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Items Acquired in February 2018 for the University Libraries

Daoism in early China : Huang-Lao thought in light of excavated texts

Feng Cao

Call Number: BL1910

In our own image : anthropomorphism, apophaticism, and ultimacy

Wesley J. Wildman

Call Number: BL215 .W55 2017

The secular landscape : the decline of religion in America

Kevin McCaffree

Call Number: BL2747

Limits of the secular : social experience and cultural memory [electronic resource]

Kaustuv Roy

Call Number: BL2747 .R69 2017

New atheism : critical perspectives and contemporary debates

Christopher R. Cotter, Philip Andrew Quadrio, Jonathan Tuckett, editors

Call Number: BL2747.3

Theism and atheism in a post-secular age

Morteza Hashemi

Call Number: BL2747.8

New directions in spiritual kinship : sacred ties across the Abrahamic religions

Todne Thomas, Asiya Malik, Rose Wellman, editors

Call Number: BL410 .N48 2017

Mandatory separation : religion, education, and mass politics in Palestine

Suzanne Schneider

Call Number: BL42.5.P19 S35 2018

New models of religious understanding

edited by Fiona Ellis

Call Number: BL51

Renewing philosophy of religion : exploratory essays

edited by Paul Draper and J.L. Schellenberg

Call Number: BL51

Homo religiosus? : exploring the roots of religion and religious freedom in human experience

edited by Timothy Samuel Shah, Jack Friedman

Call Number: BL51 .H66 2018

Heavens on earth : the scientific search for the afterlife, immortality, and utopia

Michael Shermer

Call Number: BL530 .S53 2018

Political Islam and Masculinity : Muslim Men in Australia

by Joshua M. Roose

Call Number: BL60

Emotion, ritual and power in Europe, 1200-1920 : family, state and church

Merridee L. Bailey, Katie Barclay, editors

Call Number: BL600

Religion, crime and punishment : an evolutionary perspective

Russil Durrant, Zoe Poppelwell

Call Number: BL65.C7 D87 2017

Religions, nations, and transnationalism in multiple modernities

Patrick Michel, Adam Possamai, Bryan S. Turner, editors

Call Number: BL65.P7

A History of Orthodox, Islamic, and Western Christian Political Values

by Dennis J. Dunn

Call Number: BL65.P7 D86 2016eb

Performing the secular : religion, representation, and politics

Milija Gluhovic, Jisha Menon, editors

Call Number: BL65.P7 P47 2017eb

Contemporary political philosophy and religion : between public reason and pluralism

Camil Ungureanu and Paolo Monti

Call Number: BL65.P7 U54 2018

Pantheon : a new history of Roman religion

Jorg Rupke ; translated by David M.B. Richardson

Call Number: BL803 .R84513 2018

Prophets, prophecy, and oracles in the Roman Empire : Jewish, Christian, and Greco-Roman cultures

Leslie Kelly

Call Number: BL805 .K45 2017

Representing Irish religious histories : historiography, ideology and practice

Jacqueline Hill & Mary Annlyons, editors

Call Number: BL980.I7

A history of Judaism

Martin Goodman

Call Number: BM155.2 .G66 2018

Jewish reform movement in the U.S. : the evolution of the non-liturgical parts of the Central Conference of American Rabbis Haggadah

Mara W. Cohen Ioannides

Call Number: BM197 .C64 2017

Time in the Babylonian Talmud : natural and imaginative times in Jewish law and narrative

Lynne Kaye

Call Number: BM496.9.T47 K39 2018

Rabbinic tales of destruction : sex, gender, and disability in the ruins of Jerusalem

Julia Watts Belser

Call Number: BM509.W7 B45 2018

Same God, other god : Judaism, Hinduism, and the problem of idolatry

Alon Goshen-Gottstein

Call Number: BM729.I36 G67 2015eb

The Muslim Brotherhood and the West : a history of enmity and engagement

Martyn Frampton

Call Number: BP10.I385 F73 2018

The Qurʼan and the aesthetics of premodern Arabic prose

Sarah R. bin Tyeer ; foreword by Angelika Neuwirth

Call Number: BP134.A38 B56 2016

Qur'anic guidance for good governance : a contemporary perspective

Abdullad al-Ahsan, Stephen B. Young, editors

Call Number: BP134.P6

Ideal Islamic economy : an introduction

Abbas Mirakhor, Hossein Askari

Call Number: BP173.75 .M53 2017

Islam on YouTube : online debates, protests, and extremism

Ahmed Al-Rawi

Call Number: BP185.7

From belonging to belief : modern secularisms and the construction of religion in Kyrgyzstan

Julie McBrien

Call Number: BP190.5.S35 M43 2017

Political Islam in Tunisia : the history of Ennahda

Anne Wolf

Call Number: BP64.T7

Buddhism and Jainism

K.T.S. Sarao, Jeffery D. Long, editors

Call Number: BQ336 .B833 2017

Contemporary Christian culture : messages, missions, and dilemmas

edited by Omotayo O. Banjo and Kesha Morant Williams

Call Number: BR115.C8 C66 2018

Censorship and heresy in revolutionary England and counter-reformation Rome : story of a dangerous book

Giorgio Caravale ; translated by Frank Gordon

Call Number: BR1610.A3523

A Pentecostal political theology for American renewal : spirit of the kingdoms, citizens of the cities

Steven M. Studebaker

Call Number: BR1644.5.U6 S78 2016

Religion and modernity : an international comparison

Detlef Pollack and Gergely Rosta ; translated by David West

Call Number: BR481

Sectarianism and Orestes Brownson in the American religious marketplace

Ángel Cortés

Call Number: BR516.5

The monk's cell : ritual knowledge in American contemplative Christianity

Paula Pryce

Call Number: BR526

The future of mainline Protestantism in America

edited by James Hudnut-Beumler and Mark Silk

Call Number: BR526 .F88 2018

Anglicans, dissenters and radical change in early New England 1686-1786

James B. Bell

Call Number: BR530

Cowboy Christians

Marie W. Dallam

Call Number: BR545

Prayer after Augustine : : a study in the development of the Latin tradition

Jonathan D. Teubner

Call Number: BR65.A9

The spirit of early evangelicalism : true religion in a modern world

D. Bruce Hindmarsh

Call Number: BR758 .H565 2018

The church and the state in France, 1789-1870 : 'fear of god is the basis of social order'

Roger Price

Call Number: BR846

Niðrstigningar saga : sources, transmission, and theology of the Old Norse "descent into hell"

Dario Bullitta

Call Number: BS2860 N6 B85 2017

The biblical accommodation debate in Germany : interpretation and the Enlightenment

Hoon J. Lee

Call Number: BS500 .L44 2017

Possessed by the Virgin : Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, and Marian possession in South India

Kristin C. Bloomer

Call Number: BT652.I4 B56 2018

From single to serious : relationships, gender, and sexuality on American evangelical campuses

Dana M. Malone ; foreword by Donna Freitas

Call Number: BT705.8 .M35 2018

Parenting as spiritual practice and source for theology : mothering matters

editors, Claire Bischoff, Elizabeth O'Donnell Gandolfo, Annie Hardison-Moody ; with foreword by Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore

Call Number: BT83.55

Theology and new materialism : spaces of faithful dissent

John Reader

Call Number: BT83.85

Religion, education and human rights : theoretical and empirical perspectives

Anders Sjöberg, Hans-Georg Ziebertz, editors

Call Number: BV1471.3

American Catholic women religious : radicalized by mission

Donna Maria Moses

Call Number: BV2190

Isaac of Nineveh's ascetical eschatology [electronic resource]

Jason Scully

Call Number: BV5025

Christianities in migration : the global perspective

edited by Elaine Padilla and Peter C. Phan

Call Number: BV639.I4 C47 2016

Women, Enlightenment and Catholicism : a transnational biographical history

edited by Ulrich L. Lehner

Call Number: BX1365 .W66 2018

Catholic modern : the challenge of totalitarianism and the remaking of the Church

James Chappel

Call Number: BX1396 .C47 2018

Faith and fascism : Catholic intellectuals in Italy, 1925--43

Jorge Dagnino

Call Number: BX1545

Liturgical theology after Schmemann : an orthodox reading of Paul Ricoeur

Brian A. Butcher

Call Number: BX350 .B873 2018

The Franciscan invention of the New World

Julia McClure

Call Number: BX3606.3 .M39 2017

Praying with the senses : contemporary Orthodox Christian spirituality in practice

edited by Sonja Luehrmann

Call Number: BX382 .P739 2018

The Oxford history of Anglicanism. Volume V, Global Anglicanism, c.1910-2000

edited by William L. Sachs

Call Number: BX5005

Archbishop Randall Davidson

Michael Hughes

Call Number: BX5199.D25 H88 2018

The mainline in late modernity : tradition and innovation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Maren Freudenberg

Call Number: BX8048.3 .F74 2018

Lost legacy : the Mormon office of Presiding Patriarch

Irene M. Bates and E. Gary Smith

Call Number: BX8643.P36 B37 2017