December 2018

Inside pixinsight

Author: Warren A. Keller

Call Number: QB121

Willem de Sitter : Einstein's friend and opponent

Author: Jan Guichelaar

Call Number: QB36.S6

Exploring the universe : a collection of research reviews on contemporary astrophysics and space science

Author: Banibrata Mukhopadhyay, Supdipta Sasmal, editors

Call Number: QB461

Astrophysics with radioactive isotopes

Author: Roland Diehl, Dieter H. Hartmann, Nikos Prantzos, editors

Call Number: QB461

Accretion flows in astrophysics

Author: edited by Nikolay Shakura

Call Number: QB466.A25

Low frequency radio astronomy and the LOFAR Observatory : lectures from the Third LOFAR Data Processing School

Author: George Heald, John McKean, Roberto Pizzo, editors

Call Number: QB475

Solar particle radiation storms forecasting and analysis : the HESPERIA HORIZON 2020 project and beyond

Author: Olga E. Malandraki, Norma B. Crosby, editors

Call Number: QB526.S65 S656 2018

Mysteries of Mars

Author: Fabio Vittorio de Blasio

Call Number: QB641 .D425 2018

Magnetohydrodynamics in binary stars

Author: C. G. Campbell

Call Number: QB821

A history of optical telescopes in astronomy

Author: by Wilson Wall

Call Number: QB88

Epistemic Processes : A Basis for Statistics and Quantum Theory

Author: Inge S. Helland

Call Number: QC174.12

Statistical physics for biological matter

Author: Wokyung Sung

Call Number: QC174.8

Asymptotically safe gravity : from spacetime foliation to cosmology

Author: Alessia Benedetta Platania

Call Number: QC178

2nd Karl Schwarzschild Meeting on Gravitational Physics

Author: Piero Nicolini, Matthias Kaminski, Jonas Mureika, Marcus Bleicher, editors

Call Number: QC178 .K37 2015eb

An introductory guide to computational methods for the solution of physics problems : with emphasis on spectral methods

Author: George Rawitscher, Victo dos Santos Filho, Thiago Carvalho Peixoto

Call Number: QC20 .R29 2018

Quantum groups and noncommutative geometry

Author: Yuri I. Manin ; with a contribution by Theo Raedschelders and Michel Van den Bergh

Call Number: QC20.7.G76

Optics, photonics and laser technology

Author: Paulo A. Ribeiro, Maria Raposo, editors

Call Number: QC355.3

Nuclear fusion

Author: Edward Morse

Call Number: QC791

Spin-polarized two-electron spectroscopy of surfaces

Author: Sergey Samarin, Oleg Artamonov, Jim Williams

Call Number: QC793.3.S6

Strong fermion interactions in fractional quantum hall states : correlation functions

Author: Shashikant Mulay, John J. Quinn, Mark Shattuck

Call Number: QC793.5.F42

First observation of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering

Author: Bjorn Scholz

Call Number: QC793.5.N428

Metrology in chemistry

Author: Ewa Bulska

Call Number: QC88