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Items Acquired in February 2018 for the University Libraries

Psychological and social measurement : the career and contributions of Benjamin D. Wright

Mark Wilson, William P. Fisher, Jr., editors

Call Number: BF39

Critical mindfulness : exploring Langerian models

Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi editor

Call Number: BF39.9

The sedated society : the causes and harms of our psychiatric drug epidemic

James Davies, editor

Call Number: BF39.9

Writing the structures of the subject : Lacan and topology

Will Greenshields

Call Number: BF173

Psychoanalyzing the Politics of the New Brain Sciences

Robert Samuels

Call Number: BF175

The structural trauma of western culture : toward the end of humanity

Yochai Ataria ; translated by Donna Bossin

Call Number: BF175.5.P75

Expanding the category "human" : nonhumanism, posthumanism, and humanistic psychology

Patrick M. Whitehead

Call Number: BF204 .W45 2018

Positive psychology interventions in practice

Carmel Proctor

Call Number: BF204.6

The happy mind : cognitive contributions to well-being

Michael D. Robinson, Michael Eid, editors

Call Number: BF204.6 .H377 2017

Toward a positive psychology of relationships : new directions in theory and research

Meg A. Warren and Stewart I. Donaldson, editors

Call Number: BF204.6 .T69 2018

The perception and cognition of visual space

Paul Linton

Call Number: BF241

The auditory system at the cocktail party

John C. Middlebrooks, Jonathan Z. Simon, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay, editors

Call Number: BF252

Early evolution of human memory : great apes, tool-making, and cognition

Héctor M. Manrique, Michael J. Walker

Call Number: BF311 .M36 2017eb

Cognitive neuroscience of memory consolidation

Nikolai Axmacher, Björn Rasch, editors

Call Number: BF371

Memory and the management of change : repossessing the past

Emily Keightley, Michael Pickering

Call Number: BF371 .K45 2017

Expert failure

Roger Koppl

Call Number: BF378.E94 K65 2018

Social trauma and telecinematic memory : imagining the Turkish nation since the 1980 Coup [electronic resource]

Pelin Başci

Call Number: BF378.S65

The social life of memory : violence, trauma, and testimony in Lebanon and Morocco

Norman Saadi Nikro, Sonja Hegasy, editors

Call Number: BF378.S65

Memory in a social context : brain, mind, and society

Takashi Tsukiura, Satoshi Umeda, editors

Call Number: BF378.S65

Out of our minds : the power of being creative [electronic resource]

Sir Ken Robinson

Call Number: BF408

Creativity, Design Thinking and Interdisciplinarity

Frédéric Darbellay, Zoe Moody, Todd Lubart, editors

Call Number: BF408

Stupid humanism : folly as competence in early modern and twenty-first-century culture

Christine Hoffmann

Call Number: BF431

The nature of human intelligence

edited by Robert J. Sternberg

Call Number: BF431 .N384 2018

Handbook of nonverbal assessment

R. Steve McCallum, editor

Call Number: BF432.5.I55

Passing judgment : praise and blame in everyday life

Terri Apter

Call Number: BF447 .A68 2018

When : the scientific secrets of perfect timing

Daniel H. Pink

Call Number: BF468 .P57 2018

Burnout, fatigue, exhaustion : an interdisciplinary perspective on a modern affliction

Sighard Neckel, Anna Katharina Schaffner, Greta Wagner, editors

Call Number: BF482

Employee engagement through effective performance management : a practical guide for managers

Edward M. Mone and Manuel London

Call Number: BF503 .M66 2018

I know how you feel : the joy and heartbreak of friendship in women's lives

F. Diane Barth

Call Number: BF575.F66 B365 2018

Text me when you get home : the evolution and triumph of modern female friendship

Kayleen Schaefer

Call Number: BF575.F66 S32 2018

The origins of happiness : the science of well-being over the life course

Andrew E. Clark, Sarah Flèche, Richard Layard, Nattavudh Powdthavee, and George Ward

Call Number: BF575.H27 C577 2017

Subjective well-being and life satisfaction

edited by James E. Maddux

Call Number: BF575.H27 S833 2018

Why can't philosophers laugh?

Katrin Froese

Call Number: BF575.L3

Love and compassion : exploring their role in education

John P. Miller

Call Number: BF575.L8 M55 2018

The value of shame : exploring a health resource in cultural contexts

Elisabeth Vanderheiden, Claude-Hélène Mayer, editors

Call Number: BF575.S45

The upside of shame : therapeutic interventions using the positive aspects of a "negative" emotion

Vernon C. Kelly, Jr. and Mary C. Lamia

Call Number: BF575.S45 K45 2018

Shame and modernity in Britain : 1890 to the present

Anne-Marie Kilday, David S. Nash

Call Number: BF575.S45 L55 2017eb

Emotional prosody processing for non-native English speakers : towards an integrative emotion paradigm

Halszka Bak

Call Number: BF582

Impulsivity : how time and risk influence decision making

Jeffrey R. Stevens, editor

Call Number: BF632

Counselling skills and studies

Fiona Ballantine Dykes, Traci Postings, Barry Kopp

Call Number: BF636.6 .D94 2017

Protecting children against bullying and its consequences

Izabela Zych, David P. Farrington, Vicente J. Llorent, Maria M. Ttofi

Call Number: BF637.B85

Descriptor revision : belief change through direct choice [electronic resource]

Sven Ove Hansson

Call Number: BF637.C4

An evidence-based approach to authentic leadership development

Tony Fusco

Call Number: BF637.L4 F87 2018

A practical guide to rational emotive behavioural coaching

Windy Dryden

Call Number: BF637.P36 D7923 2018


Call Number: BF637.R48 Y67 2017

Handbook of Zen, mindfulness, and behavioral health

Akihiko Masuda, William T. O'Donohue

Call Number: BF637.S4

Feeling gender : a generational and psychosocial approach

Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen

Call Number: BF692.2 .B54 2017

Human strengths and resilience : developmental, cross-cultural, and international perspectives

edited by Grant J. Rich and Skultip (Jill) Sirikantraporn ; foreword by Chris E. Stout

Call Number: BF698.35.R47 H86 2018

Beyond evolutionary psychology : how and why neuropsychological modules arise

George Ellis, Mark Solms, Mark Solms

Call Number: BF698.95 .E45 2018

Implementing the group-based early start Denver model for preschoolers with autism

Giacomo Vivanti [and three others]

Call Number: BF721

Moral psychology : a multidisciplinary guide

Benjamin G. Voyer ; Tor Tarantola, editors

Call Number: BF723.M54

The development of aggression and violence in adolescence

Robert F. Marcus

Call Number: BF724.3.A34

Second sight in the nineteenth century : prophecy, imagination and nationhood

Elsa Richardson

Call Number: BF1341

Contesting Orthodoxy in medieval and early modern Europe : heresy, magic and witchcraft

Louise Nyholm Kallestrup, Raisa Maria Toivo, editors

Call Number: BF1584.E9

Herbert C. Kelman : a pioneer in the social psychology of conflict analysis and resolution

Herbert C. Kelman [author], Ronald J. Fisher, editors

Call Number: HM1031.K45 H47 2016

War and memory in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Julie Fedor, Markku Kangaspuro, Jussi Lassila, Tatiana Zhurzhenko, editors ; foreword by Alexander Etkind

Call Number: HM1033

Class struggle : a political and philosophical history

Domenico Losurdo ; translated by Gregory Elliott

Call Number: HM1121 .L6813 2016eb

Societies, social inequalities and marginalization : marginal regions in the 21st Century

Raghubir Chand, Etienne Nel, Stanko Pelc, editors

Call Number: HM1136

Online incivility and public debate : nasty talk

Gina Masullo Chen

Call Number: HM1169

Dynamics of mediatization : institutional change and everyday transformations in a digital age

Olivier Driessens, Göran Bolin, Andreas Hepp, Stig Hjarvard editors

Call Number: HM1206

DVD, Blu-ray and beyond : navigating formats and platforms within media consumption

Jonathan Wroot, Andy Willis, editors

Call Number: HM1206

Netizenship, activism and online community transformation in Indonesia

Ario Seto

Call Number: HM1206 .S476 2017

Media resistance : protest, dislike, abstention

Trine Syvertsen

Call Number: HM1206 .S99 2017eb

Intercultural communication and science and technology studies

Luis Reyes-Galindo, Tiago Ribeiro Duarte, editors

Call Number: HM1211

A competency-based approach for student leadership development

Corey Seemiller, [editor]

Call Number: HM1261 .C6428 2017

Cities and spaces of leadership : a geographical perspective

by Cristina D'Alessandro, Frannie Léautier

Call Number: HM1263 .D348 2016

Everyday multiculturalism and 'hidden' hate

Stevie-Jade Hardy

Call Number: HM1271