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International Studies

Items Acquired in December 2017 for the University Libraries

History flows through us : Germany, the Holocaust, and the importance of empathy

edited by Roger Frie

Call Number: D16.16 .H568 2018

Safe passage : the transition from British to American hegemony

Kori Schake

Call Number: D31 .S348 2017

The Atlantic in global history, 1500-2000

edited by Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra and Erik R. Seeman

Call Number: D208 .A76 2017

The intriguing life and ignominious death of Maurice Benyovszky

Andrew Drummond

Call Number: D285.8.B4 D78 2018

Crossing Central Europe : continuities and transformations, 1900 and 2000

edited by Helga Mitterbauer and Carrie Smith-Prei

Call Number: D652

Doing my share : a wartime diary of a Michigan aviator, 1942-1946

by Carl Jakust

Call Number: D790.2 .J35 2009

Quantifying resistance : political crime and the People's Court in Nazi Germany [electronic resource]

Wayne Geerling, Gary Magee

Call Number: D802.G3

Memory laws, memory wars : the politics of the past in Europe and Russia

Nikolay Koposov

Call Number: D1053 .K67 2018

Twilight of empire : the tragedy at Mayerling and the end of the Habsburgs

Greg King and Penny Wilson

Call Number: DB89.R8 K56 2017

Simon V of Montfort and baronial government, 1195-1218

G.E.M. Lippiatt

Call Number: DC83.3 .L57 2017

Marketing the Third Reich : persuasion, packaging and propaganda

Nicholas O'Shaughnessy

Call Number: DD254 .O83 2018

Demolition on Karl Marx Square : cultural barbarism and the people's state in 1968

Andrew Demshuk

Call Number: DD901.L58

Poverty, wealth, and well-being : experiencing penia in democratic Athens

Claire Taylor

Call Number: DF227 .T39 2017

Rethinking Greek-Turkish relations since 1999

edited by Gökçe Bayindir Goularas and Hakan Sezgin Erkan

Call Number: DF787.T8 R48 2017

Rome and the Third Macedonian War

Paul J. Burton, Australian National University, Canberra

Call Number: DG251.6 .B87 2017

Portraits of Medieval Eastern Europe, 900-1400

Donald Ostrowski and Christian Raffensperger

Call Number: DJK46 .O88 2018

Long awaited West : Eastern Europe since 1944

Stefano Bottoni; translated by Sean Lambert

Call Number: DJK50 .B68813 2017

Red hangover : legacies of twentieth-century communism

Kristen Ghodsee

Call Number: DJK51 .G495 2017

Scythians : warriors of ancient Siberia

edited by St. John Simpson and Svetlana Pankova

Call Number: DK34.S4 B7 2017

Lenin : the man, the dictator, and the master of terror

Victor Sebestyen

Call Number: DK254.L4 S34 2017

Red flag unfurled : history, historians, and the Russian Revolution

Ronald Grigor Suny

Call Number: DK265.A553 S74 2017

Modern Spain : 1808 to the Present [electronic resource]

Pamela Beth Radcliff

Call Number: DP203 .R28 2017eb


Call Number: DS31-35.2

A companion to Assyria

edited by Eckart Frahm, Yale University, New Haven, US

Call Number: DS71

Living in Mandatory Palestine : personal narratives of resilience of the Galilee during the Mandate period 1918-1948

Roberta R. Greene, Shira Hantman, Yair Seltenriech, Mustafa Abbasi, and Nancy Greene

Call Number: DS110.G2 G74 2018

In pursuit of peace in Israel and Palestine

Gershon Baskin

Call Number: DS119.7 .B2918 2017

State expansion and conflict : in and between IsraelPalestine and Lebanon

Oren Barak, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Call Number: DS126.5 .B2627 2017

Coming of age in medieval Egypt : female adolescence, Jewish law, and ordinary culture

Eve Krakowski

Call Number: DS135.E4 K63 2017

Consumer culture and the making of modern Jewish identity

Gideon Reuveni (University of Sussex, UK)

Call Number: DS135.E83 R48 2017

Bestiarium Judaicum : unnatural histories of the Jews

Jay Geller

Call Number: DS143 .G353 2018

Pakistan under siege : extremism, society, and the state

Madiha Afzal

Call Number: DS384 .A39 2017

Call of empire : from the Highlands to Hindostan

Alexander Charles Baillie

Call Number: DS463 .B35 2017

The Cold War in East Asia

Xiaobing Li

Call Number: DS518.1 .L488 2018

Contemporary Chinese diasporas [electronic resource]

Min Zhou, editor

Call Number: DS732 .C66 2017eb

The art of being governed : everyday politics in late imperial China

Michael Szonyi

Call Number: DS753.2 .S96 2017

A few planes for China : the birth of the Flying Tigers

Eugenie Buchan

Call Number: DS777.533.A35 B83 2017

Artifacts from Ancient Egypt

Barbara Mendoza

Call Number: DT61 .M525 2017

Contesting the repressive state: why ordinary Egyptians protested during the Arab Spring

Kira D. Jumet

Call Number: DT107.87 .J854 2017eb

Mobility Patterns and Experiences of the Middle Classes in a Globalizing Age : the Case of Mexican Migrants in Australia

by Monica Laura Vazquez Maggio

Call Number: DU122.M5

From idols to antiquity : forging the National Museum of Mexico

Miruna Achim

Call Number: F1203.5.M46 A24 2017

Contesting conquest : indigenous perspectives on the Spanish occupation of Nueva Galicia

Ida Altman

Call Number: F1296 .A65 2017

Imagining histories of colonial Latin America : essays on synoptic methods and practices

edited by Karen Melvin and Sylvia Sellers-García ; foreword by Davíd Carrasco

Call Number: F1412 .I49 2017

Framing a lost city : science, photography, and the making of Machu Picchu

Amy Cox Hall

Call Number: F3429.1.M3 H35 2017

The Independent Republic of Arequipa : making regional culture in the Andes

Thomas F. Love

Call Number: F3611.A7 L68 2017

The economic indicator handbook : how to evaluate economic trends to maximize profits and minimize losses

Richard Yamarone

Call Number: HC59.3 .Y36 2017eb

The BRICS and collective financial statecraft

Cynthia Roberts, Leslie Elliott Armijo and Saori N. Katada

Call Number: HC59.7

Understanding the policymaking process in developing countries

William Ascher

Call Number: HC59.7 .A83553 2017

Environmental economics and sustainability

edited by Brian Chi-ang Lin and Siqi Zheng

Call Number: HC79.E5

Future challenges in evaluating and managing sustainable development in the built environment

edited by Peter S. Brandon, Patrizia Lombardi, Geoffrey Q. Shen

Call Number: HC79.E5

The behavioral economics of climate change : adaptation behaviors, global public goods, breakthrough technologies, and policy-making

S. Niggol Seo

Call Number: HC79.E5 S46 2017

Analysing inequalities in Germany : a structured additive distributional regression approach

Alexander Silbersdorff

Call Number: HC79.I5

Inequality : a short history

Michele Alacevich and Anna Soci

Call Number: HC79.I5 .A36 2018

Business Dynamics in North America : Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Trade Patterns

by Rajagopal, Vladimir Zlatev

Call Number: HC103

The rise of big government : how egalitarianism conquered America

Sven R. Larson

Call Number: HC106.84 .L37 2018

Coping with adversity : regional economic resilience and public policy

Harold Wolman, Howard Wial, Travis St. Clair, and Edward Hill

Call Number: HC110.D5 W65 2017

The economics of inequality, discrimination, poverty, and mobility

Robert S. Rycroft

Call Number: HC110.I5 R895 2018

The new poverty

Stephen Armstrong

Call Number: HC260.P6 A76 2017

Baidu SEO : challenges and intricacies of marketing in China

Véronique Duong

Call Number: HC426.5.M327

China's lessons for India. Volume I, The political economy of development

Sangaralingam Ramesh

Call Number: HC427.92

China's market communism : challenges, dilemmas, solutions

Steven Rosefielde and Jonathan Leightner

Call Number: HC427.92 .R67 2018

Economic analysis and forecast of China (2015) [electronic resource]

Yang Li, Ping Li, Xuesong Li, Ping Zhang, editors

Call Number: HC427.95

China's economic reform : experience and implications

Yu Zhang

Call Number: HC427.95 Z43547 2018

Making money : how Taiwanese industrialists embraced the global economy

Gary G. Hamilton and Cheng-shu Kao

Call Number: HC430.5 .H35 2017

A new perspective on agglomeration economies in Japan : an application of productivity analysis

by Akihiro Otsuka

Call Number: HC465.D5

Trade and the Labor Market [electronic resource]

Call Number: HC465.I53

The rise and fall of Korea's economic development : lessons for developing and developed economies [electronic resource]

Sung-Hee Jwa

Call Number: HC467.965

Imperial theory and colonial pragmatism : Charles Harper, economic development and agricultural co-operation in Australia [electronic resource]

David J. Gilchrist

Call Number: HC604

Controlling the EU executive? : the politics of delegation in the European Union

Gijs Jan Brandsma and Jens Blom-Hansen

Call Number: JN32

Japanese politics and government

Alisa Gaunder

Call Number: JQ1631 .G379 2017

The Abe administration and the rise of the prime ministerial executive

Aurelia George Mulgan

Call Number: JQ1640 .M85 2018

Money for votes : the causes and consequences of electoral clientelism in Africa

Eric Kramon

Call Number: JQ1879.A5 K73 2018

Cultures of doing good : anthropologists and NGOs

edited by Amanda Lashaw, Christian Vannier, and Steven Sampson

Call Number: JZ4841 .C85 2017

Dangerous diplomacy : bureaucracy, power politics, and the role of the UN Secretariat in Rwanda

Herman T. Salton

Call Number: JZ4997.5.R95 S35 2017

Debating humanitarian intervention : should we try to save strangers?

Fernando Tesón, Bas van der Vossen

Call Number: JZ6369 .T43 2017

Gender, UN peacebuilding, and the politics of space : locating legitimacy

Laura J. Shepherd

Call Number: JZ6374 .S535 2017eb