Mathematics & Statistics

December 2018

The Riemann hypothesis in characteristic p in historical perspective

Author: Peter Roquette

Call Number: QA3 .L28 no. 2222

Mathematical logic : on numbers, sets, structures, and symmetry

Author: Roman Kossak

Call Number: QA9 .K67 2018

Social and political dimensions of mathematics education : current thinking

Author: Murad Jurdak, Renuka Vithal, Elizabeth de Freitas, Peter Gates, David Kollosche

Call Number: QA10.7 .J87 2016

The mathematics of India : concepts, methods, connections

Author: P. P. Divakaran

Call Number: QA27.I4

Graph theory : favorite conjectures and open problems -- 2

Author: Ralucca Gera, Teresa W. Haynes, Stephen Hedetniemi editors

Call Number: QA166

Group theory and computation

Author: N.S. Narasimha Sastry, Manoj Kumar Yadav, editors

Call Number: QA174

A journey through representation theory : from finite groups to quivers via algebras

Author: Caroline Gruson, Vera Serganova

Call Number: QA176

Splines and PDEs : from approximation theory to numerical linear algebra : Cetraro, Italy 2017

Author: Angela Kunoth, Tom Lyche, Giancarlo Sangalli, Stefano Serra-Capizzano ; Tom Lyche, Carla Manni, Hendrik Speleers, editors

Call Number: QA224

Geometric aspects of the trace formula

Author: editors, Werner Müller, Sug Woo Shin and Nicolas Templier

Call Number: QA243

Monomial ideals and their decompositions

Author: W. Frank Moore, Mark Rogers, Sean Sather-Wagstaff

Call Number: QA251.3

Binomial ideals

Author: Jürgen Herzog, Takayuki Hibi, Hidefumi Ohsugi

Call Number: QA251.3 .H36 2018

A new kind of computational biology : cellular automata based models for genomics and proteomics

Author: Parimal Pal Chaudhuri, Soumyabrata Ghosh, Adip Dutta, Somshubhro Pal Choudhury

Call Number: QA267.5.C45

Gaussian capacity analysis

Author: Liguang Liu, Jie Xiao, Dachun Yang, Wen Yuan

Call Number: QA273.6 .L58 2018

Applied probability : from random sequences to stochastic processes

Author: by Valérie Girardin, Nikolaos Limnios

Call Number: QA274.A67 G57 2018

Stochastic evolution systems : linear theory and applications to non-linear filtering

Author: Boris L. Rozovsky, Sergey V. Lototsky

Call Number: QA274.25

An introduction to optimal control of FBSDE with incomplete information

Author: Guangchen Wang, Zhen Wu, Jie Xiong

Call Number: QA274.25

Dynamic Markov bridges and market microstructure : theory and applications

Author: Umut Çetin, Albina Danilova

Call Number: QA274.7

Brownian motion : elements of colloid dynamics

Author: Albert P. Philipse

Call Number: QA274.75

Practical tools for designing and weighting survey samples

Author: Richard Valliant, Jill A. Dever, Frauke Kreuter

Call Number: QA276.6

A parametric approach to nonparametric statistics

Author: Mayer Alvo, Philip L. H. Yu

Call Number: QA278.8

Theory and application of uniform experimental designs

Author: Kai-Tai Fang, Min-Qian Liu, Hong Qin, Yong-Dao Zhou

Call Number: QA279

Time series analysis and forecasting : selected contributions from ITISE 2017

Author: edited by Ignacio Rojas, Héctor Pomares, Olga Valenzuela

Call Number: QA280

Continuous time modeling in the behavioral and related sciences

Author: Kees van Montfort, Johan H.L. Oud, Manuel C. Voelkle, editors

Call Number: QA280

From classical to modern analysis

Author: Rinaldo B. Schinazi

Call Number: QA300

Generalized multiresolution analyses

Author: Kathy D. Merrill

Call Number: QA300

Complex analysis with applications

Author: Nakhlé H. Asmar, Loukas Grafakos

Call Number: QA300

Algebra, complex analysis, and pluripotential theory : 2 USUZCAMP, Urgench, Uzbekistan, August 8-12, 2017

Author: Zair Ibragimov, Norman Levenberg, Utkir Rozikov, Azimbay Sadullaev, editors

Call Number: QA326 .T648 2017eb

Operator relations characterizing derivatives

Author: Hermann König, Vitali Milman

Call Number: QA329 .K66 2018

Fixed point theory in metric spaces : recent advances and applications

Author: Praveen Agarwal, Mohamed Jleli and Bessem Samet

Call Number: QA329.9

Differential equations and dynamical systems : 2 USUZCAMP, Urgench, Uzbekistan, August 8-12, 2017

Author: Abdulla Azamov, Leonid Bunimovich, Akhtam Dzhalilov, Hong-Kun Khang, editors

Call Number: QA370

Numerical methods for PDEs : state of the art techniques

Author: Daniele Antonio Di Pietro, Alexandre Ern, Luca Formaggia, editors

Call Number: QA374

Geometry of PDEs and Related Problems : Cetraro, Italy 2017

Author: by Xavier Cabré, Antoine Henrot, Daniel Peralta-Salas, Wolfgang Reichel, Henrik Shahgholian ; edited by Chiara Bianchini, Antoine Henrot, Rolando Magnanini

Call Number: QA377 .C33 2018

Semilinear evolution equations and their applications

Author: Toka Diagana

Call Number: QA377.3

Boundary value problems with global projection conditions

Author: Xiaochun Liu, Bert-Wolfgang Schulze

Call Number: QA379

Foraging-inspired optimisation algorithms

Author: Anthony Brabazon, Seán McGarraghy

Call Number: QA402.5

Hyper-heuristics : theory and applications

Author: Nelishia Pillay, Rong Qu

Call Number: QA402.5

Frontiers in PDE-constrained optimization

Author: Harbir Antil, Drew P. Kouri, Martin-D. Lacasse, Denis Ridzal, editors

Call Number: QA402.5

Nonlinear systems. Vol. 1, Mathematical theory and computational methods

Author: Victoriano Carmona, Jesús Cuevas-Maraver, Fernando Fernández-Sánchez, Elisabeth García-Medina, editors

Call Number: QA427

Pseudocompact topological spaces : a survey of classic and new results with open problems

Author: Michael Hrušák, Ángel Tamariz-Mascarúa, Mikhail Tkachenko, editors

Call Number: QA611.23 .P74 2018

Singularities, algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, and related topics : festschrift for Antonio Campillo on the occasion of his 65th birthday

Author: Gert-Martin Greuel, Luis Narváez Macarro, Sebastià Xambó-Descamps, editors

Call Number: QA614.58

Introduction to singularities

Author: Shihoko Ishii

Call Number: QA614.58

The geometry of spherically symmetric Finsler manifolds

Author: Enli Guo, Xiaohuan Mo

Call Number: QA689

Dynamical systems with applications using Python

Author: Stephen Lynch

Call Number: QA845

New trends and results in mathematical description of fluid flows

Author: Miroslav Bulíček, Eduard Feireisl, Milan Pokorný, editors

Call Number: QA901 .N49 2018