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Items Acquired in February 2018 for the University Libraries

Annual report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

Call Number: Q11 .S66

The romance of science : essays in honour of Trevor H. Levere

Jed Buchwald, Larry Stewart, editors

Call Number: Q125

Masculinity and science in Britain, 1831-1918

Heather Ellis

Call Number: Q127.G4 E45 2017

Feminist rhetorical science studies : human bodies, posthumanist worlds

edited by Amanda K. Booher and Julie Jung

Call Number: Q130 .F464 2018

Predictability of chaotic dynamics : a finite-time Lyapunov exponents approach

Juan C. Vallejo, Miguel A.F. Sanjuan

Call Number: Q172.5.C45

Interfacial wave theory of pattern formation in solidification : dendrites, fingers, cells and free boundaries

Jian-Jun Xu

Call Number: Q172.5.C45

Scientific collaboration and collective knowledge : new essays

edited by Thomas Boyer-Kassem, Conor Mayo-Wilson and Michael Weisberg

Call Number: Q172.5.I5 S35 2018

EPSA15 selected papers : the 5th conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association in Düsseldorf

Michela Massimi, Jan-Willem Romeijn, Gerhard Schurz, editor

Call Number: Q175

Thomas Kuhn : a philosophical history for our times

Steve Fuller

Call Number: Q175 .F927 2000

Philosophy of science for scientists

Lars-Göran Johansson

Call Number: Q175 .J64 2016

Natural complexity : a modeling handbook

Paul Charbonneau

Call Number: Q175.32.C65 C43 2017

Managing science : developing your research, leadership and management skills

Ken Peach

Call Number: Q180.55.M3

Academic women in STEM faculty : views beyond a decade after POWRE

Sue V. Rosser

Call Number: Q181

Instructional scaffolding in STEM education : strategies and efficacy evidence

Brian R. Belland

Call Number: Q181 .B45 2017

STEM and social justice : teaching and learning in diverse settings: a global perspective

Cheryl B. Leggon and Michael S. Gaines, editors

Call Number: Q181 .S74 2017

Science education and curriculum in South Africa

Oscar Koopman

Call Number: Q183.4.S6 K66 2017

Science communication : culture, identity and citizenship

Sarah R. Daview, Maja Horst

Call Number: Q223 .D38 2016

The Nature of the machine and the collapse of cybernetics : a transhumanist lesson for emerging technologies

Alcibiades Malapi-Nelson

Call Number: Q310

Pro deep learning with TensorFlow : a mathematical approach to advanced artificial intelligence in Python

Santanu Pattanayak

Call Number: Q325.5

Machine learning and knowledge discovery in databases : European Conference, ECML PKDD 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, September 18-22, 2017, Proceedings.

Michelangelo Ceci, Jaakko Hollmén, Ljupčo Todorovski, Celine Vens, Sašo Džeroski (eds.)

Call Number: Q325.5

Machine learning and knowledge discovery in databases : European Conference, ECML PKDD 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, September 18-22, 2017, Proceedings.

Yasemin Altun, Kamalika Das, Taneli Mielikäinen, Donato Malerba, Jerzy Stefanowski, Jesse Read, Marinka Žitnik, Michelangelo Ceci, Sašo Džeroski (eds.)

Call Number: Q325.5

Machine learning and knowledge discovery in databases : European Conference, ECML PKDD 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, September 18-22, 2017, Proceedings.

Michelangelo Ceci, Jaakko Hollmén, Ljupčo Todorovski, Celine Vens, Sašo Džeroski (eds.)

Call Number: Q325.5

Emerging research, practice, and policy on computational thinking

Peter J. Rich, Charles B. Hodges, editors

Call Number: Q325.7

Artificial Intelligence XXXIV : 37th SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AI 2017, Cambridge, UK, December 12-14, 2017, Proceedings

edited by Max Bramer, Miltos Petridis

Call Number: Q334

Assessing model-based reasoning using evidence-centered design : a suite of research-based design patterns

Robert J. Mislevy, Geneva Haertel, Michelle Riconscente, Daisy Wise Rutstein, Cindy Ziker

Call Number: Q339.19

Transactions on computational collective intelligence XXVII

edited by Jacek Mercik

Call Number: Q342

Congressus numerantium

Call Number: QA1 .C76

Objects and modalities : a study in the semantics of modal logic

Tero Tulenheimo

Call Number: QA9.46

Innovative algorithms and analysis

Laurent Gosse, Roberto Natalini, editors

Call Number: QA9.58

Social and Political Dimensions of Mathematics Education : Current Thinking

by Murad Jurdak, Renuka Vithal, Elizabeth de Freitas, Peter Gates, David Kollosche

Call Number: QA10.7 .J87 2016

Teaching and learning in maths classrooms : emerging themes in affect-related research : teachers' beliefs, students' engagement and social interaction

Chiara Andrà, Domenico Brunetto, Esther Levenson, Peter Liljedahl, editors

Call Number: QA11.2

Assessment in Mathematics Education : Large-Scale Assessment and Classroom Assessment

Call Number: QA11.2

International Comparative Studies in Mathematics : Lessons for Improving Students' Learning

Jinfa Cai, Ida A.C. Mok, Vijay Reddy, Kaye Stacey

Call Number: QA11.2 .C35 2016

Uses of technology in upper secondary mathematics education

Stephen Hegedus, Colette Laborde, Corey Brady, Sara Dalton, Hans-Stefan Siller, Michal Tabach, Jana Trgalova, Luis Moreno-Armella

Call Number: QA11.2 .H44 2017

Semiotics in mathematics education

Norma Presmeg, Luis Radford, Wolff-Michael Roth, Gert Kadunz

Call Number: QA11.2 .P743 2016

Troika of Adult Learners, Lifelong Learning, and Mathematics : Learning from Research, Current Paradoxes, Tensions and Promotional Strategies

Katherine Safford-Ramus, Pradeep Kumar Misra, Terry Maguire

Call Number: QA11.2 .S34 2016

Design science and its importance in the German mathematics educational discussion

Marcus Nührenbörger, Bettina Rösken-Winter, Chun-Ip Fung, Ralph Schwarzkopf, Erich Christian Wittmann, Kathrin Akinwunmi, Felix Lensing, Florian Schacht

Call Number: QA14.G4 N84 2016eb

Research in history and philosophy of mathematics : the CSHPM 2016 annual meeting in Calgary, Alberta

Maria Zack, Dirk Schlimm, editors

Call Number: QA21

Mathematical practitioners and the transformation of natural knowledge in early modern Europe

Lesley B. Cormack, Steven A. Walton, John A. Schuster, editors

Call Number: QA27.E85

Women in mathematics : celebrating the centennial of the Mathematical Association of America

Janet L. Beery, Sarah J. Greenwald, Jacqueline A. Jensen-Vallin, Maura B. Mast, editors

Call Number: QA27.5

Adventures in Computer Science : From Classical Bits to Quantum Bits

by Vicente Moret-Bonillo

Call Number: QA75.5

New directions for computing education : embedding computing across disciplines

Samuel B. Fee, Amanda M. Holland-Minkley, Thomas E. Lombardi, editors

Call Number: QA76.27

Emerging genres in new media environments

Carolyn R. Miller, Ashley R. Kelly, editiors

Call Number: QA76.575

Research advances in cloud computing

Sanjay Chaudhary, Gaurav Somani, Rajkumar Buyya, editors

Call Number: QA76.585

React Native blueprints : create eight exciting native cross-platform mobile applications with JavaScript

Emilio Rodriguez Martinez

Call Number: QA76.59

Mastering android development with Kotlin : deep dive into the world of Android to create robust applications with Kotlin

Miloš Vasić

Call Number: QA76.59

Metadata and semantics research : 11th International Conference, MTSR 2017, Tallinn, Estonia, November 28 - December 1, 2017, Proceedings

edited by Emmanouel Garoufallou, Sirje Virkus, Rania Siatri, Damiana Koutsomiha

Call Number: QA76.5913

Mobile smartlife via sensing, localization, and cloud ecosystems

Kaikai Liu and Xiaolin Li

Call Number: QA76.5915 .L56 2018

Privately and publicly verifiable computing techniques : a survey

Denise Demirel, Lucas Schabhüser, Johannes Buchmann

Call Number: QA76.6

Rust essentials : a quick guide to writing fast, safe, and concurrent systems and applications

Ivo Balbaert

Call Number: QA76.7

Foundations of programming languages

Kent D. Lee

Call Number: QA76.7

Functional programming in C# : how to write better C# code

Enrico Buonanno

Call Number: QA76.73.C154@QA76.73.C154

Functional programming in C# : how to write better C# code

Enrico Buonanno

Call Number: QA76.73.C154@QA76.73.C154

Beginning C# 7 hands-on : advanced language features : learn the advanced-level features of C# 7 using Visual studio 2017

Tom Owsiak

Call Number: QA76.73.C154

C# programming for absolute beginners

Radek Vystavěl

Call Number: QA76.73.C154

Java how to program. Early objects

Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel

Call Number: QA76.73.J38

Mastering software testing with JUnit 5 : comprehensive guide to develop high quality Java applications

Boni García

Call Number: QA76.73.J38

Java programming for beginners : learn the fundamentals of programming with Java

Mark Lassoff

Call Number: QA76.73.J38

Java EE web application primer : building Bullhorn : a messaging app with JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Oracle

Dave Wolf, A.J. Henley

Call Number: QA76.73.J38

Parsing with Perl 6 Regexes and Grammars : a recursive descent into Parsing

Moritz Lenz

Call Number: QA76.73.P22

PHP & MySQL : novice to ninja: build your own powerful web applications

by Tom Butler & Kevin Yank

Call Number: QA76.73.P224

Python testing with Pytest : simple, rapid, effective, and scalable

Brian Okken

Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Python for graph and network analysis

Mohammed Zuhair Al-Taie, Seifedine Kadry

Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Python 2 and 3 compatibility : with Six and Python-future libraries

Joannah Nanjekye

Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Mastering Ruby closures : a guide to blocks, procs, and lambdas

by Benjamin Tan Wei Hao

Call Number: QA76.73.R83

PHP and MySQL for dynamic web sites

Larry Ullman

Call Number: QA76.73.S67

Test-driven iOS development with Swift 4 : write Swift code that is maintainable, flexible, and easily extensible

Dominik Hauser

Call Number: QA76.73.S95

Enterprise DevOps playbook : a guide to delivering at velocity

Bill Ott, Jimmy Pham, and Haluk Saker

Call Number: QA76.758

Git essentials : create, merge, and distribute code with Git, the most powerful and flexible versioning system available

Ferdinando Santacroce ; foreword by Arialdo Martini, Giovanni Toraldo

Call Number: QA76.758

Compliance at speed : achieving performance in enterprise applications

Mark Lustig

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Switiching to Angular : align with Google's long-term vision for Angular version 5 and beyond

Minko Gechev

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Business Process Management Forum : BPM Forum 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 18-22, 2016, Proceedings

edited by Marcello La Rosa, Peter Loos, Oscar Pastor

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Enterprise applications, markets and services in the finance industry : 8th International Workshop, FinanceCom 2016, Frankfurt, Germany, December 8, 2016, Revised Papers

edited by Stefan Feuerriegel, Dirk Neumann

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Xamarin.Forms essentials : first steps toward cross-platform mobile apps

Gerald Versluis

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Full stack AngularJS for Java developers : build a full-featured web application from scratch using AngularJS with Spring RESTful

Ravi Kant Soni

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Learn microservices with Spring Boot : a practical approach to RESTful Services using RabbitMQ, Eureka, Ribbon, Zuul and Cucumber

Moises Macero

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Beginning Ractive.js : a practical introduction to Ractive.js using real-world examples

Alex Libby

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Queueing Theory and Network Applications : 12th International Conference, QTNA 2017, Qinhuangdao, China, August 21-23, 2017, Proceedings

edited by Wuyi Yue, Quan-Lin Li, Shunfu Jin, Zhanyou Ma

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Simulating Social Complexity : A Handbook

edited by Bruce Edmonds, Ruth Meyer

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Introduction to Octave : for engineers and scientists

Sandeep Nagar

Call Number: QA76.76.C65 N343 2018

Mastering Unity 2017 game development with C# : create professional games with solid gameplay features and professional-grade workflow

Alan Thorn

Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Introducing JavaScript game development : build a 2D game from the ground up

Graeme Stuart

Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Swarm v. Fleet v. Kubernetes v. Mesos : comparing different orchestration tools

Adrian Mouat

Call Number: QA76.76.D47

Recent trends in algebraic development techniques : 23rd IFIP WG 1.3 International Workshop, WADT 2016, Gregynog, UK, September 21-24, 2016, Revised selected papers

Phillip James, Markus Roggenbach (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.D47

Coordination in large-scale agile software development : integrating conditions and configurations in multiteam systems

Alexander Scheerer

Call Number: QA76.76.D47 T35 2015eb

Autonomous agents and multiagent systems : AAMAS 2017 Workshops, Visionary Papers, São Paulo, Brazil, May 8-12, 2017, Revised selected papers

edited by Gita Sukthankar, Juan A. Rodriguez-Aguilar

Call Number: QA76.76.I58

Autonomous agents and multiagent systems : AAMAS 2017 Workshops, Best papers, São Paulo, Brazil, May 8-12, 2017, Revised selected papers

edited by Gita Sukthankar, Juan A. Rodriguez-Aguilar

Call Number: QA76.76.I58

Digital storytelling : form and content

edited by Mark Dunford and Tricia Jenkins

Call Number: QA76.76.I59

ABCs of IBM z/OS system programming. Volume 1

Lydia Parziale, Luiz Fadel, Stanley Jon

Call Number: QA76.76.O63

Jenkins 2.x continuous integration cookbook : over 90 recipes to produce great results using pro-level practices, techniques, and solutions

Mitesh Soni, Alan Mark Berg

Call Number: QA76.76.Q35

Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment : reliable and faster software releases with automating builds, tests, and deployment [electronic resource]

Sander Rossel

Call Number: QA76.76.R44 R67 2017eb

Verified software : theories, tools, and experiments : 9th International Conference, VSTTE 2017, Heidelberg, Germany, July 22-23, 2017, Revised selected papers

edited by Andrei Paskevich, Thomas Wies

Call Number: QA76.76.V47

Reusable firmware development : a practical approach to APIs, HALs and drivers

Jacob Beningo

Call Number: QA76.765

Learning generative adversarial networks : next-generation deep learning simplified

Kuntal Ganguly

Call Number: QA76.87

Advances in neuromorphic hardware exploiting emerging nanoscale devices

Manan Suri, editor

Call Number: QA76.87

Compact representations for the design of quantum logic

Philipp Niemann, Robert Wille

Call Number: QA76.889

Information security practices : emerging threats and perspectives

Issa Traoré, Ahmed Awad, Isaac Woungang, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Fundamentals of IP and SoC security : design, verification, and debug

Swarup Bhunia, Sandip Ray, Susmita Sur-Kolay, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Cybersecurity for industry 4.0 : analysis for design and manufacturing

Lane Thames, Dirk Schaefer, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Cryptography and coding : 16th IMA International Conference, IMACC 2017, Oxford, UK, December 12-14, 2017, Proceedings

Máire O'Neill (ed.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Security, privacy, and anonymity in computation, communication, and storage : 10th International Conference, SpaCCS 2017, Guangzhou, China, December 12-15, 2017, Proceedings

edited by Guojun Wang, Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Zheng Yan, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Information systems security : 13th International Conference, ICISS 2017, Mumbai, India, December 16-20, 2017, Proceedings

Rudrapatna K. Shyamasundar, Virendra Singh, Jaideep Vaidya (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Information security practice and experience : 13th International Conference, ISPEC 2017, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, December 13-15, 2017, Proceedings

Joseph K. Liu, Pierangela Samarati (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Security, privacy, and anonymity in computation, communication, and storage : SpaCCS 2017 International Workshops, Guangzhou, China, December 12-15, 2017, Proceedings

Guojun Wang, Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Zheng Yan, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Progress in Cryptology -- INDOCRYPT 2017 : 18th International Conference on Cryptology in India, Chennai, India, December 10-13, 2017, Proceedings

edited by Arpita Patra, Nigel P. Smart

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Security, privacy, and applied cryptography engineering : 7th International Conference, SPACE 2017, Goa, India, December 13-17, 2017, Proceedings

edited by Sk Subidh Ali, Jean-Luc Danger, Thomas Eisenbarth

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Critical information infrastructure security : 11th International Conference, CRITIS 2016, Paris, France, October 10-12, 2016, Revised selected papers

edited by Grigore Havarneanu, Roberto Setola, Hypatia Nassopoulos, Stephen Wolthusen

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 C75 2016

Personal analytics and privacy : an individual and collective perspective : first international workshop, PAP 2017, Held in Conjunction with ECML PKDD 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, September 18, 2017, revised selected papers

edited by Riccardo Guidotti, Anna Monreale, Dino Pedreschi, Serge Abiteboul

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 I566 2017

Structural information and communication complexity : 24th International Colloquium, SIROCCO 2017, Porquerolles, France, June 19-22, 2017, Revised Selected Papers

Shantanu Das, Sebastien Tixeuil (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A43

Theory and practice of natural computing : 6th International Conference, TPNC 2017, Prague, Czech Republic, December 18-20, 2017, Proceedings

edited by Carlos Martín-Vide, Roman Neruda, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez

Call Number: QA76.9.A43

From variability tolerance to approximate computing in parallel integrated architectures and accelerators

Abbas Rahimi, Luca Benini, Rajesh K. Gupta

Call Number: QA76.9.A73

Big data management

Fausto Pedro Garcia Marquez, Benjamin Lev, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.B45

Big data and computational intelligence in networking

edited by Yulei Wu, Fei Hu, Geyong Min, Albert Y. Zomaya

Call Number: QA76.9.B45 W824 2018

Experience on demand : what virtual reality is, how it works, and what it can do

Jeremy Bailenson

Call Number: QA76.9.C65 B345 2018

Real user measurements : why the last mile is the relevant mile

Pete Mastin

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

The subtle sources of sampling bias hiding in your data : plummeting data acquisition costs have contributed to a surge in business analytics : but more data doesn't inherently remove sampling bias, and in some cases, it could make it worse

Sam Ransbotham

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Lessons from becoming a data-driven organization

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Network role mining and analysis

Derek Doran

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Mining intelligence and knowledge exploration : 5th International Conference, MIKE 2017, Hyderabad, India, December 13-15, 2017, Proceedings

Ashish Ghosh, Rajarshi Pal, Rajendra Prasath (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Big data analytics : 5th International Conference, BDA 2017, Hyderabad, India, December 12-15, 2017, Proceedings

edited by P. Krishna Reddy, Ashish Sureka, Sharma Chakravarthy, Subhash Bhalla

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Introduction to data mining

Pang-Ning Tan, Michigan State University, Michael Steinbach, University of Minnesota, Anuj Karpatne, University of Minnesota, Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota

Call Number: QA76.9.D343 T35 2019

Exam ref 70-767 implementing a SQL data warehouse

Jose Chinchilla, Raj Uchhana

Call Number: QA76.9.D37

Monitoring distributed systems : case studies from Google's SRE teams

Rob Ewaschuk

Call Number: QA76.9.D5

Researching UX : user research

by James Lang and Emma Howell

Call Number: QA76.9.H85

Companion technology : a paradigm shift in human-technology interaction

Biundo, Susanne, Andreas Wendemuth, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.H85

Intelligent human computer interaction : 9th International Conference, IHCI 2017, Evry, France, December 11-13, 2017, Proceedings

Patrick Horain, Catherine Achard, Malik Mallem (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.H85

A psychology of user experience : involvement, affect and aesthetics

Phil Turner

Call Number: QA76.9.H85

Digital technology and sustainability : engaging the paradox

edited by Mike Hazas and Lisa P. Nathan

Call Number: QA76.9.H85 D497 2018

Audio visualization using ThMAD : realtime graphics rendering for Ubuntu Linux

Peter Späth

Call Number: QA76.9.I52

The mathematical-function computation handbook : programming using the MathCW portable software library

Nelson H.F. Beebe

Call Number: QA76.9.M35

Mathematical aspects of computer and information sciences : 7th International Conference, MACIS 2017, Vienna, Austria, November 15-17, 2017, Proceedings

Johannes Blömer, Ilias S. Kotsireas, Temur Kutsia, Dimitris E. Simos (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.M35

The responsibilities of online service providers

Mariarosaria Taddeo, Luciano Floridi, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.M65

Bio-inspired computing for image and video processing

[edited by] D.P. Acharjya, V. Santhi

Call Number: QA76.9.N37 B556 2018

Recent advances on soft computing and data mining : the second International Conference on Soft Computing and Data Mining (SCDM-2016), Bandung, Indonesia, August 18-20, 2016 Proceedings

Tutut Herawan, Rozaida Ghazali, Nazri Mohd Nawi, Mustafa Mat Deris, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.S63

Screen and UI performance

Doug Sillars

Call Number: QA76.9.U83

Building Android UIs with custom views : build amazing custom user interfaces with Android custom views

Raimon Ràfols Montané

Call Number: QA76.9.U83

Virtual reality and augmented reality : 14th EuroVR International Conference, EuroVR 2017, Laval, France, December 12-14, 2017, Proceedings

Jernej Barbic, Mirabelle D'Cruz, Marc Erich Latoschik, Mel Slater, Patrick Bourdot (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.V5

Algebraic modeling of topological and computational structures and applications : THALES, Athens, Greece, July 1-3, 2015

Sofia Lambropoulou, Doros Theodorou, Petros Stefaneas, Louis H. Kauffman, editors

Call Number: QA150

Early Algebra : Research into its Nature, its Learning, its Teaching

Carolyn Kieran, JeongSuk Pang, Deborah Schifter, Swee Fong Ng

Call Number: QA159 .K54 2016eb

Probability on graphs : random processes on graphs and lattices

Geoffrey Grimmett (Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge)

Call Number: QA166 .G75 2018

Mathematical structures of natural intelligence

Yair Neuman

Call Number: QA169

On characters of finite groups

Michel Broué

Call Number: QA177

Geometric group theory : an introduction

Clara Löh

Call Number: QA183

Scalar, vector, and matrix mathematics : theory, facts, and formulas

Dennis S. Bernstein

Call Number: QA188 .B475 2018

Number theory -- diophantine problems, uniform distribution and applications : festschrift in honour of Robert F. Tichy's 60th birthday

Christian Elsholtz, Peter Grabner, editors

Call Number: QA241

Equivalents of the Riemann hypothesis

Kevin Broughan, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Call Number: QA246 .B745 2017

Combinatorial set theory : with a gentle introduction to forcing

Lorenz J. Halbeisen

Call Number: QA248 .H35 2017eb

Perspectives in lie theory

Filippo Callegaro, Giovanna Carnovale, Fabrizio Caselli, Corrado De Concini, Alberto De Sole, editors

Call Number: QA252.3

Spatial interaction models : facility location using game theory

Lina Mallozzi, Egidio D'Amato, Panos M. Pardalos, editors

Call Number: QA269

Discrete-time optimal control and games on large intervals

Alexander J. Zaslavski

Call Number: QA270

Making it formally explicit : probability, causality and indeterminism

Gábor Hofer-Szabó, Leszek Wroński, editors

Call Number: QA273.A35 M35 2017

Theory of random sets

Ilya Molchanov

Call Number: QA273.5

Modern problems of stochastic analysis and statistics : selected contributions in honor of Valentin Konakov

Vladimir Panov, editor

Call Number: QA274

Level crossing methods in stochastic models

Percy H. Brill

Call Number: QA274.2 .B75 2017

Computerized Adaptive and Multistage Testing with R : Using Packages catR and mstR

by David Magis, Duanli Yan, Alina A. von Davier

Call Number: QA276-280

Multivariable calculus with MATLAB® : with applications to geometry and physics

Ronald L. Lipsman, Jonathan M. Rosenberg

Call Number: QA278

Farey sequences : duality and maps between subsequences

Andrey O. Matveev

Call Number: QA292 .M38 2017

Real analysis : series, functions of several variables, and applications

Miklós Laczkovich, Vera T. Sós

Call Number: QA300

Ergodic theory and negative curvature : CIRM Jean-Morlet Chair, Fall 2013

Boris Hasselblatt, editor

Call Number: QA313

Fractional and multivariable calculus : model building and optimization problems

A.M. Mathai, H.J. Haubold

Call Number: QA314 .M38 2017

Nevanlinna theory

Kunihiko Kodaira

Call Number: QA331

Convergence and summability of Fourier transforms and Hardy spaces

Ferenc Weisz

Call Number: QA331

Modern real analysis

William P. Ziemer ; with contributions by Monica Torres

Call Number: QA331.5

Lyapunov exponents

Luís Barreira

Call Number: QA372

Richardson extrapolation : practical aspects and applications

Zahari Zlatev, Ivan Dimov, István Faragó, Ágnes Havasi

Call Number: QA372 .Z53 2018

Derivative-free and blackbox optimization

Charles Audet, Warren Hare

Call Number: QA402.5

Continuous nonlinear optimization for engineering applications in GAMS technology

Neculai Andrei

Call Number: QA402.5

Combinatorial optimization and applications : 11th International Conference, COCOA 2017, Shanghai, China, December 16-18, 2017, Proceedings, Part II

edited by Xiaofeng Gao, Hongwei Du, Meng Han

Call Number: QA402.5 .C5423 2017

Combinatorial optimization and applications : 11th International Conference, COCOA 2017, Shanghai, China, December 16-18, 2017, Proceedings, Part I

edited by Xiaofeng Gao, Hongwei Du, Meng Han

Call Number: QA402.5 .C5423 2017

A discrete Hilbert transform with circle packings

Dominik Volland

Call Number: QA432

Fundamentals of tensor calculus for engineers with a primer on smooth manifolds

Uwe Mühlich

Call Number: QA433

The relationship between language and spatial ability : an analysis of spatial language for reconstructing the solving of spatial tasks

by Angel Mizzi ; with preface by Prof. Dr. Andreas Büchter

Call Number: QA461

Geometry over nonclosed fields

Fedor Bogomolov, Brendan Hassett, Yuri Tschinkel, editors

Call Number: QA564

Harmonic Maass forms and mock modular forms : theory and applications

Kathrin Bringmann, Amanda Folsom, Ken Ono, Larry Rolen

Call Number: QA567.2.M63 H37 2017

Number theory related to modular curves : Momose memorial volume : seminar in memory of Fumiyuki Momose, Barcelona-Boston-Tokyo Number Theory, Barcelona

Joan-Carles Lario, V. Kumar Murty, editors

Call Number: QA567.2.M63 N86 2018

Covariant Schrödinger semigroups on Riemannian manifolds

Batu Güneysu

Call Number: QA649

Electro-chemo-mechanics of solids

Sean R. Bishop [and others], editors

Call Number: QA805

A concise introduction to elastic solids : an overview of the mechanics of elastic materials and structures

Carl T. Herakovich

Call Number: QA931

Rising time schemes in Babylonian astronomy

John M. Steele

Call Number: QB19 .S74 2017

Astronomy for older eyes : a guide for aging backyard astronomers

James L. Chen ; graphics by Adam Chen

Call Number: QB64

Marine chronometers at Greenwich : a catalogue of marine chronometers at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Jonathan Betts

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Solid state physics

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Digestible quantum field theory

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Schramm-Loewner evolution

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Clusters : structure, bonding and reactivity

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Gravity and the quantum : pedagogical essays on cosmology, astrophysics, and quantum gravity

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Flow boiling in expanding microchannels

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Mixed convection in fluid superposed porous layers

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Electron mass and calcium isotope shifts : high-precision measurements of bound-electron g-factors of highly charged ions

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Weather Bureau topics

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Rethinking resilience, adaptation and transformation in a time of change

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The securitization of climate change : Australian and United States' military responses (2003-2013)

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Climate change and the humanities : historical, philosophical and interdisciplinary approaches to the contemporary environmental crisis

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International climate negotiation factors : design, process, tactics

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Analytical methods for polymer characterization

Rui Yang

Call Number: QD139.P6 Y36 2018


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Polymer chemistry

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Sweet biochemistry : remembering structures, cycles, and pathways by mnemonics

Asha Kumari

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Chemical complexity via simple models : modelics

Valeriy I. Bykov, Svetlana B. Tsybenova, Gregory Yablonsky

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Applications of radiation chemistry in the fields of industry, biotechnology and environment

Margherita Venturi, Mila D'Angelantonio, editors ; with contributions from Krzysztof Bobrowski [and more]

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The women who popularized geology in the 19th century

Kristine Larsen

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The glorious geology of Iceland's Golden Circle

Agust Gudmundsson

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New perspectives on mineral nucleation and growth : from solution precursors to solid materials

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Genesis of diamonds and associated phases

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Geochemistry of silicon isotopes

Tiping Ding, [and four others]

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Principles of seismology

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Geological belts, plate boundaries, and mineral deposits in Myanmar

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Landscape perspectives : the holistic nature of landscape

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Ecosystems and living resources of the Baltic Sea : their assessment and management

Evald Ojaveer

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The biology of lakes and ponds

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Multiphoton microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging : applications in biology and medicine

edited by Karsten König

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Scientific process and social issues in biology education

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Topics in mathematical biology

Karl Peter Hadeler

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Mathematical and statistical applications in life sciences and engineering

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Intangible life : functorial connections in relational biology

A.H. Louie

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Ethos, Bioethics, and Sexual Ethics in Work and Reception of the Anatomist Niels Stensen (1638-1686) : Circulation of Love

by Frank Sobiech

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Bioethics and biopolitics in Israel : socio-legal, political and empirical analysis

edited by Hagai Boas, Yael Hashiloni-Dolev, Nadav Davidovitch, Dani Filc, Shai Lavi

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The long-term fate of invasive species : aliens forever or integrated immigrants with time?

Arne Jernelöv

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Computational phylogenetics : an introduction to designing methods for phylogeny estimation

Tandy Warnow, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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History of human genetics : aspects of its development and global perspectives

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Genetics and genomics in nursing and health care

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The physics of cancer

Caterina A.M. La Porta, Università degli Studi di Milano, Stefano Zapperi, Università degli Studi di Milano

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A mathematical approach to protein biophysics

L. Ridgway Scott, Ariel Fernández

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Biological timekeeping : clocks, rhythms and behaviour

Vinod Kumar, editor

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The role of integrity in the governance of the commons : governance, ecology, law, ethics

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Ecosystem functions and management : theory and practice

Harpinder Sandhu, editor

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Birds as useful indicators of high nature value farmlands : using species distribution models as a tool for monitoring the health of agro-ecosystems

Federico Morelli, Piotr Tryjanowski, editors

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Participatory modelling for resilient futures : action for managing our environment from the bottom-up

edited by Richard J. Hewitt, [and 5 others]

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Fundamentals of soil ecology

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Microtechnology for cell manipulation and sorting

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Mesenchymal stem cells and immunomodulation

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Imaging in stem cell transplant and cell-based therapy

Tarun Pandey, editor

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Stem cell microenvironments and beyond

Alexander Birbrair, editor

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Membrane organization and dynamics

Amitabha Chattopadhyay, editor

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Dendroecology : tree-ring analyses applied to ecological studies

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Cannabis sativa L.--botany and biotechnology

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The Jatropha genome

Suguru Tsuchimoto, editor

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Oaks physiological ecology : exploring the functional diversity of Genus Quercus L.

Eustaquio Gil-Pelegrín, José Javier Peguero-Pina, Domingo Sancho-Knapik, editors

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Chlamydomonas : molecular genetics and physiology

Michael Hippler, editor

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Chlamydomonas : biotechnology and biomedicine

Michael Hippler, editor

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Fungal Nanotechnology : Applications in Agriculture, Industry, and Medicine

edited by Ram Prasad

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Developments in fungal biology and applied mycology

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Toadstools, mushrooms, fungi, edible and poisonous; : one thousand American fungi

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Production of plant derived natural compounds through hairy root culture

Sonia Malik, editor

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Phycobiliproteins : recent developments and future applications

Vinod K. Kannaujiya, Shanthy Sundaram, Rajeshwar P. Sinha

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Henry Dresser and Victorian ornithology : birds, books and business

Henry A. McGhie

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New illustrated natural history of the world,

by Ernest Protheroe, with 24 coloured plates (73 figures) and nearly 300 photographs direct from nature chiefly by W.S. Berridge

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Atlas of crabs of the Persian Gulf

Reza Naderloo

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Essential fish biology : diversity, structure and function

Derek Burton, Margaret Burton

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The cardiovascular system : development, plasticity and physiological responses

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by Neltje Blanchan; with introduction by John Burroughs, with many photographic illustrations in color and in black and white

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Common birds of town and country. : With 114 illustrations in color and 52 in black and white ..

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The seabird's cry : the lives and loves of the planet's great ocean voyagers

Adam Nicolson

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editor-in-chief, T. Gilbert Pearson, consulting editor, John Burroughs; contributing editors, Edward H. Forbush, Herbert K. Job, William L. Finley [and others]; artists, R.I. Brasher, R. Bruce Horsfall [and] Henry Thurston; with 106 plates in full color by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

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Camps and cruises of an ornithologist,

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Our winter birds : how to know and how to attract them

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Bird-life; : a guide to the study of our common birds,

by Frank M. Chapman ... With seventy-five full-page colored plates after drawings by Ernest Seton Thompson

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Birds of New York

by Elon Howard Eaton

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Birds of New York

by Elon Howard Eaton

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The travels of birds; : our birds and their journeys to strange lands

[by] Frank M. Chapman ..

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North on the wing : travels with the songbird migration of spring

Bruce M. Beehler ; illustrations by John T. Anderton

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Ecology, conservation and management of wild pigs and peccaries

edited by Mario Melletti, AfBIG (African Buffalo Initiative Group), IUCN/SSC/ASG, Erik Meijaard, Borneo Futures, Center of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, University of Queensland, Australian National University, Wild Pig Specialist Group (IUCN/SSC/WPSG)

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A taste for the beautiful : the evolution of attraction

Michael J. Ryan

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Clinical anatomy of the shoulder : an atlas

Murat Bozkurt, Halil İbrahim Açar, editors

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Circadian rhythms : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology

edited by Paolo Sassone-Corsi, Michael W. Young, Akhilesh B. Reddy

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Atlas of exfoliative cytopathology with histopathologic correlations

Syed Z. Ali, Christopher J. VandenBussche, Cheng-Ying Ho, Doreen N. Palsgrove, Derek B. Allison, Ashley Cimino-Matthews

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Platelets, haemostasis and inflammation

Andreas Zirlik, Christoph Bode, Meinrad Gawaz, editors

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The multiple inert gas elimination technique (MIGET)

Susan R. Hopkins, Peter D. Wagner

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Advanced human nutrition

Denis M. Medeiros and Robert E.C. Wildman

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Neural connectomics challenge

Demian Battaglia, Isabelle Guyon, Vincent Lemaire, Javier Orlandi, Bisakha Ray, Jordi Soriano, editors ; foreword by Florin Popescu

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The spaces between us : a story of neuroscience, evolution, and human nature

Michael S.A. Graziano

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Brain-computer interface research : a state-of-the-art summary 6

Christoph Guger, Brendan Allison, Mikhail Lebedev, editors

Call Number: QP360.7

The physics of the mind and brain disorders : integrated neural circuits supporting the emergence of mind

Ioan Opris, Manuel F. Casanova, editors

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The neurobiology of brain and behavioral development

edited by Robbin Gibb and Bryan Kolb

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Neurofeedback : tools, methods and applications Pascale Vincent

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Introduction to perfusion qualification using arterial spin labeling

Michael Chappell, Bradley MacIntosh, Thomas Okell

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Introduction to perfusion qualification using arterial spin labeling

Michael Chappell, Bradley MacIntosh, Thomas Okell

Call Number: QP376.6 .C43 2018

The Broca-Wernicke doctrine : a historical and clinical perspective on localization of language functions

Geert-Jan Rutten

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Brain lateralization and developmental disorders : a new approach to unified research

Ivanka V. Asenova

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Protein reviews. Volume 19

M. Zouhair Atassi, editor

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The neuropilins : role and function in health and disease

Gera Neufeld, Ofra Kessler, editors

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Non-coding RNAs in the vasculature

Thomas Thum, Stefanie Dimmeler, editors

Call Number: QP623

Uptake and trafficking of protein toxins

Holger Barth, editor

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Microorganisms for green revolution. Volume 1, Microbes for sustainable crop production

Deepak G. Panpatte, Yogeshvari K. Jhala, Rajababu V. Vyas, Harsha N. Shelat, editors

Call Number: QR51

Microbial ecology of extreme environments

Caroline Chénard, Federico M. Lauro, editors

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Xenobiotics in the soil environment : monitoring, toxicity and management

Muhammad Zaffar Hashmi, Vivek Kumar, Ajit Varma, editors

Call Number: QR111

Emerging concepts targeting immune checkpoints in cancer and autoimmunity

Akihiko Yoshimura, editor

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Tumor immune microenvironment in cancer progression and cancer therapy

Pawel Kalinski, editor

Call Number: QR188.6

Zika virus disease : from origin to outbreak

edited by Adnan I. Qureshi

Call Number: QR201.Z45 .Z55 2018

Volatiles and food security : role of volatiles in agro-ecosystems

Devendra K. Choudhary, Anil K. Sharma, Prachi Agarwal, Ajit Varma, Narendra Tuteja, editors

Call Number: QR351

Plant-microbe interactions in agro-ecological perspectives. Volume 2, Microbial interactions and agro-ecological impacts

Dhananjaya Pratap Singh, Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Ratna Prabha, editors

Call Number: QR351

Controlling language in industry : controlled languages for technical documents

Stephen Crabbe

Call Number: T11 .C688 2017

Technology, commercialization and gender : a global perspective

Pooran Wynarczyk, Marina Ranga, editors

Call Number: T36

Technology and the end of authority : what Is government for?

Jason Kuznicki

Call Number: T49.5

Multiscale simulation approach for battery production systems

Malte Schönemann

Call Number: T57.62

Multiobjective linear and integer programming

by Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Maria João Alves, João Clímaco

Call Number: T57.74 .A58 2016

Adaptive dynamic programming with applications in optimal control

Derong Liu, Qinglai Wei, Ding Wang, Xiong Yang, Hongliang Li

Call Number: T57.83

Heuristic search : the emerging science of problem solving

Said Salhi

Call Number: T57.84

Supplier selection : an MCDA-based approach

Krishnendu Mukherjee

Call Number: T57.95

Global knowledge dynamics and social technology [electronic resource]

Thomas Petzold

Call Number: T58.5

Ethical and social issues in the information age

Joseph Migga Kizza

Call Number: T58.5

Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems : 10th IFIP WG 8.9 Working Conference, CONFENIS 2016, Vienna, Austria, December 13--14, 2016, Proceedings

edited by A Min Tjoa, Li Da Xu, Maria Raffai, Niina Maarit Novak

Call Number: T58.6 .I57877 2016

Business modeling and software design : 6th International Symposium, BMSD 2016, Rhodes, Greece, June 20-22, 2016, Revised Selected Papers

edited by Boris Shishkov

Call Number: T58.6 .I595 2016

Research and development in the academy, creative industries and applications

Rae Earnshaw

Call Number: T174.3

Advances in Enterprise Engineering XI : 7th Enterprise Engineering Working Conference, EEWC 2017, Antwerp, Belgium, May 8-12, 2017, Proceedings

edited by David Aveiro, Robert Pergl, Giancarlo Guizzardi, João Paulo Almeida, Rodrigo Magalhães, Hans Lekkerkerk

Call Number: TA168 .E58 2017

Green technologies and environmental sustainability

Ritu Singh, Sanjeev Kumar, editors

Call Number: TA170

Carbon footprint and the industrial life cycle : from urban planning to recycling

Roberto Álvarez Fernández, Sergio Zubelzu, Rodrigo Martínez, editors

Call Number: TA170

Engineering technology problem solving : techniques using electronic calculators

Houston N. Irvine

Call Number: TA331 .I78 1992

Advances in modeling and simulation : seminal research from 50 years of winter simulation conferences

Andreas Tolk, John Fowler, Guodong Shao, Enver Yücesan, editors

Call Number: TA342

Proceedings of the 13th International Scientific Conference : Computer Aided Engineering

Eugeniusz Rusiński, Damian Pietrusiak, editors

Call Number: TA345

What is artificial intelligence?

Mike Loukides and Ben Lorica

Call Number: TA347.A78

Advanced finite element simulation with MSC Marc : application of user subroutines

Zia Javanbakht, Andreas Öchsner

Call Number: TA347.F5

Longwave instabilities and patterns in fluids

Sergey Shklyaev, Alexander Nepomnyashchy

Call Number: TA357

Challenges in fluid dynamics : a new approach

R. Kh. Zeytounian

Call Number: TA357

Unified Lagrangian formulation for fluid and solid mechanics : fluid-structure interaction and coupled thermal problems using the PFEM

Alessandro Franci

Call Number: TA357.5.F58

Characterization of minerals, metals, and materials 2017

Shadia Jamil Ikhmayies, Bowen Li, John S. Carpenter, Jian Li, Jiann-Yang Hwang, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Donato Firrao, Mingming Zhang, Zhiwei Peng, Juan P. Escobedo-Diaz, Chenguang Bai, Yunus Eren Kalay, Ramasis Goswami, Jeongguk Kim, editors

Call Number: TA404.6

Dynamics of solid structures : methods using integrodifferential relations

Georgy V. Kostin, Vasily V. Saurin

Call Number: TA405 .K5946 2018

8th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing

Jiann-Yang Hwang, Tao Jiang, Mark William Kennedy, Onuralp Yücel, P. Chris Pistorius, Varadarajan Seshadri, Baojun Zhao, Dean Gregurek, Ender Keskinkilic, editors

Call Number: TA417.7.H55

Finite elasticity theory

David J. Steigmann, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Call Number: TA418 .S74 2017

Introduction to composite materials design

Ever J. Barbero

Call Number: TA418.9.C6 B37 2018

Functionally graded materials

Rasheedat Modupe Mahamood

Call Number: TA418.9.F85

Rubber based bionanocomposites : preparation

Visakh P. M., editor

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Synthesis of nanoparticles and nanomaterials : biological approaches

Zhypargul Abdullaeva

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Mathematical aspects of multi-porosity continua

Brian Straughan

Call Number: TA418.9.P6

Smart structures and materials : selected papers from the 7th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials

Aurelio L. Araujo, Carlos A. Mota Soares, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.S62

Visual attributes

Rogerio Schmidt Feris, Christoph Lampert, Devi Parikh, editors

Call Number: TA1634

Computer vision : Second CCF Chinese Conference, CCCV 2017, Tianjin, China, October 11-14, 2017, proceedings.

Jinfeng Yang, Qinghua Hu, Ming-Ming Cheng, Liang Wang, Qingshan Liu, Xiang Bai, Deyu Meng (eds.)

Call Number: TA1634

Advance elements of optoisolation circuits : nonlinearity applications in engineering

Ofer Aluf

Call Number: TA1750

River basin development and human rights in Eastern Africa : a policy crossroads

Claudia J. Carr

Call Number: TC519.E19 C37 2017

Bioremediation and sustainable technologies for cleaner environment

Marimuthu Prashanthi, Rajakumar Sundaram, Aravind Jeyaseelan, Thamaraiselvi Kaliannan, editors

Call Number: TD192.5

Effective conservation science : data not dogma

edited by Peter Kareiva, Michelle Marvier, Brian Silliman

Call Number: TD194.6

Environmental accounting and reporting : theory and practice

Maria-Gabriella Baldarelli, Mara Del Baldo, Ninel Nesheva-Kiosseva

Call Number: TD194.7

Ecology of meromictic lakes

Ramesh D. Gulati, Egor S. Zadereev, Andrei G. Degermendzhi, editors

Call Number: TD426

Arsenic mitigation in rural Bangladesh : a policy-mix for supplying safe water in badly affected areas of Meherpur District

Wardatul Akmam

Call Number: TD427.A77 A56 2017eb

Food waste reduction and valorisation : sustainability assessment and policy analysis

Piergiuseppe Morone, Franka Papendiek, Valentina Elena Tartiu, editors

Call Number: TD804

Indoor air quality in healthcare facilities

Stefano Capolongo, Gaetano Settimo, Marco Gola, editors

Call Number: TD883.17

Transition curves for highway geometric design

Andrzej Kobryń

Call Number: TE153

The house that junk built

John R. McMahon

Call Number: TH148 .M15

Novel machines : technology and narrative form in enlightenment Britain

Joseph Drury

Call Number: TJ18

The simple physics of energy use

Peter Rez (Arizona State University, USA)

Call Number: TJ163.2 .R49 2017

2016 International symposium on experimental robotics

Dana Kulic [and 3 others], editors

Call Number: TJ210.3

Microscale soft robotics : motivations, progress, and outlook

Jaeyoun (Jay) Kim

Call Number: TJ211

A systematic approach to learning robot programming with ROS

Wyatt S. Newman

Call Number: TJ211.45

Sociality and normativity for robots : philosophical inquiries into human-robot interactions

Raul Hakli, Johanna Seibt, editors

Call Number: TJ211.49 .S63 2017

Japanese robot culture : performance, imagination, and modernity

Yuji Sone

Call Number: TJ211.49 .S66 2017

Design and analysis of control systems : case studies

Humberto Stein Shiromoto

Call Number: TJ213

Variable Structure Control of Complex Systems : Analysis and Design

Xing-Gang Yan, Sarah K. Spurgeon, Christopher Edwards

Call Number: TJ220.5

High-temperature thermal storage systems using phase change materials

edited by Luisa F. Cabeza, Nguan H. Steven Tay

Call Number: TJ260 .H554 2018

Optimal control in thermal engineering

Viorel Badescu

Call Number: TJ265

Wind turbine aerodynamics and vorticity-based methods : fundamentals and recent applications

Emmanuel Branlard

Call Number: TJ828

Sustainable machining

J. Paulo Davim, editor

Call Number: TJ1185

Theory and practice in machining systems

Yoshimi Ito, Takashi Matsumura

Call Number: TJ1185

Non-traditional micromachining processes : fundamentals and applications

Golam Kibria, B. Bhattacharyya, J. Paulo Davim, editors

Call Number: TJ1191.5

Intelligent network integration of distributed renewable generation

Nadarajah Mithulananthan, Duong Quoc Hung, Kwang Y. Lee

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Combined heat and power

Paul Breeze

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Wireless power transfer and data communication for neural implants : case study : epilepsy monitoring

Gürkan Yılmaz, Catherine Dehollain

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Information security of highly critical wireless networks

Maurizio Martellini, Stanislav Abaimov, Sandro Gaycken, Clay Wilson

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Free space optical communication

Hemani Kaushal, V.K. Jain, Subrat Kar

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Performance evaluation for network services, systems and protocols

Stênio Fernandes ; foreword by Professor Antonio Pescapè

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Delay-tolerant satellite networks

Juan A. Fraire, Jorge M. Finochietto, Scott C. Burleigh

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Practical monitoring : effective strategies for the real world

Mike Julian

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Security in network functions virtualization

Zonghua Zhang, Ahmed Meddahi

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Your first week with React

[Michael Wanyoike; Chris Laughlin; Maria Antonietta Perna; Mark Brown; Pavels Jelisejevs; Eric Greene; Camilo Reyes]

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React : tools and resources

[Ahmed Bouchefra, Jack Franklin, Swizec Teller, Michael Wanyoike, Manjunath M]

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Security and frontend performance : breaking the conundrum

Sabrina Burney and Sonia Burney

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Hardware IP security and trust

Prabhat Mishra, Swarup Bhunia, Mark Tehranipoor, editors

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Filtering and control of wireless networked systems

Dan Zhang, Qing-Guo Wang, Li Yu

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Community informatics design applied to digital social systems : communicational foundations, theories and methodologies

Pierre-Léonard Harvey ; translated by Virginie Bucco

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The internet in China : from infrastructure to a Nascent civil society

Gianluigi Negro

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Web and internet wconomics : 13th International Conference, WINE 2017, Bangalore, India, December 17-20, 2017, Proceedings

Nikhil R. Devanur, Pinyan Lu (eds.)

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Real-time web application development : with ASP.NET Core, SignalR, Docker, and Azure

Rami Vemula

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Manager's guide to SharePoint Server 2016 : tutorials, solutions, and best practices

Heiko Angermann

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Controlling cyberspace : the politics of Internet governance and regulation

Carol M. Glen

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Internet of Things : building blocks and business models

Fatima Hussain

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Internet of things : challenges, advances, and applications

edited by Qusay F. Hassan, Atta ur Rehman Khan, Sajjad A. Madani

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Implementing and scaling Agile in the enterprise : a goals-first approach

Matt LeMay

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Web performance basics

Maximiliano Firtman

Call Number: TK5105.888

Web performance is user experience

Lara Callender Hogan

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5 practical react projects

Nirmalya Ghosh, Michael Wanyoike, Dan Prince, Andrew Ray, Christopher Pitt

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World radio TV handbook

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Non-logic devices in logic processes

Yanjun Ma, Edwin Kan

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Resource efficient LDPC decoders : from algorithms to hardware architectures

Vikram A. Chandrasetty, Syed Mahfuzul Aziz

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Algorithms for sensor systems : 13th International Symposium on Algorithms and Experiments for Wireless Sensor Networks, ALGOSENSORS 2017, Vienna, Austria, September 7-8, 2017, Revised selected papers

Antonio Fernández Anta, Tomasz Jurdzinski, Miguel A. Mosteiro, Yanyong Zhang (eds.)

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Wireless sensor networks : deployment strategies for outdoor monitoring

Fadi Al-Turjman

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Pattern recognition and machine intelligence : 7th International Conference, PReMI 2017, Kolkata, India, December 5-8, 2017, Proceedings

B. Uma Shankar, Kuntal Ghosh, Deba Prasad Mandal, Shubhra Sankar Ray, David Zhang, Sankar K. Pal (eds.)

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VLSI design and test : 21st International Symposium, VDAT 2017, Roorkee, India, June 29-July 2, 2017, Revised selected papers

Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Sudeb Dasgupta, Virendra Singh (eds.)

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Modeling, methodologies and tools for molecular and nano-scale communications : modeling, methodologies and tools

Junichi Suzuki, Tadashi Nakano, Michael John Moore, editors

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On-surface atomic wires and logic gates : updated in 2016 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Atomic Wires, Krakow, September 2014

Marek Kolmer, Christian Joachim, editors

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Spin current

edited by Sadamichi Maekawa, Sergio O. Valenzuela, Eiji Saitoh and Takashi Kimura

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Frequency measurement technology

Ignacio Llamas-Garro, Marcos Tavares de Melo, Jung-Mu Kim

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Handbook of biometrics for forensic science

Massimo Tistarelli, Christophe Champod, editors

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Spaces of surveillance : states and selves

Susan Flynn, Antonia Mackay, editors

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Hardware Protection through Obfuscation

edited by Domenic Forte, Swarup Bhunia, Mark M. Tehranipoor

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Embedded systems design with special arithmetic and number systems

Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini, Leonel Seabra de Sousa, Chip-Hong Chang, editors

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Measurable and composable security, privacy, and dependability : the SHIELD methodology

edited by Andrea Fiaschetti, Josef Noll, Paolo Azzoni, and Roberto Uribeetxeberria

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Charge-trapping non-volatile memories. volume 2, Emerging materials and structures

Panagiotis Dimitrakis, editor

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In search of the next memory : inside the circuitry from the oldest to the emerging non-volatile memories

Roberto Gastaldi, Giovanni Campardo, editors

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Reactor core monitoring : background, theory and practical applications

Mihály Makai, János Végh

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Hybrid systems, optimal control and hybrid vehicles : theory, methods and applications

Thomas J. Böhme, Benjamin Frank

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My Cognitive autoMOBILE Life : digital divorce from a cognitive personal assistant

Sebastian Wedeniwski, Stephen Perun

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Aviation theft alert

Aviation Crime Prevention Institute

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Alert bulletin quarterly

Aviation Crime Prevention Institute

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Canadian aeronautics and space journal

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Hawker Siddeley review

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Lockheed horizons

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Logbook : aviation history

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The story of flying.

by Archibald Black ..

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The first century of flight in America; : an introductory survey

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Up"; : a true story of aviation,

by "Jack" Stearns Gray

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Dedication of the Wright brothers home and shop in Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan, April sixteen, nineteen hundred thirty-eight

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The broken dream of Wilbur Wright

by Arthur Mee

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Flug, : von Heinrich Adams. Unser Flieger, von Wilbur und Orville Wright

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This aviation business

by Ernest W. Dichman

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Opportunities in aviation [by] Walter Hinton


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A general text on aeronautics; : fundamentals and their application,

by Hilton F. Lusk

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Knights of the wing,

by A.M. Jacobs; introductory note by Orville Wright

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Conquest of the air by airships and other flying machines ... : marvelous achievements of the bird men ... how to build and sail an aeroplane ...

by Jay Henry Mowbray ..

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Motor-flugapparate (drachen-, schrauben- und schwingenflieger) : im auftrage des Mitteleuropäischen motorwagenvereins bearbeitet

von Ansbert Vorreiter ... mit 49 abbildungen und zeichnungen ausgeführter flugapparate

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Classic airplanes

Walter J. Boyne

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Henson and Stringfellow, their work in aeronautics; : the history of a stage in the development of mechanical flight, 1840-1868, by M.J.B. Davy

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Simple aerodynamics and the airplane.

Prepared by direction of the Chief of Air Service. By Charles N. Monteith. April, 1925

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America's army and air force airplanes : 1918 to the present

Francis H. Dean

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Sport aviation

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North American aircraft

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Barnstormers and daredevils

K.C. Tessendorf

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Commercial aeronautics

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History of the World's Glider Forces

Alan Wood

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The last of NASA's original pilot astronauts : expanding the space frontier in the late sixties

David J. Shayler and Colin Burgess

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Dream missions : space colonies, nuclear spacecraft and other possibilities

Michel van Pelt

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Make : high-power rockets : construction and certification for thousands of feet and beyond

Mike Westerfield

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Applied statistical modeling and data analytics : a practical guide for the petroleum geosciences

Srikanta Mishra, Akhil Datta-Gupta

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Organic-inorganic composite polymer electrolyte membranes : preparation, properties, and fuel cell applications

Inamuddin, Ali Mohammad, Abdullah M. Asiri, editors

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Governance of biotechnology in post-Soviet Russia

Tatyana Novossiolova

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Evaluating ethical frameworks for the assessment of human cognitive enhancement applications

Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Clare Shelley-Egan, Erik Thorstensen, Laurens Landeweerd, Bjorn Hofmann

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Sustainable biofuels development in India

Anuj K. Chandel, Rajeev K. Sukumaran, editors

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Hydrothermal processing in biorefineries : production of bioethanol and high added-value compounds of second and third generation biomass

Héctor A. Ruiz, Mette Hedegaard Thomsen, Heather L. Trajano, editors

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Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Bifunctional Catalysts

Zhen Fang, Richard L. Smith Jr., Hu Li, editors

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Technological advances in tellurite glasses : properties, processing, and applications

V.A.G. Rivera, Danilo Manzani, editors

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Selfie citizenship

Adi Kuntsman, editor

Call Number: TR184


Call Number: TR658.3 .F4213 2017

100 great street photographs

David Gibson

Call Number: TR659.8 .G53 2017

Above the clouds

Scott Mead

Call Number: TR810 .M385 2017

Expressive spaces in digital 3D cinema

Owen Weetch

Call Number: TR854 .W43 2016

Animation : from concept to production

Hannes Rall

Call Number: TR897.5 .R3513 2018

Integrated Reporting and Audit Quality : an Empirical Analysis in the European Setting

by Chiara Demartini, Sara Trucco

Call Number: TS156 .D463 2017eb

Consumer perception of product risks and benefits

Gerard Emilien, Rolf Weitkunat, Frank Lüdicke, editors

Call Number: TS175

Cultural due diligence in hospitality ventures : a methodological approach for joint ventures of local communities and companies

Nicole Häusler

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Sarajevo's Holiday Inn on the Frontline of Politics and War

Kenneth Morrison

Call Number: TX941.H55.M677 2016