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Items Acquired in February 2018 for the University Libraries

International communism and the cult of the individual : leaders, tribunes and martyrs under Lenin and Stalin

Kevin Morgan

Call Number: HX313

Robert Owen's experiment at New Lanark : from paternalism to socialism

Ophélie Siméon

Call Number: HX696.O9

Alternative worlds imagined, 1500-1700 : essays on radicalism, utopianism and reality

J.C. Davis

Call Number: HX806 .D389 2017

Performing utopias in the contemorary Americas [electronic resource]

Kim Beauchesne, Alessandra Santos, editors

Call Number: HX806 .P4225 2017

Considering Emma Goldman : feminist political ambivalence & the imaginative archive

Clare Hemmings

Call Number: HX843.7.G65 H466 2018

Congressional record : proceedings and debates of the ... Congress

Call Number: J11 .R5

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan : life and politics during the Soviet era

Timur Dadabaev, Hisao Komatsu, editors

Call Number: JA1

For Foucault : against normative political theory

Mark G. E. Kelly

Call Number: JA71 .K46 2018

Political games : mathematical insights on fighting, voting, lying & other affairs of state

Macartan Humphreys

Call Number: JA72.5 .H85 2017

Innovations in culture and development : the culturinno effect in public policy

Daniela Angelina Jelinčić

Call Number: JA75.7 .J45 2017

Landscapes of power : politics of energy in the Navajo nation

Dana E. Powell

Call Number: JA75.8 .P76 2018

Nation, Class and Resentment : the Politics of National Identity in England, Scotland and Wales

by Robin Mann, Steve Fenton

Call Number: JA76

The space between us : social geography and politics

Ryan D. Enos

Call Number: JA76 .E56 2017

Making citizens : political socialization research and beyond

Philo C. Wasburn, Tawnya J. Adkins Covert

Call Number: JA76 .W37 2017

The Political Economy of Local Regulation : Theoretical Frameworks and International Case Studies

Alberto Asquer, Franco Becchis, Daniele Russolillo, Editors

Call Number: JA77

New political ideas in the aftermath of the Great War

edited by Alessandro Salvador, Anders G. Kjøstvedt, editors

Call Number: JA84.E9 N49 2017

Citizenship, democracies, and media engagement among emerging economies and marginalized communities

Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi, editor

Call Number: JA85.2.D44

The mediated politics of Europe : a comparative study of discourse

Mats Ekström, Julie Firmstone, editors

Call Number: JA85.2.E85 M43 2017

The state of state theory : state projects, repression, and multi-sites of power

Davita Silfen Glasberg, Abbey S. Willis and Deric Shannon

Call Number: JC11 .G53 2018

Technoliberalism and the end of participatory culture in the United States

Adam Fish

Call Number: JC251

R. J. Rummel : an assessment of his many contributions

Nils Petter Gleditsch, editor

Call Number: JC251.R86 R5 2017

Minority rights and the national question in Nigeria

Uyilawa Usuanlele, Bonny Ibhawoh, editors

Call Number: JC312

Geographies, genders and geopolitics of James Bond

Lisa Funnell, Klaus Dodds

Call Number: JC319 .F866 2017eb

Colonial Theories of Institutional Development : Toward a Model of Styles of Imperialism

by Daniel Oto-Peralías, Diego Romero-Ávila

Call Number: JC359 .O86 2017

Royal heirs in imperial Germany : the future of monarchy in nineteenth-century Bavaria, Saxony and Württemberg

Frank Lorenz Müller

Call Number: JC375

Transnational histories of the 'royal nation'

Milinda Banerjee, Charlotte Backerra, Cathleen Sarti, editors

Call Number: JC375 .T73 2017

The aesthetics of democracy : eighteenth-century literature and political economy

Craig Carson

Call Number: JC421

To fight against this age : on fascism and humanism

Rob Riemen

Call Number: JC481 .R5316 2018

Postwar conservatism, a transnational investigation : Britain, France, and the United States, 1930-1990

Clarisse Berthezène, Jean-Christian Vinel, editors

Call Number: JC573 .P68 2017eb

The Orient, the Liberal Movement, and the Eastern Crisis of 1839-41

by P.E. Caquet

Call Number: JC574.2.M65 C37 2016

Pragmatist egalitarianism

David Rondel

Call Number: JC575 .R563 2018

Privacy and criminal justice

Daniel Marshall, Terry Thomas

Call Number: JC596

Transitional justice in practice : conflict, justice, and reconciliation in the Solomon Islands

Renée Jeffery, editor

Call Number: JC599.S575 T73 2017

Reforming civil-military relations in new democracies : democratic control and military effectiveness in comparative perspectives [electronic resource]

Aurel Croissant, David Kuehn, editors

Call Number: JF195

Unexpected heirs in early modern Europe : potential kings and queens

edited by Valerie Schutte

Call Number: JF285

Liberation technology in El Salvador : re-appropriating social media among alternative media projects

Summer Harlow

Call Number: JF799

Ireland in an imperial world : citizenship, opportunism, and subversion

Timothy G. McMahon, Michael de Nie, Paul Townend, editors

Call Number: JF801

Who elected Oxfam? : a democratic defense of self-appointed representatives

Laura Montanaro

Call Number: JF1051 .M595 2018

Anti-corruption in history : from antiquity to the modern era

edited by Ronald Kroeze, André Vitória and G. Geltner

Call Number: JF1525.C66

Confronting corruption : past concerns, present challenges, and future strategies

Fritz Heimann, Mark Pieth ; foreword by Jimmy Carter

Call Number: JF1525.C66 H45 2018eb

International bureaucracy : challenges and lessons for public administration research

Michael W. Bauer, Christoph Knill, Steffen Eckhard, editors

Call Number: JF1525.P6

Media and affective mythologies : discourse, archetypes and ideology in contemporary politics

Darren Kelsey

Call Number: JF1525.P8

Using transparency against corruption in public procurement : a comparative analysis of the transparency rules and their failure to combat corruption

Irena Georgieva

Call Number: JF1525.P85

Freedom and political order : traditional American thought and practice

Linda C. Raeder

Call Number: JK31 .R33 2018

Beyond bureaucracy : towards sustainable governance informatisation

Alois A. Paulin, Leonidas G. Anthopoulos, Christopher G. Reddick, editors

Call Number: JK274


Call Number: JK526 2016 .D38 2018

Studies of communication in the 2016 presidential campaign

edited by Robert E. Denton Jr

Call Number: JK526 2016 .S89 2017

Unstable majorities : polarization, party sorting, and political stalemate

Morris P. Fiorina

Call Number: JK2271 .F56 2017

Emigrants get political : Mexican migrants engage their home towns

Michael S. Danielson

Call Number: JL1292 .D36 2018

The political system of Brazil

Dana de la Fontaine, Thomas Stehnken, editors

Call Number: JL2431 .P655 2016

The consequences of the crisis on European integration and on the member states : the European governance between Lisbon and Fiscal Compact

Stelio Mangiameli, editor

Call Number: JN30

Democracy in the EMU in the aftermath of the crisis [electronic resource]

Luigi Daniele, Pierluigi Simone, Roberto Cisotta, editors

Call Number: JN30

Political advertising in the 2014 European Parliament elections [electronic resource]

Christina Holtz-Bacha, Edoardo Novelli, Kevin Rafter, editors

Call Number: JN45 .P65 2017eb

Regime dynamics in EU's eastern neighbourhood : EU democracy promotion, international influences, and domestic contexts

Sergiu Buscaneanu

Call Number: JN96.A58 B873 2016

The language of progressive politics in modern Britain

Emily Robinson

Call Number: JN231

Heath and Thatcher in opposition

Eric Caines

Call Number: JN231 .C35 2017eb

Himalayan quality of life : a study of Aizawl City

Benjamin L. Saitluanga

Call Number: JN690.A35

Austerity and political choice in Britain

Harold D. Clarke, Peter Kellner, Marianne C. Stewart, Joe Twyman, Paul Whiteley

Call Number: JN956 .C527 2016

The Scottish suffragettes and the press

Sarah Pedersen

Call Number: JN1341

How Ireland voted 2016 : the election that nobody won

Michael Gallagher, Michael Marsh, editors

Call Number: JN1541

Radical left parties in government : the cases of SYRIZA and AKEL

Yiannos Katsourides

Call Number: JN5185.S96 K38 2016

The Russian challenge to the European Security Environment

edited by Roger E. Kanet

Call Number: JN6695

Power in modern Russia : strategy and mobilisation

Andrew Monaghan

Call Number: JN6695 .M66 2017

Politics in India : structure, process and policy

Subrata K. Mitra

Call Number: JQ231 .M56 2017

Land, Labour and Livelihoods : Indian Women's Perspectives

edited by Bina Fernandez, Meena Gopal and Orlanda Ruthven

Call Number: JQ1499.A58

The modernization of China's state governance

Angang Hu

Call Number: JQ1510

Corruption and Governance in Africa : Swaziland, Kenya, Nigeria

by Kempe Ronald Hope, Sr

Call Number: JQ1875.A55 H67 2017

The quality of democracy in Africa : opposition competitiveness rooted in legacies of cleavages

Jonathan van Eerd

Call Number: JQ1879.A15 E37 2017

Crisis of Legitimacy and Political Violence in Uganda, 1979 to 2016

by Ogenga Otunnu

Call Number: JQ2951.A56 P65 2017

Nigeria's 2015 general elections : continuity and change in electoral democracy

Ladi Hamalai, Samuel Egwu, J. Shola Omotola

Call Number: JQ3098

Presidential conflict in Côte d'Ivoire : governance, political power, and social justice

T.Y. Okosun

Call Number: JQ3386.A95 O56 2018

Inequality and governance in the metropolis : place equality regimes and fiscal choices in eleven countries

Jefferey M. Sellers, Marta Arretche, Daniel Kübler, Eran Razin, editors

Call Number: JS241 .I47 2017eb

The politics of local government : governing in small towns and suburbia

Barry E. Truchil

Call Number: JS331 .T78 2018

Decolonisations compared : Central America, Southeast Asia, the Caucasus

Nicholas Tarling

Call Number: JV51

Explaining the Genetic Footprints of Catholic and Protestant Colonizers

by Shane Joshua Barter

Call Number: JV61

Immigrants in the sexual revolution : perceptions and participation in northwest Europe

Andrew DJ Shield

Call Number: JV6124

Interdisciplinary perspectives on child migrants : seen but not heard

edited by Mary Grace Antony and Ryan J. Thomas

Call Number: JV6344 .I58 2018

Movement, mobilities, and journeys

Caitríona Ní Laoire, Allen White, editors ; Tracey Skelton, editor-in-chief

Call Number: JV6344 .M68 2017

British female emigration societies and the New World, 1860-1914

Marie Ruiz

Call Number: JV6347

Mobility, migration and transport : historical perspectives

Colin G. Pooley

Call Number: JV7590

Outsourcing border control : politics and practice of contracted visa policy in Morocco

Federica Infantino

Call Number: JV7590 .I4845 2016

Inter-group relations and migrant integration in European cities : changing neighbourhoods

Ferruccio Pastore, Irene Ponzo, editors

Call Number: JV7590 .I58 2016

Traveling Irishness in the long nineteenth century

Marguérite Coporaal, Christina Morin, editors

Call Number: JV7711 .T62 2017

The consequences of American nuclear disarmament : strategy and nuclear weapons

Christine M. Leah

Call Number: JZ675

Prioritization theory and defensive foreign policy : systemic vulnerabilities in international politics

Hanna Samir Kassab

Call Number: JZ1242

Overconfidence and risk taking in foreign policy decision making : the case of Turkey's Syria policy

Imran Demir

Call Number: JZ1253 .D46 2017

Science and diplomacy : a new dimension of international relations

Pierre-Bruno Ruffini

Call Number: JZ1254

Unlikely Partners? : China, the European Union and the Forging of a Strategic Partnership

by Anna Michalski, Zhongqi Pan

Call Number: JZ1305

The exclusions of civilization : indigenous peoples in the story of international society

Mark Pearcey

Call Number: JZ1305 .P43 2016

Cosmopolitan lives on the cusp of empire : interfaith, cross-cultural and transnational networks, 1860-1950

Jane Haggis, Clare Midgley, Margaret Allen, Fiona Paisley

Call Number: JZ1308 .H335 2017

Narratives of difference in globalized cultures : reading transnational cultural commodities

Belén Martín-Lucas, Andrea Ruthven, editors

Call Number: JZ1318

The global society and its enemies : liberal order beyond the Third World War

Ludger Kühnhardt

Call Number: JZ1318

External governance as security community building : the limits and potential of the European Neighbourhood Policy

Pernille Rieker, editor

Call Number: JZ1570 .E96 2016

UN peacekeeping in Africa : a critical examination and recommendations for improvement

Kwame Akonor

Call Number: JZ4997.5.A35 A39 2017eb

The African Criminal Court : a commentary on the Malabo Protocol

Gerhard Werle; Moritz Vormbaum, editors

Call Number: JZ5334.5.A35

Peacebuilding in deeply divided societies : toward social cohesion?

Fletcher D. Cox and Timothy D. Sisk

Call Number: JZ5538

Rising powers and peacebuilding : breaking the mold?

edited by Charles T Call, Cedric de Coning

Call Number: JZ5538 .R57 2017

Iran's nuclear program : a study in proliferation and rollback

Farhad Rezaei

Call Number: JZ5665 .R49 2017

Developing a United Nations Emergency Peace Service : meeting our responsibilities to prevent and protect

H. Peter Langille

Call Number: JZ6374 .L36 2016