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Items Acquired in February 2018 for the University Libraries

Indian captive, Indian king : Peter Williamson in America and Britain

Timothy J. Shannon

Call Number: E87.W77 S53 2018

Property and dispossession : natives, empires and land in early modern North America

Allan Greer, McGill University

Call Number: E98.L3 G73 2018

Chehalis stories

edited by Jolynn Amrine Goertz with the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation ; as shared by Robert Choke, Marion Davis, Peter Heck, Blanche Pete Dawson, and Jonas Secena ; collected and translated by Franz Boas

Call Number: E99.C49 C47 2018

A pictographic history of the Oglala Sioux

drawings by Amos Bad Heart Bull ; text by Helen H. Blish ; introduction by Mari Sandoz ; introductions to the new edition by Emily Levine and Candace Greene

Call Number: E99.O3 B3 2017

Tonkawa texts : a new linguistic edition

compiled by Harry Hoijer ; translated and edited by Thomas R. Wier

Call Number: E99.T75 T65 2018

Literary legacies of the Federal Writers' Project : voices of the Depression in the American postwar era

Sara Rutkowski

Call Number: E175.4.W9 R88 2017

Abraham Lincoln and William Cullen Bryant : their civil war

Gilbert H. Muller

Call Number: E176

The source : how rivers made America and America remade its rivers

Martin Doyle

Call Number: E179 .D693 2018

American presidential statecraft : during the cold war and after

Ronald E. Powaski

Call Number: E183.7

American presidential statecraft : from isolationism to internationalism

Ronald E. Powaski

Call Number: E183.7

The rise of the American security state : the National Security Act of 1947 and the militarization of U.S. foreign policy

M. Kent Bolton

Call Number: E183.7 .B65 2018

Changing US foreign policy toward India : US-India relations since the Cold War

Carina van de Wetering

Call Number: E183.8.I4 W47 2016

The history of US-Japan relations : from Perry to the present

Makoto Iokibe, editor ; Tosh Minohara, English translator editor

Call Number: E183.8.J3

Rural isolation and dual cultural existence : the Japanese-American Kona coffee community

David K. Abe

Call Number: E184.J3

Transnational communities in the smartphone age : the Korean community in the nation's capital

Dae Young Kim

Call Number: E184.K6 K56 2018

Vicente Ximenes, LBJ's Great Society, and Mexican American civil rights rhetoric

Michelle Hall Kells ; foreword by Juan C. Guerra

Call Number: E184.M5 K453 2018

The resilient self : gender, immigration, and Taiwanese Americans

Chien-Juh Gu

Call Number: E184.T35 G823 2017

The case of the sexy Jewess : dance, gender, and Jewish joke-work in US pop culture

by Hannah Schwadron

Call Number: E184.36.S65 S39 2018eb

Civil Rights in America and the Caribbean, 1950s-2010s

Jerome Teelucksingh

Call Number: E185.61

The Black Panther Party in a city near you

Judson L. Jeffries

Call Number: E185.615 .J434 2018

Living racism : through the barrel of the book

edited by Theresa Rajack-Talley and Derrick R. Brooms

Call Number: E185.615 .L58 2018

Black litigants in the antebellum American South

Kimberly M. Welch

Call Number: E185.92 .W45 2018

To shape a new world : essays on the political philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

edited by Tommie Shelby and Brandon M. Terry

Call Number: E185.97.K5 T6 2018

American nationalisms : imagining union in the age of revolutions, 1783-1833

Benjamin E. Park

Call Number: E301 .P35 2018

Forging the American Nation, 1787-1791 : James Madison and the Federalist Revolution

Shlomo Slonim

Call Number: E342

Antebellum posthuman : race and materiality in the mid-nineteenth century

Cristin Ellis

Call Number: E449 .E483 2018

The captive's quest for freedom : fugitive slaves, the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, and the politics of slavery

R.J.M. Blackett, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

Call Number: E450 .B589 2018


Call Number: E468.9 .A67 2018

The perfect scout : a soldier's memoir of the great March to the Sea and the campaign of the Carolinas

George W. Quimby ; edited by Anne Sarah Rubin and Stephen Murphy

Call Number: E601 .Q69 2018

Reconstruction in a globalizing world

David Prior, editor

Call Number: E668 .R386 2018

Dirty hands and vicious deeds : the US government's complicity in crimes against humanity and genocide

edited by Samuel Totten

Call Number: E741 .D57 2018

Harold Stassen : Eisenhower, the Cold War, and the pursuit of nuclear disarmament

Lawrence S. Kaplan

Call Number: E748.S784 K37 2018

After Sputnik : America, the world, and Cold War conflicts

Alan J. Levine

Call Number: E835 .L46 2017

Building the Great Society : inside Lyndon Johnson's White House

Joshua Zeitz

Call Number: E846 .Z44 2018

Radiation nation : Three Mile Island and the political transformation of the 1970s

Natasha Zaretsky

Call Number: E872 .Z37 2018

Trumpocracy : the corruption of the American republic

David Frum

Call Number: E912 .F78 2018

It's even worse than you think : what the Trump administration is doing to America

David Cay Johnston

Call Number: E912 .J64 2018

Trump's first year

Michael Nelson

Call Number: E912 .N45 2017

Fire and fury : inside the Trump White House

Michael Wolff

Call Number: E913 .W65 2018

Brooklyn's Renaissance : commerce, culture, and community in the nineteenth-century Atlantic world

Melissa Meriam Bullard

Call Number: F129.B7 B85 2017

Smoketown : the untold story of the other great Black Renaissance

Mark Whitaker

Call Number: F159.P69 N487 2018

Across the Everglades : a canoe journey of exploration

by Hugh L. Willoughby : illustrated from photographs taken by the author

Call Number: F317.E9 W541 1906

Mammoth Cave : a human and natural history

Horton H. Hobbs III, Rickard A. Olson, Elizabeth G. Winkler, David C. Culver, editors

Call Number: F457.M2

Unsettling the West : violence and state building in the Ohio Valley

Rob Harper

Call Number: F517 .H37 2018

Narratives of immigration and language loss : lessons from the German American Midwest

Maris R. Thompson

Call Number: F550.G3 T46 2018

When Montezuma met Cortés : the true story of the meeting that changed history

Matthew Restall

Call Number: F1230.M6 R47 2018

Creating Pátzcuaro, creating Mexico : art, tourism, and nation building under Lázaro Cárdenas

Jennifer Jolly

Call Number: F1391.P33 J65 2018


Call Number: F1408.3 .S78 2018

Women, travel, and science in nineteenth-century Americas : the politics of observation

Nina Gerassi-Navarro

Call Number: F1409 .G47 2017@F1409 .G47 2017

Women, travel, and science in nineteenth-century Americas : the politics of observation

Nina Gerassi-Navarro

Call Number: F1409 .G47 2017@F1409 .G47 2017

Polity : demystifying democracy in Latin America and beyond

Joe Foweraker

Call Number: F1410 .F67 2018

Political culture in Spanish America, 1500-1830

Jaime E. Rodríguez O

Call Number: F1410 .R56 2017

The Carrera revolt and 'hybrid warfare' in nineteenth-century Central America

Gilmar Visoni-Alonzo

Call Number: F1466.4

Ideology, regionalism, and society in Caribbean history

Shane J. Pantin, Jerome Teelucksingh, editors

Call Number: F1623

Cuban revolution in America : Havana and the making of a United States Left, 1968-1992

Teishan A. Latner

Call Number: F1788 .L3393 2017

Baron de Vastey and the origins of Black Atlantic humanism

Marlene Daut

Call Number: F1920.V37

Caribbean military encounters [electronic resource]

Shalini Puri, Lara Putnam, editors

Call Number: F2183 .C364 2017eb

The politics of postmemory : violence and victimhood in contemporary Argentine culture [electronic resource]

Geoffrey Maguire

Call Number: F2849.2

Dissensual subjects : memory, human rights, and postdictatorship in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay

Andrew C. Rajca

Call Number: F2849.2 .R327 2018

Pre-Inca and Inca pottery : Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentina

Agustina Scaro, Clarisa Otero, Maria Beatriz Cremonte, editors

Call Number: F3429.3.P8 P74 2017eb

Andean cosmopolitans : seeking justice and reward at the Spanish royal court

José Carlos de la Puente Luna

Call Number: F3444 .P795 2018

The republic of Arabic letters : Islam and the European Enlightenment

Alexander Bevilacqua

Call Number: CB251 .B426 2018

Cities and the Circulation of Culture in the Atlantic World : From the Early Modern to Modernism

Leonard von Morzé, editor

Call Number: CB358

Modelling human behaviour in landscapes : basic concepts and modelling elements

Oliver Nakoinz and Daniel Knitter

Call Number: CC76.3 .N35 2016

Formation processes of maritime archaeological landscapes

Alicia Caporaso, editor

Call Number: CC77.U5

Science, museums and collecting the indigenous dead in colonial Australia

Paul Turnbull

Call Number: CC79.5.H85

Bioarchaeology of women and children in times of war : case studies from the Americas

Debra L. Martin, Caryn Tegtmeyer, editors

Call Number: CC100

Handbook of East and Southeast Asian archaeology

Junko Habu, Peter V. Lape, John W. Olsen, editors ; Alisha M. Eastep, managing editor

Call Number: CC101.E18

Collision or collaboration : archaeology encounters economic development

Peter G. Gould, K. Anne Pyburn, editors

Call Number: CC135 .C54 2017

New activities for cultural heritage : proceedings of the International Conference HeritageBot 2017

Marco Ceccarelli, Michela Cigola, Giuseppe Recinto, editors

Call Number: CC135 .I58 2017eb

Experiments in life-writing : intersections of autobiography and fiction

Lucia Boldrini, Julia Novak, editors

Call Number: CT31

Jackie, Janet & Lee : the secret lives of Janet Auchincloss and her daughters, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill

J. Randy Taraborrelli

Call Number: CT275.O552 T37 2018

21st-century narratives of world history : global and multidisciplinary perspectives

edited by R. Charles Weller

Call Number: D13 .A15 2017

Regimes of twentieth-century Germany : from historical consciousness to political action

Marc T. Voss, Chapman University, USA

Call Number: D13.5.G3 V67 2016eb

Oral history and education : theories, dilemmas, and practices

Kristina R. Llewellyn, Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, editors

Call Number: D16.14

Palgrave handbook of research in historical culture and education

Mario Carretero, Stefan Berger, Maria Grever, editors

Call Number: D16.2

History education and conflict transformation : social psychological theories, history teaching and reconciliation

Charis Psaltis, Mario Carretero, Sabina Čehajić-Clancy, editors

Call Number: D16.25 .H49 2017

Historical disaster experiences : towards a comparative and transcultural history of disasters across Asia and Europe

Gerrit Jasper Schenk, editor

Call Number: D24

Empress Adelheid and Countess Matilda : medieval female rulership and the foundations of European society

Penelope Nash

Call Number: D102

Stasis in the medieval West? : questioning change and continuity

Michael D.J. Bintley, Martin Locker, Victoria Symons, Mary Wellesley, editors

Call Number: D117 .S73 2017eb

Reconfiguring the fifteenth-century crusade

Norman Housley, editor

Call Number: D171

Colonization, piracy, and trade in early modern Europe : the roles of powerful women and queens

Estelle Paranque, Nate Probasco, Claire Jowitt, editors

Call Number: D226.7 .C65 2017

The business of satirical prints in late-Georgian England

James Baker

Call Number: D250

Contagionism catches on : medical ideology in Britain, 1730-1800

Margaret DeLacy

Call Number: D250

Enlightened colonialism : civilization narratives and imperial politics in the Age of Reason

Damien Tricoire, editor

Call Number: D299 .E55 2017

Organizing democracy : reflections on the rise of political organizations in the nineteenth century

Henk te Velde, Maartje Janse, editors

Call Number: D351

The 'Sailor Prince' in the age of empire : creating a monarchical brand in nineteenth-century Europe

Miriam Magdalena Schneider

Call Number: D352.1

Australians and the first World War : local-global connections and contexts [electronic resource]

Kate Ariotti, James E. Bennett, editor

Call Number: D547.A8

Reconsidering peace and patriotism during the First World War

Justin Quinn Olmstead, editor

Call Number: D613

Minorities and the First World War : from war to peace

Hannah Ewence, Tim Grady, editors

Call Number: D639.A7

The big show

Pierre Clostermann

Call Number: D786 .C6313 2004

Halifax at war

Brian J. Rapier ; edited by Alan Hollingsworth. Wellington at war / Chaz Bowyer

Call Number: D786 .R298 1994

Antisemitism before and since the Holocaust : altered contexts and recent perspectives

Anthony McElligott, Jeffrey Herf, editors

Call Number: D804.355

Campaigning culture and the global Cold War : the journals of the congress for cultural freedom

edited by Giles Scott-Smith, Charlotte Lerg

Call Number: D839.C84283 C367 2017

Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe : a shared story?

James Renon, Ben Gidley, editors

Call Number: D900

Can we talk Mediterranean? : conversations on an emerging field in Medieval and early modern studies

Brian A. Catlos, Sharon Kinoshita, editors

Call Number: D973 .C36 2017

The changing place of Europe in global memory cultures : usable pasts and futures

Christina Kraenzle, Maria Mayr, editors

Call Number: D1053

Austrian imperial censorship and the Bohemian periodical press, 1848-71 : the baneful work of the opposition press is fearsome

Jeffrey T. Leigh

Call Number: DB86 .L45 2017eb

Reforming French culture : satire, spiritual alienation, and connection to strangers

George Hoffmann

Call Number: DC33.3

Amateur musical societies and sports clubs in provincial France 1848-1914 : harmony and hostility [electronic resource]

Alan R.H. Baker

Call Number: DC33.6

Saint Joan of Arc : born, January 6th, 1412, burned as a heretic, May 30th, 1431, canonised as a Saint, May 16th, 1920

V. Sackville-West

Call Number: DC103 .S2 1936

France, Britain, and the struggle for the revolutionary Western Mediterranean [electronic resource]

Joshua Meeks

Call Number: DC148 .M445 2017eb

The French Revolution and religion in global perspective : freedom and faith

Bryan A. Banks, Erica Johnson, editors

Call Number: DC158.2

Popular rumour in revolutionary Paris, 1792-1794

Lindsay Porter

Call Number: DC194

Popular theatre and political utopia in France, 1870-1940 : active citizens

Jessica Wardhaugh

Call Number: DC389

The 'Black Horror on the Rhine' : Intersections of Race, Nation, Gender and Class in 1920s Germany [electronic resource]

Iris Wigger

Call Number: DD78.B55

German history in global and transnational perspective

David Lederer, editor ; with contributions from Wolfgang Behringer, Christopher Clark and Dorothee Wierling

Call Number: DD89

Nazi-organized recreation and entertainment in the Third Reich

Julia Timpe

Call Number: DD253.8.K66

Quantifying resistance : political crime and the People's Court in Nazi Germany

Wayne Geerling, Gary Magee

Call Number: DD256.3 .G44 2017

Female administrators of the Third Reich

Rachel Century

Call Number: DD256.5

Logistics matters and the U.S. Army in occupied Germany, 1945-1949

Lee Kruger

Call Number: DD257 .K78 2017eb

The Bulgarian-Byzantine wars for early medieval Balkan hegemony : silver-lined skulls and blinded armies

Dennis P. Hupchick

Call Number: DF543

Justinian's men : careers and relationships of Byzantine army officers, 518-610

David Alan Parnell

Call Number: DF543 .P37 2017

Rome's holy mountain : the Capitoline Hill in late antiquity

Jason Moralee

Call Number: DG66

The rise of Rome : from the Iron Age to the Punic Wars

Kathryn Lomas

Call Number: DG221.5 .L66 2018

The politics of everyday life in fascist Italy : outside the state?

Joshua Arthurs, Michael Ebner, Kate Ferris, editors

Call Number: DG571 .P65 2017eb

The Royal Society and the discovery of the two Sicilies : southern routes in the Grand Tour

Manuela D'Amore

Call Number: DG821 .D36 2017

Biography of an industrial town : Terni, Italy, 1831-2014 [electronic resource]

Alessandro Portelli

Call Number: DG975.T44

Curtain of lies : the battle over truth in Stalinist Eastern Europe

Melissa Feinberg

Call Number: DJK50 .F434 2017


Call Number: DK508.4 .U377 2017

Anatomy of a genocide : the life and death of a town called Buczacz

Omer Bartov

Call Number: DK508.9.T48 B37 2018

The Un-Polish Poland, 1989 and the illusion of regained historical continuity

Tomasz Kamusella

Call Number: DK4042 .K36 2017eb

The mass deportation of Poles to Siberia, 1863-1880

Andrew A. Gentes

Call Number: DK4372.3

The Spanish military and warfare from 1899 to the Civil War : the uncertain path to victory

José Vicente Herrero Péez

Call Number: DP78.5

To live like a Moor : Christian perceptions of Muslim identity in medieval and early modern Spain

Olivia Remie Constable ; edited by Robin Vose ; foreword by David Nirenberg

Call Number: DP103 .C68 2018

An oral history of the Portuguese colonial war : conscripted generation

Ângela Campos

Call Number: DP517

The great game in west Asia

Mehran Kamrava, editor

Call Number: DR479.I7 .G743

In the aftermath of Gezi : from social movement to social change?

Oscar Hermer, Hans-Åke Persson, editors

Call Number: DR738.5.T64 H47 2017

The cultural life of capitalism in Yugoslavia : (post)socialism and Its other

Dijana Jelača, Maša Kolanović, Danijela Lugarić, editors

Call Number: DR1282

The Balkans in the Cold War

Svetozar Rajak, Konstantina E. Botsiou, Eirini Karamouzi, Evanthis Hatzivassiliou, editors

Call Number: DR1307

Ethnic mobilization, violence, and the politics of affect : the Serb Democratic Party and the Bosnian war

Adis Maksić

Call Number: DR2044 .M35 2017

The Scottish experience in Asia, c.1700 to the present : settlers and sojourners

T.M. Devine, Angela McCarthy, editors

Call Number: DS28.S35 S36 2017

Power, patronage, and memory in early Islam : perspectives on Umayyad elites

edited by Alain George and Andrew Marsham

Call Number: DS38.1 .P69 2018

The Armenian church of Famagusta and the complexity of Cypriot heritage : prayers long silent

Michael J.K. Walsh, editor

Call Number: DS54.95.F35

US foreign policy in the Middle East : the case for continuity

Bledar Prifti

Call Number: DS63.2.U5

Iran : the rebirth of a nation

Hamid Dabashi

Call Number: DS79.76

Lebanon Facing The Arab Uprisings : Constraints and Adaptation

edited by Rosita Di Peri, Daniel Meier

Call Number: DS87.54 .L379 2017

The memorial ethics of Libeskind's Berlin Jewish Museum

Arleen Ionescu

Call Number: DS134.23

Werner Scholem : a German life

Mirjam Zadoff ; translated by Dona Geyer

Call Number: DS134.42.S374 Z3313 2018

The Jews of Nazi Vienna, 1938-1945 : rescue and destruction

Ilana Fritz Offenberger

Call Number: DS135.A92

Christian and Jewish women in Britain, 1880-1940 : living with difference

Anne Summers

Call Number: DS135.E5 S86 2017

The 'estranged' generation? : social and generational change in interwar British Jewry

David Dee

Call Number: DS135.E55 D44 2017eb

The myth of the medieval Jewish moneylender. Volume I

Julie L. Mell

Call Number: DS135.E81

Making Italian Jews : family, gender, religion and the nation, 1861-1918

by Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti

Call Number: DS141 .F477 2017eb

Tribes and politics in Yemen : a history of the Houthi conflict

Marieke Brandt

Call Number: DS247.Y48 B73 2017

The Baluch, Sunnism and the state in Iran : from tribal to global

Stéphane A. Dudoignon

Call Number: DS269.B33 .D83 2017

Recipes and songs : an analysis of cultural practices from South Asia

Razia Parveen

Call Number: DS339 .P37 2017

My enemy's enemy : India in Afghanistan from the Soviet invasion to the US withdrawal

Avinash Paliwal

Call Number: DS450.A3 P355 2017

India turns east : international engagement and US-China rivalry

Frédéric Grare

Call Number: DS450.C6 G73 2017

Contemporary India

Rekha Datta

Call Number: DS480.853 .D3827 2018

War, denial and nation-building in Sri Lanka : after the end

Rachel Seoighe

Call Number: DS489.84

Becoming Arab : Creole Histories and Modern Identity in the Malay World

Sumit K. Mandal (University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus)

Call Number: DS523.4.A73 M36 2018

Chinese in Colonial Burma : a migrant community in a multiethnic state

Yi Li

Call Number: DS528.2.C44

Cultural heritage and peripheral spaces in Singapore

Tai Wei Lim

Call Number: DS609.3 .L56 2017

Sexualised citizenship : a cultural history of Philippines-Australian migration

Shirlita Africa Espinosa

Call Number: DS665 .E87 2017

Contemporary Chinese diasporas

Min Zhou, editor

Call Number: DS732 .C66 2017

The maritime defence of China : Ming general Qi Jiguang and beyond

Y.H. Teddy Sim, editor

Call Number: DS739

China-Japan relations in the 21st Century : antagonism despite interdependency

Lam Peng Er, editor

Call Number: DS740.5.J3

Embassies to China : diplomacy and cultural encounters before the Opium Wars

Michael Keevak

Call Number: DS754.18 .K44 2017eb

China, Hong Kong, and the long 1970s : global perspectives

Priscilla Roberts, Odd Arne Westad, editors

Call Number: DS777.56 .C45 2017eb

Will China's rise be peaceful? : the rise of a great power in theory, history, politics, and the future

Asle Toje, editor

Call Number: DS779.47

China's conquest of Taiwan in the seventeenth century : victory at full moon

Young-tsu Wong

Call Number: DS799.65

Introducing Japanese popular culture

edited by Alisa Freedman and Toby Slade

Call Number: DS822.5 .I588 2018

Africa and its global diaspora : the policy and politics of emigration

edited by Jack Mangala

Call Number: DT16.5 .A37 2017eb

Civil wars and third-party interventions in Africa

Audrey Mattoon

Call Number: DT30.5

Mediatized China-Africa relations : how media discourses negotiate the shifting of global order

Shubo Li

Call Number: DT38.9.C5

The Egyptian military in popular culture : context and critique

Dalia Said Mostafa

Call Number: DT70 .M67 2017

State, memory, and Egypt's victory in the 1973 war : ruling by discourse

Mustafa Menshawy

Call Number: DT107.85

Women and the Egyptian revolution : engagement and activism during the 2011 Arab uprisings

Nermin Allam (Rutgers University, New Jersey)

Call Number: DT107.87 .A45 2018

In brightest Africa

by Carl E. Akeley

Call Number: DT361 .A4

State building and national identity reconstruction in the Horn of Africa

Redie Bereketeab, editor

Call Number: DT367.8

Kenya and Britain after independence : beyond neo-colonialism

Poppy Cullen

Call Number: DT433.575

The anatomy of neo-colonialism in Kenya : British imperialism and Kenyatta, 1963--1978

W.O. Maloba

Call Number: DT433.583 .M35 2017eb

Negotiating genocide in Rwanda : the politics of history

Erin Jessee

Call Number: DT450.44 .J47 2017

Perspectives on French colonial Madagascar

Eric T. Jennings

Call Number: DT469.M34

Free slaves, Freetown, and the Sierra Leonean civil war

Joseph Kaifala

Call Number: DT516.5 .K35 2017

African perspectives of King Dingane kaSenzangakhona : the second monarch of the Zulu kingdom

Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu

Call Number: DT1058.Z84 N35 2017eb

Empires patriotic fund : public benevolence and the Boer War in an Australian colony [electronic resource]

John McQuilton

Call Number: DT2354

Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo of Zimbabwe : politics, power, and memory

Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni, editor

Call Number: DT2999.N56 J67 2017

Victoria Falls and colonial imagination in British Southern Africa : turning water into gold

Andrea L. Arrington-Sirois

Call Number: DT3140.V54

An environmental history of Southern Malawi : land and people of the Shire Highlands

Brian Morris

Call Number: DT3201 .M67 2016eb

Achieving sustainable e-government in Pacific Island States

Rowena Cullen, Graham Hassall, editors

Call Number: DU28.3

Political memories and migration : belonging, society, and Australia day

J. Olaf Kleist

Call Number: DU107 .K54 2017

Transnationalism, nationalism and Australian history

Anna Clark, Anne Rees, Alecia Simmonds, editors

Call Number: DU108 .T73 2017eb

South asian diaspora narratives : roots and routes

Amit Sarwal

Call Number: DU122.S68 S27 2017eb

The memory of genocide in Tasmania, 1803-2013 : scars on the archive

Jesse Shipway

Call Number: DU194 .S57 2017

Emerging from an entrenched colonial economy : New Zealand primary production, Britain and the EEC, 1945-1975

by David Hall

Call Number: DU421.5.G7 H35 2017