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Items Acquired in December 2017 for the University Libraries

Deep drama : exploring life as theatre

Call Number: BF1-990

Affect-Language Interactions in Native and Non-Native English Speakers : A Neuropragmatic Perspective

Call Number: BF1-990

125 years of the American Psychological Association

edited by Wade E. Pickren and Alexandra Rutherford

Call Number: BF11 .A68 2018

Psychometric testing : critical perspectives

edited by Barry Cripps

Call Number: BF39

Activities for teaching statistics and research methods : a guide for psychology instructors

edited by Jeffrey R. Stowell and William E. Addison

Call Number: BF39 .A275 2017

The psychologist's guide to professional development [electronic resource]

Greg Bohall, Mary-Jo Bautista

Call Number: BF76

Practical ethics for psychologists : a positive approach, third edition

Samuel J. Knapp, Leon D. VandeCreek, and Randy Fingerhut

Call Number: BF76.4 .K64 2017

A telepsychology casebook : using technology ethically and effectively in your professional practice

edited by Linda F. Campbell, Fred Millán, and Jana N. Martin

Call Number: BF76.4 .T45 2018

Toward a more perfect psychology : improving trust, accuracy, and transparency in research

edited by Matthew C. Makel and Jonathan A. Pluc

Call Number: BF76.5 .T69 2017

Psychology 101 1/2 : the unspoken rules for success in academia

Robert J. Sternberg, Cornell University

Call Number: BF77 .S68 2017eb

The voice of the analyst : narratives on developing a psychoanalytic identity

edited by Linda Hillman and Therese Rosenblatt

Call Number: BF109.A1 V65 2018

Irrepressible truth : on Lacan's 'The Freudian thing'

Adrian Johnston

Call Number: BF173

Understanding behaviorism : behavior, culture, and evolution

William M. Baum

Call Number: BF199

Woman's embodied self : feminist perspectives on identity and image

Joan C. Chrisler, Ingrid Johnston-Robledo

Call Number: BF201.4 .C47 2018

Handbook of positive psychology in intellectual and developmental disabilities : translating research into practice

Karrie A. Shogren, Michael L. Wegmeyer, Nirbhay N. Singh, editors

Call Number: BF204.6

Positive psychology : established and emerging issues

edited by Dana S. Dunn

Call Number: BF204.6 .P6597 2018

Beyond concepts : unicepts, language, and natural information

Ruth Garrett Millikan

Call Number: BF311

The Wiley handbook of cognitive control

edited by Tobias Egner

Call Number: BF311

The Blackwell companion to consciousness

edited by Susan Schneider and Max Velmans

Call Number: BF311

Transcendent mind : rethinking the science of consciousness

Imants Barušs, King's University College, Western University Canada, and Julia Mossbridge, Northwestern University

Call Number: BF311 .B3324 2017

On concepts, modules, and language : cognitive science at its core

edited by Roberto G. de Almeida and Lila R. Gleitman

Call Number: BF311 .O485 2018

The science of expertise : behavioral, neural, and genetic approaches to complex skill

edited by David Z. Hambrick, Guillermo Campitelli, and Brooke N. Macnamara ; with a foreword by Robert Plomin

Call Number: BF378.E94 H36 2017

Flashbulb memories : new challenges and future perspectives

edited by Olivier Luminet, Antonietta Curci

Call Number: BF378.F55 F53 2018

Methods and tools for creative competitive intelligence

Stéphane Goria

Call Number: BF408

Handbook of imagination and culture

edited by Tania Zittoun, Vlad Glaveanu

Call Number: BF408 .H2856 2017eb

Decision modes in complex task environments

Norbert Steigenberger, Thomas Lübcke, Heather M. Fiala, Alina Riebschläger

Call Number: BF448 .S74 2017

Normal rationality : decisions and social order

Edna Ullmann-Margalit ; edited by Avishai Margalit and Cass R. Sunstein

Call Number: BF448 .U55 2017

Spatial intelligence : why it matters from birth through the lifespan

Daniel Ness, Stephen J. Farenga, and Salvatore G. Garofalo

Call Number: BF469 .N47 2017

The motivation-cognition interface : from the lab to the real world : a festschrift in honor of Arie W. Kruglanski

edited by Catalina E. Kopetz and Ayelet Fishbach

Call Number: BF503 .M68616 2018

Suffering and happiness in England, 1550-1850 : narratives and representations : a collection to honour Paul Slack

edited by Michael J. Braddick and Joanna Innes

Call Number: BF515 .S84 2017

Violent men : an inquiry into the psychology of violence

Hans Toch

Call Number: BF575.A3 T6 2017

Anger management : a practical guide

Elizabeth Herrick, Adrian Faupel, Peter M. Sharp

Call Number: BF575.A5 F38 2018

Empathy : epistemic problems and cultural-historical perspectives of a cross-disciplinary concept

Vanessa Lux, Sigrid Weigel, editors

Call Number: BF575.E55 E47 2017eb

Surviving death : stories of grief [videorecording]

director, Elizabeth Murray ; producer, Gillian Darling Kovanic

Call Number: BF575.G7 S972 1998

Shame and creativity : from affect towards individuation

Vibeke Skov

Call Number: BF575.S45 S56 2018

Temporality and shame : perspectives from psychoanalysis and philosophy

edited by Ladson Hinton and Hessel Willemsen

Call Number: BF575.S45 T456 2018

The handbook of stress and health : a guide to research and practice

edited by Cary L. Cooper and James Campbell Quick

Call Number: BF575.S75

Neurocounseling : brain-based clinical approaches

edited by Thomas A. Field, Laura K. Jones, Lori A. Russell-Chapin

Call Number: BF636.6 .N487 2017eb

Using the Socratic method in counseling : a guide to channeling inborn knowledge

Katarzyna Peoples and Adam Drozdek

Call Number: BF636.6 .P456 2018

Pluralistic therapy : distinctive features

John McLeod

Call Number: BF637.C6 M3793 2018

Handbook of the Psychology of Self-Forgiveness

Lydia Woodyatt, Everett L. Worthington Jr., Michael Wenzel, Brandon J. Griffin, editors

Call Number: BF637.F67

Living mindfully : discovering authenticity through mindfulness coaching

Call Number: BF637.M4

Neuroscience and psychology of meditation in everyday life : searching for the essence of mind

Dusana Dorjee

Call Number: BF637.M4 D67 2018

Mindfulness in social psychology

edited by Johan C. Karremans and Esther K. Papies

Call Number: BF637.M56 M564 2017

Embodied social justice

Rae Johnson

Call Number: BF637.N66 J65 2018

The dynamics of infidelity : applying relationship science to psychotherapy practice

Lawrence Josephs

Call Number: BF692 .J67 2018eb

Handbook of personality assessment

Irving B. Weiner, Roger L. Greene

Call Number: BF698.4 .W45 2008eb

The Wiley handbook of group processes in children and adolescents

edited by Adam Rutland, Drew Nesdale, Christia Spears Brown

Call Number: BF713 .W554 2016eb

Child psychology and psychiatry : frameworks for clinical training and practice

edited by David Skuse, Helen Bruce, Linda Dowdney

Call Number: BF721

Executive function : development across the life span

edited by Sandra A. Wiebe and Julia Karbach

Call Number: BF723.C5 E984 2018

Bereavement camps for children and adolescents : planning, curriculum, and evaluation

by Irene Searles McClatchey and Jane S. Wimmer

Call Number: BF723.G75 M33 2018

New perspectives on moral development

edited by Charles C. Helwig

Call Number: BF723.M54 N48 2018

Autonomy in adolescent development : towards conceptual clarity

edited by Bart Soenens, Maarten Vansteenkiste, and Stijn Van Petegem

Call Number: BF724.3.A88 A98 2018

Decolonizing psychology : transnational cultures, social justice, and Indian youth identities

Sunil Bhatia

Call Number: BF724.3.I3 B53 2018eb

Identity flexibility during adulthood : perspectives in adult development [electronic resource]

Jan D. Sinnott, editor

Call Number: BF724.5

Frailty, suffering, and vice : flourishing in the face of human limitations

Blaine J. Fowers, Frank C. Richardson, and Brent D. Slife

Call Number: BF724.55.A35 F69 2017

Traces of violence and freedom of thought

Lene Auestad, Amal Treacher Kabesh, editors

Call Number: HM1116 .T73 2017eb

Working in a multicultural world : a guide to developing intercultural competence

Luciara Nardon

Call Number: HM1211 .N37 2017

The decline of the individual : reconciling autonomy with community

Mark D White

Call Number: HM1276