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Items Acquired in August 2017 for the University Libraries

Going to the sources : a guide to historical research and writing

Anthony Brundage

Call Number: D16 .B893 2018

The latest catastrophe : history, the present, the contemporary

Henry Rousso ; translated by Jane Marie Todd

Call Number: D16.8 .R87213 2016eb

The month that changed the world : July 1914 [electronic resource]

Gordon Martel

Call Number: D511

Troop morale and popular culture in the British and Dominion armies, 1914-1918 [electronic resource]

J.G. Fuller

Call Number: D546

Singled out : how two million British women survived without men after the First World War [electronic resource]

Virginia Nicholson

Call Number: D639.W7

The global 1930s : the international decade

Marc Matera and Susan Kingsley Kent

Call Number: D720 .M28 2017

War in peace : paramilitary violence in Europe after the Great War [electronic resource]

edited by Robert Gerwarth and John Horne

Call Number: D726.8

The first victory : the Second World War and the East African campaign

Andrew Stewart

Call Number: D766.84 .S74 2016eb

The Flyer : British culture and the Royal Air Force, 1939-1945 [electronic resource]

Martin Francis

Call Number: D786

The women who flew for Hitler : a true story of soaring ambition and searing rivalry

Clare Mulley

Call Number: D787 .M833 2017

Reporting the retreat : war correspondents in Burma, 1942

Philip Woods

Call Number: D799.B93 W66 2016

Repentance for the Holocaust : lessons from Jewish thought for confronting the German past

C.K. Martin Chung

Call Number: D804.7.M67 C47 2017

Sasha Pechersky : Holocaust hero, Sobibor resistance leader, and hostage of history

Selma Leydesdorff

Call Number: D805.5.S64 L49 2017

Making jet engines in World War II : Britain, Germany, and the United States

Hermione Giffard

Call Number: D810.S2 G54 2016eb

The global 1960s : convention, contest, and counterculture

edited by Tamara Chaplin and Jadwiga Pieper Mooney

Call Number: D848 .G64 2018

Pierre de L'Estoile and his world in the Wars of Religion

Tom Hamilton

Call Number: DC122.9.L64 H36 2017

Noble society : five lives from twelfth-century Germany

selected sources translated and annotated by Jonathan R. Lyon

Call Number: DD147 .N63 2017

Red Saxony : Election Battles and the Spectre of Democracy in Germany, 1860-1918 [electronic resource]

Call Number: DD221

Greeks, Romans, Germans : how the Nazis usurped Europe's classical past

Johann Chapoutot ; translated by Richard R. Nybakken

Call Number: DD256.6

Antifascist humanism and the politics of cultural renewal in Germany

Andreas Agocs, University of the Pacific, California

Call Number: DD256.7 .A35 2017

Mothers on the move : reproducing belonging between Africa and Europe

Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg

Call Number: DD867.5.C36 F45 2016eb

Ancient Macedonia

Carol J. King

Call Number: DF261.M2 K56 2018

The atlas of ancient Rome : biography and portraits of the city

edited by Andrea Carandini ; with Paolo Carafa ; translated by Andrew Campbell Halavais

Call Number: DG63 .A8513 2017

The Roman way

Edith Hamilton

Call Number: DG77 .H3 2017

Pompey, Cato, and the governance of the Roman Empire

Kit Morrell

Call Number: DG211

Public opinion and politics in the late Roman republic

Cristina Rosillo-López, Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Call Number: DG231.3 .R67 2017


Patrick N. Hunt

Call Number: DG249 .H86 2017

Fascist spectacle : the aesthetics of power in Mussolini's Italy [electronic resource]

Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi

Call Number: DG571

Brokering empire : trans-imperial subjects between Venice and Istanbul [electronic resource]

E. Natalie Rothman

Call Number: DG676.97.T9

Darkness before daybreak : African migrants living on the margins in southern Italy today [electronic resource]

Hans Lucht

Call Number: DG845.66.G53

The walls came tumbling down : collapse and rebirth in Eastern Europe [electronic resource]

Gale Stokes

Call Number: DJK50

Return to diversity : a political history of East Central Europe since World War II [electronic resource]

Joseph Rothschild, Nancy M. Wingfield

Call Number: DJK50

Imperial apocalypse : the Great War and the destruction of the Russian empire [electronic resource]

Joshua A. Sanborn

Call Number: DK264.8


Call Number: DK265.17 .R48 2017

The birth of the propaganda state : Soviet methods of mass mobilization, 1917-1929

Peter Kenez

Call Number: DK266.3 .K43 1985eb

Revolutionary dreams : utopian vision and experimental life in the Russian Revolution

Richard Stites

Call Number: DK266.4 .S75 1989eb

Scorched earth : Stalin's reign of terror

Jörg Baberowski ; translated by Steven Gilbert, Ivo Komljen, and Samantha Jeanne Taber

Call Number: DK267 .B33 2016eb

Khrushchev's cold summer : Gulag returnees, crime, and the fate of reform after Stalin [electronic resource]

Miriam Dobson

Call Number: DK274

Sincerity after communism : a cultural history

Ellen Rutten

Call Number: DK510.762 .R88 2017

Putin : his downfall and Russia's coming crash

Richard Lourie

Call Number: DK510.766.P87 L68 2017

Blood ties and the native son : poetics of patronage in Kyrgyzstan

Aksana Ismailbekova

Call Number: DK918.875 .I86 2017

The Spanish resurgence, 1713-1748

Christopher Storrs

Call Number: DP194

Imagining the Balkans

Maria Todorova

Call Number: DR34 .T63 2009eb

History of the Balkans [electronic resource]

Barbara Jelavich

Call Number: DR36

Rumania, 1866-1947

by Keith Hitchins

Call Number: DR250 .H58 1994eb

Revolution without revolutionaries : making sense of the Arab Spring

Asef Bayat

Call Number: DS39.3 .B39 2017

The battle for Syria : international rivalry in the new Middle East

Christopher Phillips

Call Number: DS98.6 .P5 2016eb

Women of the Wall : navigating religion in sacred sites

Yuval Jobani, Nahshon Perez

Call Number: DS109.32.W47 J63 2017

Tradition and crisis : Jewish society at the end of the Middle Ages [electronic resource]

Jacob Katz ; translated and with an afterword and bibliography by Bernard Dov Cooperman

Call Number: DS112

The Netanyahu years

Ben Caspit ; translated by Ora Cummings

Call Number: DS126.6.N48 K3613 2017

The right to difference : French universalism and the Jews

Maurice Samuels

Call Number: DS135.F83 S25 2016eb

Maimonides and the merchants : Jewish law and society in the medieval Islamic world

Mark R. Cohen

Call Number: DS135.L4 C65 2017

Across legal lines : Jews and Muslims in modern Morocco

Jessica M. Marglin

Call Number: DS135.M8

Out of the ghetto : the social background of Jewish emancipation, 1770-1870 [electronic resource]

Jacob Katz

Call Number: DS147

Nationalizing Judaism : Zionism as a theological ideology

David Ohana

Call Number: DS149 .O443 2017

Jabotinsky's Children : Polish Jews and the Rise of Right-Wing Zionism

Daniel Kupfert Heller

Call Number: DS150.R6 P65 2017

Beyond the Arab Cold war : the international history of the Yemen civil war, 1962-68

Asher Orkaby

Call Number: DS247.Y45

Fatima Jinnah : mother of the nation

M. Reza Pirbhai, Georgetown University, Qatar

Call Number: DS385.J49 P57 2017

Colonial Lahore : a history of the city and beyond

Ian Talbot and Tahir Kamran

Call Number: DS392.2.L3

Ants among elephants : an untouchable family and the making of modern India

Sujatha Gidla

Call Number: DS422.C3 G54 2017

Dancing to the state : the ethnic compulsions of the Tangsa in Assam

Meenaxi Barkataki-Ruscheweyh

Call Number: DS432.T33

A new history of India [electronic resource]

Stanley Wolpert

Call Number: DS436

Prehistory and archaeology of northeast India : multidisciplinary investigation in an archaeological terra incognita

Manjil Hazarika

Call Number: DS483.65

Environment and ethnicity in India, 1200-1991 [electronic resource]

Sumit Guha

Call Number: DS485.M348

Mini India : the politics of migration and subalternity in the Andaman Islands

Philipp Zehmisch

Call Number: DS491.75

Inheritance of loss : China, Japan, and the political economy of redemption after empire

Yukiko Koga

Call Number: DS740.5.J3 K615 2016eb

China-South Korea relations in the new era : challenges and opportunities

Min Ye

Call Number: DS740.5.K6 Y4 2017

Understanding China today : an exploration of politics, economics, society, and international relations

Silvio Beretta, Axel Berkofsky, Lihong Zhang, editors

Call Number: DS779.47

Samurai assassins : dark murder" and the Meiji Restoration, 1853-1868

Romulus Hillsborough

Call Number: DS881.4 .H549 2017

Affective circuits : African migrations to Europe and the pursuit of social regeneration

edited by Jennifer Cole and Christian Groes

Call Number: DT16.5 .A29 2016eb

The Nile River

volume editor: Abdelazim M. Negm ; with contributions by N. Abd El-Basset [and more]

Call Number: DT115

Living with colonialism : nationalism and culture in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan [electronic resource]

Heather J. Sharkey

Call Number: DT156.7

Africa's discovery of Europe, 1450-1850 [electronic resource]

David Northrup

Call Number: DT353.5.E9

Killing your neighbors : friendship and violence in northern Kenya and beyond

Jon D. Holtzman

Call Number: DT433.545.S26

Why comrades go to war : liberation politics and the outbreak of Africa's deadliest conflict

Philip Roessler and Harry Verhoeven

Call Number: DT658.25 .R64 2016

Frontiers of evangelization : Indians in the Sierra Gorda and Chiquitos missions

Robert H. Jackson

Call Number: F1219.3.M59 J323 2017

Roots of insurgency : Mexican regions, 1750-1824 [electronic resource]

Brian R. Hamnett

Call Number: F1229

Hotel Mexico : dwelling on the '68 Movement

George F. Flaherty

Call Number: F1386.4.T597 F55 2016eb

Territory and ideology in Latin America : policy conflicts between national and subnational governments

Call Number: F1415

The power of race in Cuba : racial ideology and black consciousness during the revolution [electronic resource]

Call Number: F1789.N3

The priest and the prophetess : Abbé Ouvière, Romaine Rivière, and the revolutionary Atlantic world

Terry Rey

Call Number: F1923

Caribbean military encounters

Shalini Puri, Lara Putnam, editors

Call Number: F2183 .C364 2017

Pre-revolutionary Caracas : politics, economy, and society, 1777-1811 [electronic resource]

P. Michael McKinley

Call Number: F2341.C257

Crowns of glory, tears of blood : the Demerara Slave Rebellion of 1823

Emilia Viotti da Costa

Call Number: F2384 .C67 1997eb

Saamaka dreaming

Richard Price and Sally Price

Call Number: F2431.S27 P753 2017

The politics of military rule in Brazil, 1964-85 [electronic resource]

Thomas E. Skidmore

Call Number: F2538.25

The indigenous state : race, politics, and performance in plurinational Bolivia

Nancy Postero

Call Number: F3327 .P674 2017

Exquisite slaves : race, clothing, and status in colonial Lima

Tamara J. Walker

Call Number: F3601.9.B55 W35 2017

Native society and disease in colonial Ecuador [electronic resource]

Suzanne Austin Alchon

Call Number: F3721.3.D58

Post-Keynesian essays from down under. Volume II, Essays on policy and applied economics : : theory and policy in an historical context

[edited by] Joseph Halevi, G.C. Harcourt, Peter Kriesler and J.W. Nevile

Call Number: HC21 .P667 2015 vol. 2

Getting rich in late antique Egypt

Ryan E. McConnell

Call Number: HC33 .M35 2017

Millennium development goals : ideas, interests and influence

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr

Call Number: HC59.7 .F78 2017

Multipolar globalization : emerging economies and development

Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Call Number: HC59.7 .N3345 2018

Catalyzing development through ICT adoption : the developing world experience

Harleen Kaur, Ewa Lechman, Adam, Marszk, editors

Call Number: HC59.72.I55

Natural resources available today and in the future : how to perform change management for achieving a sustainable world

Erik Dahlquist, Stefan Hellstrand, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Energy, resources and welfare : exploration of social frameworks for sustainable development

Bent Sørensen

Call Number: HC79.E5

Environmentalism of the rich

Peter Dauvergne

Call Number: HC79.E5 D3463 2016eb

ICT investment for energy use in the industrial sectors

Nabaz T. Khayyat

Call Number: HC79.I55

Computational intelligence applications in business and big data analytics

edited by Vijayan Sugumaran, Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Arunkumar Thangavelu

Call Number: HC79.I55 S932 2017

Technology and inequality : concentrated wealth in a digital world

Jonathan P. Allen

Call Number: HC79.T4

The Political Economy of Innovation Development : Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Economic Theory

Iurii Bazhal

Call Number: HC79.T4

Innovation equity : assessing and managing the monetary value of new products and services

Elie Ofek, Eitan Muller, and Barak Libai

Call Number: HC79.T4 O34 2016eb

Justice and Natural Resources : An Egalitarian Theory [electronic resource]

Chris Armstrong

Call Number: HC85

The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions [electronic resource]

Call Number: HC85

S&P Capital IQ industry surveys

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

Economic injustice and the rhetoric of the American dream

Luke Winslow

Call Number: HC106.84 .W56 2017

Reclaiming the atmospheric commons : the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and a new model of emissions trading

Leigh Raymond

Call Number: HC110.P55

Places in need : the changing geography of poverty

Scott W. Allard

Call Number: HC110.P6 A675 2017

Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Latin America [electronic resource]

Call Number: HC125

After neoliberalism? : the left and economic reforms in Latin America [electronic resource]

Gustavo A. Flores-Macías

Call Number: HC125

Jenkins of Mexico : how a Southern farm boy became a Mexican magnate

Andrew Paxman

Call Number: HC132.5.J57 P38 2017eb

The Caribbean : the genesis of a fragmented nationalism [electronic resource]

Franklin W. Knight

Call Number: HC155

Tangled governance : international regime complexity, the troika, and the euro crisis [electronic resource]

C. Randall Henning

Call Number: HC240

Rulers, religion, and riches : why the West got rich and the Middle East did not

Jared Rubin, Chapman University

Call Number: HC240 .R78 2017

Brexit time : leaving the EU--why, how and when?

Kenneth A. Armstrong, University of Cambridge

Call Number: HC240.25.G7 A76 2017

A century of fiscal squeeze politics : 100 years of austerity, politics, and bureaucracy in Britain

Christopher Hood and Rozana Himaz

Call Number: HC256 .H66 2017

The Scottish economy : a living book

edited by Kenneth Gibb, Duncan Maclennan, Des McNulty and Michael Comerford

Call Number: HC257.S4 S36 2018

The Balkan economies c. 1800-1914 : evolution without development [electronic resource]

Michael Palairet

Call Number: HC401

China's national balance sheet : theories, methods and risk sssessment

Yang Li, Zhang, Xiaojing Zhang

Call Number: HC430.I5

Law and the economy in colonial India

Tirthankar Roy and Anand V. Swamy

Call Number: HC435 .R68 2016eb

African successes. Volume I, Government and institutions

edited by Sebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil

Call Number: HC800

African successes. Volume III, Modernization and development

Sebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil

Call Number: HC800

African successes. Volume IV, Sustainable growth

Sebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil

Call Number: HC800

Democratization and authoritarian party survival : Mexico's PRI

Joy K. Langston

Call Number: JL1298.R45 L36 2017eb

Centripetal democracy : democratic legitimacy and political identity in Belgium, Switzerland, and the European Union

Joseph Lacey

Call Number: JN94.A91 L33 2017eb

The dual state : a contribution to the theory of dictatorship

Ernst Fraenkel ; with an introduction by Jens Meierhenrich

Call Number: JN3952

The art of the bribe : corruption under Stalin, 1943-1953

James Heinzen

Call Number: JN6529.C6 H45 2016eb

Stalinism for all seasons : a political history of Romanian communism [electronic resource]

Vladimir Tismaneanu

Call Number: JN9639.A53

Rethinking public institutions in India

Devesh Kapur, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, and Milan Vaishnav

Call Number: JQ231

Ascending India and its state capacity : extraction, violence and legitimacy

Sumit Ganguly & William R. Thompson

Call Number: JQ231 .G254 2017eb

Caretaking democratization : the military and political change in Myanmar

Renaud Egreteau

Call Number: JQ751.A58 E47 2017

Liberalism disavowed : communitarianism and state capitalism in Singapore

Beng Huat Chua

Call Number: JQ1063.A58 C48 2017

Presidentialism in Turkey : instability and change

Serap Gur

Call Number: JQ1805 .G87 2017

Why Mugabe won : the 2013 elections in Zimbabwe and their aftermath

Stephen Chan, SOAS, University of London; Julia Gallagher, Royal Holloway, University of London

Call Number: JQ2929.A5 C489 2017

Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific

Call Number: JX1977.A335 E25

The anarchical society at 40 : contemporary challenges and prospects [electronic resource]

edited by Hidemi Suganami, Madeline Carr, Adam Humphreys

Call Number: JZ1318

Global governance from regional perspectives : a critical view [electronic resource]

edited by Anna Triandafyllidou

Call Number: JZ1318

The Soviet study of international relations [electronic resource]

Allen Lynch

Call Number: JZ1615

Zimbabwe's international relations : fantasy, reality and the making of the state

Julia Gallagher

Call Number: JZ1950 .G35 2017

Land of blue helmets : the United Nations and the Arab world

edited by Karim Makdisi and Vijay Prashad

Call Number: JZ4997.5.M54