirmary Register of Inmates
1838-1963 volume (off-site)
Record of Inmates
1838-1959 MFM
Annual Reports
1974 1 folder
Probate Court
Marriage Records 1805-1864 MFM
Mothers' Pension Record
1915-1932 volume
1860-1898 MFM
Patent Record
1868 volume (off-site)
Deed Records 1805-1819 1 MFM
Appearance Docket
1877-1884 volume
Jail Register 1883-1958 3 volumes
Inspection of the Treasury
1882-1906 volume (off-site)

Township Records

Record Title Date Span Format

Bethel Township

Justice of Peace
Civil and Criminal Docket 1809-1812 volume

Harrison Township

Record Book 1838-1864, 1872 volume
Soldiers' Relief Fund 1863-1866 volume

Salem Township

Justice of Peace
Civil and Criminal Docket 1863-1880 volume

Urbana Township

Justice of Peace
Civil Docket (scattered)
1871-1915 15 volumes

Wayne Township

Justice of Peace
Civil Action Docket
1878-1888 volume
Criminal Docket
1898-1939 volume

School Records

Record Title Date Span Format


Board of Education
1918-1938 3 volumes

Federal Records

Record Title Date Span Format
U.S. Census for Ohio -Champaign County
1820-1930 11 MFM