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Items Acquired in October 2017 for the University Libraries

Bilingual and multicultural perspectives on poetry, music, and narrative : the science of art

Norbert Francis

Call Number: B105.C74 F73 2017

Intentionality and action

edited by Jesús Padilla Gálvez and Margit Gaffal

Call Number: B105.I56 I5765 2017

Buddhist philosophy : a comparative approach

edited by Steven M. Emmanuel, Virginia Wesleyan College, VA, US

Call Number: B162

Nature as event : the lure of the possible

Didier Debaise ; translated by Michael Halewood

Call Number: B1674.W354 D4313 2017

Derrida after the end of writing : political theology and new materialism

Clayton Crockett

Call Number: B2430.D484 C76 2018

Philosophy and politics at the precipice : time and tyranny in the works of Alexandre Kojève

Gary M. Kelly

Call Number: B2430.K654 K45 2018

The rigor of things : conversations with Dan Arbib

Jean-Luc Marion ; translated by Christina M. Gschwandtner

Call Number: B2430.M284 A5 2017

Ricoeur's personalist Republicanism : on personhood and citizenship

Dries Deweer

Call Number: B2430.R554 D49 2017

Leibniz on causation and agency

Julia Jorati

Call Number: B2598 .J57 2017

Kantian ethics, dignity and perfection

Paul Formosa

Call Number: B2799.E8 F67 2017

Kantian antitheodicy : philosophical and literary varieties

Sami Pihlström, Sari Kivistö

Call Number: B2799.T45 P45 2016

Hegel on second nature in ethical life

Andreja Novakovic, University of California, Riverside

Call Number: B2949.E8 N68 2017

Self-understanding and lifeworld : basic traits of a phenomenological hermeneutics

Hans-Helmuth Gander ; translated by Ryan Drake and Joshua Rayman

Call Number: B3279.H94 G3613 2017

More than life : Georg Simmel and Walter Benjamin on art

Stéphane Symons

Call Number: B3329.S64 S96 2017

Wittgenstein and the philosophy of language : the legacy of the Philosophical investigations

Thomas McNally

Call Number: B3376.W563 P532555 2017

Kierkegaard's God and the good life

edited by Stephen Minister, J. Aaron Simmons, and Michael Strawser

Call Number: B4377 .K5123 2017

Aristotle's concept of mind

Erick Raphael Jiménez

Call Number: B485 .J56 2017

Inclusion, diversity, and intercultural dialogue in young people's philosophical inquiry

ching-Ching Lin; Lavina Sequeira

Call Number: B52

Jewish exiles and European thought in the shadow of the Third Reich : Baron, Popper, Straus, Auerbach

David Weinstein, Avihu Zakai

Call Number: B5800 .W45 2017

Commentary on Plotinus

Marsilio Ficino ; edited and translated with an analytical study by Stephen Gersh

Call Number: B693.Z7 F5313 2017

Against the Jews and the Gentiles

edited by Stefano U. Baldassarri and Daniela Pagliara ; translated by David Marsh

Call Number: B785.M2443 A38 2017

A dark history of modern philosophy

Bernard Freydberg

Call Number: B791 .F74 2017

Commerce and peace in the Enlightenment

edited by Béla Kapossy, University of Lausanne, Isaac Nakhimovsky, Yale University, Richard Whatmore, University of St Andrews

Call Number: B802 .C66 2017

Atopias : manifesto for a radical existentialism

Frédéric Neyrat ; translated by Walt Hunter and Lindsay Turner

Call Number: B819 .N49 2018

What is philosophy?

Giorgio Agamben ; translated by Lorenzo Chiesa

Call Number: B87 .A4613 2018

The fate of transcendentalism : secularity, materiality, and human flourishing

Bruce A. Ronda

Call Number: B905 .R66 2017

Wilderness in America : philosophical writings

Henry Bugbee ; edited by David W. Rodick

Call Number: B945 .B761 2017

Changing the subject : philosophy from Socrates to Adorno

Raymond Geuss

Call Number: BC177 .G48 2017

Metaphysical perspectives

Nicholas Rescher

Call Number: BD111 .R3195 2017

Learning in the age of digital reason

Petar Jandrić

Call Number: BD161 .J36 2017

The meaning of belief : religion from an atheist's point of view

Tim Crane

Call Number: BD215 .C823 2017

Reality's fugue : reconciling worldviews in philosophy, religion, and science

F. Samuel Brainard

Call Number: BD331 .B725 2017

Beyond Whitehead : recent advances in process thought

[edited by] Jakub Dziadkowiec and Lukasz Lamza

Call Number: BD372 .B49 2017

Sites of exposure : art, politics, and the nature of experience

John Russon

Call Number: BD431 .R877 2017

Mythologies of transhumanism

Michael Hauskeller

Call Number: BD450 .H345 2016

Art can help

Robert Adams

Call Number: BH39 .A325 2017

A new stoicism

Lawrence C. Becker

Call Number: BJ1031 .B43 2017

Cosmopolitanism and place

edited by Jessica Wahman, José M. Medina, and John J. Stuhr

Call Number: BJ1031 .C69 2017

Consciousness and freedom : the inseparability of thinking and doing

Donald A. Crosby

Call Number: BJ1451 .C76 2017

Morals and consent : contractarian solutions to ethical woes

Malcolm Murray

Call Number: BJ1500.C65 M87 2017

The ordinary virtues : moral order in a divided world

Michael Ignatieff

Call Number: BJ1521 .I36 2017