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Items Acquired in February 2018 for the University Libraries

Language policy and political issues in education

Teresa L. McCarty, Stephen May, editors

Call Number: P40.8 .L37 2017

The Palgrave handbook of affect studies and textual criticism

edited by Donald R. Wehrs and Thomas Blake

Call Number: P47

Formal models in the study of language : applications in interdisciplinary contexts

Joanna Blochowiak, Cristina Grisot, Stephanie Durrleman, Christipher Laenzlinger, editors

Call Number: P51

Revision and the superhero genre

David Hyman

Call Number: P53.27

Language testing and assessment

edited by Elana Shohamy, Iair G. Or, Stephen May

Call Number: P53.4 .L36 2017

Developing language teacher autonomy through action research

Kenan Dikilitas, Carol Griffiths

Call Number: P53.457

Innovative practices in language teacher education : spanning the spectrum from intra- to inter-personal professional development

Tammy S. Gregersen, Peter D. MacIntyre, editors

Call Number: P53.85

Communication excellence : how to develop, manage and lead exceptional communications

Ralph Tench, Dejan Verčič, Ansgar Zerfass, Ángeles Moreno, Piet Verhoeven

Call Number: P90

Communicating, networking : interacting : the International Year of Global Understanding - IYGU

Margaret E. Robertson, editor

Call Number: P90 .C66 2016

Media convergence and deconvergence

Sergio Sparviero, Corinna Peil, Gabriele Balbi, editors

Call Number: P91

Media, diaspora and the Somali conflict

Idil Osman

Call Number: P92.S56

Minorities and media : producers, industries, audiences

John Budarick, Gil-Soo Han, editors

Call Number: P94.5.M55 M65 2017

Arab women and the media in changing landscapes

Elena Maestri, Annemarie Profanter, editors ; foreword by Lubna Ahmed Al-Kazi

Call Number: P94.5.W652

The culture industry and participatory audiences

Emma Keltie

Call Number: P94.6

Discourse and education

Stanton Wortham, Deoksoon Kim, Stephen May, editors

Call Number: P95 .D58 2017

Media and crime in Argentina : punitive discourse during the 1990s [electronic resource]

Cynthia Fernandez Roich

Call Number: P96.C74

Environmental news in South America : conflict, crisis and contestation

Juliet Pinto, Paola Prado, J. Alejandro Tirado-Alcaraz

Call Number: P96.E572 S63 2017

Rethinking media development through evaluation : beyond freedom

Jessica Noske-Turner

Call Number: P96.L34

Value-oriented media management : decision making between profit and responsibility

edited by Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen, C. Ann Hollifield, Joost van Loon

Call Number: P96.M34

Managing media businesses : a game plan to navigate disruption and uncertainty

Mike Rosenberg, Philip H. Seager, editors

Call Number: P96.M34 M365 2017

Language as hermeneutic : a primer on the word and digitization

Walter J. Ong ; edited and with commentaries by Thomas D. Zlatic and Sara van den Berg

Call Number: P96.T42 O54 2017

Legacies of the degraded image in violent digital media

Stuart Marshall Bender

Call Number: P96.V5 B46 2017

Media, diaspora and conflict

Ola Ogunyemi, editor

Call Number: P96.W62 M43 2017eb

The semantics and pragmatics of quotation

Paul Saka, Michael Johnson, editiors

Call Number: P99.4.P72

The mirror of information in early modern England : John Wilkins and the universal character

James Dougal Fleming

Call Number: P107 .F54 2017

Language awareness and multilingualism

Jasone Cenoz, Durk Gorter, Stephen May editors

Call Number: P115 .L36 2017

Psychology of bilingualism : the cognitive and emotional world of bilinguals

Alfredo Ardila, Anna B. Cieślicka, Roberto R. Heredia, Mónica Roselli, editors

Call Number: P115.4

Multilingual Hong Kong : languages, literacies and identities

David C.S. Li

Call Number: P115.5.C6 L5 2017

At the crossroads : challenges of foreign language learning

Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel, Elzbieta Szymanska-Czaplak, Magdalena Szyszka, editors

Call Number: P118.2

Second and foreign language education : with 5 figures and 4 tables

Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl, Stephen May, editors

Call Number: P118.2 .S4226 2017

Moving texts, migrating people and minority languages

Michał Borodo, Juliane House, Wojciech Wachowski, editors

Call Number: P119.315

Contrastive analysis of discourse-pragmatic aspects of linguistic genres

Karin Aijmer, Diana Lewis, editors

Call Number: P128.C68

Approaches to the history of written culture : a world inscribed

edited by Martyn Lyons and Rita Marquilhas

Call Number: P211

Defaults in morphological theory

edited by Nikolas Gisborne and Andrew Hippisley

Call Number: P241

Pragmatic aspects of scalar modifiers : the semantics-pragmatics interface

Osamu Sawada

Call Number: P273


Paul Portner

Call Number: P281

The Speaking self : language lore and English usage.

by Michael Shapiro

Call Number: P301 .S465 2017

Self-translation and power : negotiating identities in European multilingual contexts

Olga Castro, Sergi Mainer, Svetlana Page, editors

Call Number: P306.8.E85 S45 2017eb

Alternative sets in language processing : how focus alternatives are represented in the mind

Nicole Gotzner

Call Number: P325

The unmasking of English dictionaries

R.M.W. Dixon

Call Number: P325.5.C6 D48 2017

Material aspects of letter writing in the Graeco-Roman world, 500 BC-AD 300

Antonia Sarri

Call Number: PA3042 .S37 2018

Greek dramas

by Æschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes; with biographical notes and a critical introduction by Bernadotte Perrin ..

Call Number: PA3626 .P4

Demosthenes, speeches 23-26

translated with introduction and notes by Edward Harris

Call Number: PA3951 .E5 2018

Histories. Book VI

Herodotus ; edited by Simon Hornblower and Christopher Pelling

Call Number: PA4002 .A36 2017

Black ships and sea raiders : the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age context of Odysseus' second Cretan lie

Jeffrey P. Emanuel

Call Number: PA4168.A14 E43 2017

Tragic rites : narrative and ritual in Sophoclean drama

Adriana Brook

Call Number: PA4417 .B83 2018

Carmina profana

Blossius Aemilius Dracontius ; recensuit Otto Zwierlein

Call Number: PA6381.D8 A1 2017

Juvenal and the poetics of anonymity

Tom Geue

Call Number: PA6448 .G46 2017

Ovid's Homer: authority, repetition, and reception

Barbara Weiden Boyd

Call Number: PA6537 .B69 2018

Annals. Book XV

Tacitus ; edited by Rhiannon Ash (Fellow and tutor in Classics, Merton College, Oxford)

Call Number: PA6705.A6 B15 2018

The poetics of migration in contemporary Irish poetry

Ailbhe McDaid

Call Number: PB1331

Premier livre pour l'enseignement des langues modernes : partie francaise pour adultes

par M.D. Berlitz

Call Number: PC2111.B53 1908

Exercises in French syntax and composition,

with notes and vocabulary, by Jeanne M. Bouvet

Call Number: PC2111 .B74

The place of words : the Académie Française and its dictionary during an age of revolution

Michael P. Fitzsimmons

Call Number: PC2567 .F48 2017

Teaching English in East Asia : a teacher's guide to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean learners

Clay H. Williams

Call Number: PE1068.E18 W55 2017

Evolving agendas in European English-medium higher education : interculturality, multilingualism and language policy

Clive W. Earls

Call Number: PE1068.E92

Assessment and intervention for English language learners : translating research into practice

Susan Unruh, Nancy A. McKellar

Call Number: PE1073

Language learning and use in English-medium higher education

Lia Blaj-Ward

Call Number: PE1128.A2

Pronunciation learning strategies and language anxiety : in search of an interplay

Magdalena Szyszka

Call Number: PE1137 .S99 2017

Patterns and development in the English clause system : a corpus-based grammatical overview

Clarence Green

Call Number: PE1385 .G74 2017

The writing center as cultural and interdisciplinary contact zone

Randall W. Monty

Call Number: PE1405.U6 M665 2016

English usage guides : history, advice, attitudes

edited by Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade

Call Number: PE1460

Language in action; : a guide to accurate thinking, reading and writing

[by] S.I. Hayakawa ..

Call Number: PE1585 .H35 1941

The English paradigm in India : essays in language, literature and culture

Shweta Rao Garg, Deepti Gupta, editors

Call Number: PE3502.I6 E58 2017

Tagore and nationalism

K.L. Tuteja, Kaustav Chakraborty, editors

Call Number: PK1727.N36

Indian literature and the world : multilingualism, translation, and the public sphere

Rossella Ciocca, Neelam Srivastava, editors

Call Number: PK2903

Modern Chinese literature, Lin Shu and the Reformist movement : between classical and vernacular language

César Guarde-Paz

Call Number: PL2262

Mapping modern Beijing : space, emotion, literary topography

Weijie Song

Call Number: PL2275.P42 S66 2018

Slapping the table in amazement : a Ming Dynasty story collection

Ling Mengchu ; translated by Shuhui Yang and Yunqin Yang ; introduction by Robert E. Hegel

Call Number: PL2698.L55 S5313 2018

Dangerous Language -- Esperanto and the Decline of Stalinism

by Ulrich Lins

Call Number: PM8209 .L5613 2016

Scale in literature and culture

Michael Tavel Clarke; David Wittenberg, editors

Call Number: PN

9/11 in European Literature : Negotiating Identities Against the Attacks and What Followed [electronic resource]

edited by Svenja Frank

Call Number: PN1-6790

Magical Manuscripts in Early Modern Europe : the Clandestine Trade In Illegal Book Collections

Call Number: PN1-PN6790

Intermedial theater : performance philosophy, transversal poetics, and the future of affect

Bryan Reynolds

Call Number: PN36

Victorian narratives of the recent past : memory, history, fiction

Helen Kingstone

Call Number: PN50

Other animals in twenty-first century fiction [electronic resource]

Catherine Parry

Call Number: PN56.A64

Reviewing blindness in French fiction, 1789-2013

Hannah Thompson

Call Number: PN56.B6

Literary second cities

Jason Finch, Lieven Ameel, Markku Salmela, editors

Call Number: PN56.C55

Cosmopolitanism in twenty-first century fiction

Kristian Shaw

Call Number: PN56.C683

Voices of Cosmopolitanism in Early American Writing and Culture

Chiara Cillerai

Call Number: PN56.C683 C55 2017

Gender and criminality in Bangla crime narratives : late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Shampa Roy

Call Number: PN56.C7 R66 2017

Dance leadership : theory into practice

Jane M. Alexandre

Call Number: PN56.D29

Affect theory and early modern texts : politics, ecologies, and form

Amanda Bailey, Mario DiGangi, editors

Call Number: PN56.E6

Reading the male gaze in literature and culture : studies in erotic epistemology [electronic resource]

James D. Bloom

Call Number: PN56.E78

Sexual identities : a cognitive literary study

Patrick Colm Hogan

Call Number: PN56.G45 H64 2018

Perpetrators in Holocaust narratives : encountering the Nazi beast

Joanne Pettitt

Call Number: PN56.H55 P48 2017

The English countryside : representations, identities, mutations

David Haigron, editor

Call Number: PN56.L26 E54 2017

New directions in literature and medicine studies [electronic resource]

Stephanie M. Hilger, editor

Call Number: PN56.M38

Representations of forgetting in life writing and fiction

Gunnthorunn Gudmundsdottir

Call Number: PN56.M44

Memory frictions in contemporary literature [electronic resource]

María Jesús Martínez- Alfaro, Silvia Pellicer-Ortín, editors

Call Number: PN56.M44

The lyric in Victorian memory : poetic remembering and forgetting from Tennyson to Housman

Veronica Alfano

Call Number: PN56.M44

Madness in black women's diasporic fictions : aesthetics of resistance

Caroline A. Brown, Johanna X.K. Garvey, editors

Call Number: PN56.M45

In and out of sight : modernist writing and the photographic unseen

Alix Beeston

Call Number: PN56.M54

Multiculturalism, multilingualism and the self : literature and culture studies [electronic resource]

Jacek Mydla, Małgorzata Poks, Leszek Drong, editors

Call Number: PN56.M8

Ageing women in literature and visual culture : reflections, refractions, reimaginings

Cathy McGlynn, Margaret O'Neill, Michaela Schrage-Früh, editors

Call Number: PN56.O4 A37 2017

The "Other" In 9/11 literature : if you see something, say something

Lenore Bell

Call Number: PN56.O69 B45 2017eb

Ecological literature and the critique of anthropocentrism [electronic resource]

Bryan L. Moore

Call Number: PN56.P38

Memory as colonial capital : cross-cultural encounters in French and English

Erica L. Johnson, Éloïse Brezault, editors

Call Number: PN56.P555

Traumatic memory and the ethical, political and transhistorical functions of literature

Susana Onega, Constanza del Río, Maite Escudero-Alías, editors

Call Number: PN56.P914

Romantic Norths : Anglo-Nordic exchanges 1700-1850

Cian Duffy, editor

Call Number: PN56.R7

Story and philosophy for social change in Medieval and postmodern writing : reading for change

Allyson Carr

Call Number: PN56.S65

The ethics of storytelling : narrative hermeneutics, history, and the possible

Hanna Meretoja

Call Number: PN56.S7357

Haunting modernisms : ghostly aesthetics, mourning, and spectral resistance fantasies in literary modernism

Matt Foley

Call Number: PN56.S8

Tracking the literature of tropical weather : typhoons, hurricanes, and cyclones

Anne Collett, Russell McDougall, Sue Thomas, editors

Call Number: PN56.W43

Precarious labour and the contemporary novel

Liam Connell

Call Number: PN56.W65 C66 2017

Avant-garde Orientalism : the Eastern 'Other' in twentieth-century travel narrative and poetry

David LeHardy Sweet

Call Number: PN56.3.O74 S94 2017

The lost child in literature and culture

Mark Froud

Call Number: PN56.5.C48

Plotting motherhood in medieval, early modern, and modern literature

Mary Beth Rose

Call Number: PN56.5.M67 R67 2017e

The hermeneutics of hell : visions and representations of the devil in world literature [electronic resource]

edited by Gregor Thuswaldner and Daniel Russ, editors

Call Number: PN57.D4 H47 2017

Thieving Three-Fingered Jack : transatlantic tales of a Jamaican outlaw, 1780-2015

Frances R. Botkin

Call Number: PN57.M23 B68 2017

Teaching literature : text and dialogue in the English classroom

Ben Knights, editor

Call Number: PN59

On the ethical imperatives of the interregnum : essays in loving strife from Soren Kierkegaard to Cornel West

William V. Spanos

Call Number: PN75.S64 A5 2016

The varieties of authorial intention : literary theory beyond the intentional fallacy

John Farrell

Call Number: PN81

Reading and writing experimental texts : critical innovations

Robin Silbergleid, Kristina Quynn, editors

Call Number: PN94.2

The ecopoetics of entanglement in contemporary Turkish and American literatures

Meliz Ergin

Call Number: PN98.E36 E395 2017

Naturalizing Africa : ecological violence, agency and postcolonial resistance in African literature

Cajetan Iheka

Call Number: PN98.E36 I37 2018

Recomposing ecopoetics : North American poetry of the self-conscious anthropocene

Lynn Keller

Call Number: PN98.E36 K45 2017

Radical revival as adaptation : theatre, politics, society

Jozefina Komporaly

Call Number: PN171.A33

Expanding adaptation networks : from illustration to novelization

Kate Newell

Call Number: PN171.A33 N49 2017

Rhetoric's questions, reading and interpretation

Peter Mack

Call Number: PN175

Women's professional lives in rhetoric and composition : choice, chance, and serendipity

edited by Elizabeth A. Flynn and Tiffany Bourelle

Call Number: PN175 .W66 2018

How to do things with narrative : cognitive and diachronic perspectives

edited by Jan Alber and Greta Olson, in collaboration with Birte Christ

Call Number: PN212 .H69 2018

Topologies as techniques for a post-critical rhetoric

Lynda Walsh, Casey Boyle, editors

Call Number: PN218

The absent mother in the cultural imagination : missing, presumed dead

Berit Åström

Call Number: PN441

Modernity and autobiography in nineteenth-century America : literary representations of communication and transportation technologies

James E. Dobson

Call Number: PN452

Biographical misrepresentations of British women writers : a hall of mirrors and the long nineteenth century

Brenda Ayres, editor

Call Number: PN471

The single woman, modernity, and literary culture : women's fiction from the 1920s to the 1940s

Emma Sterry

Call Number: PN481 .S75 2017

Migrant writers and urban space in Italy : proximities and affect in literature and film [electronic resource]

Graziella Parati

Call Number: PN495 .P37 2017

Chaucer and the Child

by Eve Salisbury

Call Number: PN661-PN694

The Quest for Shakespeare : the Peculiar History and Surprising Legacy of the New Shakspere Society

by Jeffrey Kahan

Call Number: PN715-PN749

The Organist in Victorian Literature

by Iain Quinn

Call Number: PN760.5-PN769

Other capitals of the nineteenth century : an alternative mapping of literary and cultural space

Richard Hibbitt, editor

Call Number: PN761

D.H. Lawrence, transport and cultural transition : 'a great sense of journeying'

Andrew F. Humphries

Call Number: PN770-PN779

The poetics and politics of Alzheimer's disease life-writing

Martina Zimmermann

Call Number: PN770-PN779

Anxieties of experience : the literatures of the Americas from Whitman to Bolaño

Jeffrey Lawrence

Call Number: PN846 .L39 2018eb


Call Number: PN849.O26 C66 2018

Comparative literature and the historical imaginary : reading Conrad, Weiss, Sebald

Kaisa Kaakinen

Call Number: PN870.5

Feminist science fiction and feminist epistemology : four modes

Ritch Calvin

Call Number: PN871 .C35 2016

Children's literature collections : approaches to research

edited by Keith O'Sullivan and Pádraic Whyte, editors

Call Number: PN1009.A1

Children's publishing and black Britain, 1965-2015

Karen Sands-O'Connor

Call Number: PN1009.A1

Imagining sameness and difference in children's literature : from the Enlightenment to the present day

Emer O'Sullivan, Andrea Immel, editors

Call Number: PN1009.5.M84 I43 2017

A social biography of contemporary innovative poetry communities [electronic resource]

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Call Number: PN1042 .B87 2017


Call Number: PN1059.A9 O77 2018

Reading uncreative writing : conceptualism, expression, and the lyric [electronic resource]

David Kaufmann

Call Number: PN1111

Digital bodies : creativity and technology in the arts and humanities

edited by Susan Broadhurst and Sara Price

Call Number: PN1584

Risk, participation, and performance practice : critical vulnerabilities in a precarious world

Alice O'Grady, editor

Call Number: PN1584 .R57 2017

Entertainment and Politics in Contemporary China

Call Number: PN1590.P64

Performance for resilience : engaging youth on energy and climate through music, movement, and theatre

Beth Osnes

Call Number: PN1590.S6

Theatre, Social Media, and Meaning Making

Bree Hadley

Call Number: PN1590.S65

Violent women in contemporary theatres : staging resistance

Nancy Taylor Porter

Call Number: PN1590.W64 P67 2017

Performing antagonism : theatre, performance & radical democracy

Tony Fisher, Eve Katsouraki, editors

Call Number: PN1643

Holocaust theater : dramatizing survivor trauma and its effects on the second generation

Gene A. Plunka

Call Number: PN1650.H64 P575 2018

Elizabethan and Jacobean reappropriation in contemporary British drama : 'Upstart crows' [electronic resource]

Graham Saunders

Call Number: PN1689

Python beyond python : critical engagements with culture

Paul N. Reinsch, B. Lynn Whitfield, Robert G. Weiner, editors

Call Number: PN1922

Transnational European television drama : production, genres and audiences

Ib Bondebjerg, Eva Novrup Redvall, Rasmus Helles, Signe Sophus Lai, Henrik Søndergaard, Cecilie Astrupgaard

Call Number: PN1992.3.E85

Reading Lena Dunham's Girls : feminism, postfeminism, authenticity and gendered performance in contemporary television

Meredith Nash, Imelda Whelehan

Call Number: PN1992.4. D86

Time, technology and narrative form in contemporary Us television drama : pause, rewind, record

JP Kelly

Call Number: PN1992.55 .K45 2017

Hesitant Histories on the Romanian Screen [electronic resource]

by László Strausz

Call Number: PN1992.63

Social class and television drama in contemporary Britain

Beth Johnson, Davis Forrest, editors

Call Number: PN1992.65

RuPaul's drag race and the shifting visibility of drag culture : the boundaries of reality TV

edited by Niall Brennan, David Gudelunas

Call Number: PN1992.77.R87 B74 2017

Cultural Specificity in Indonesian Film : Diversity in Unity

by David Hanan

Call Number: PN1993-PN1999

Gender and the Nuclear Family in Twenty-First-Century Horror

by Kimberly Jackson

Call Number: PN1993.5

A brief history of comic book movies

Wheeler Winston Dixon and Richard Graham

Call Number: PN1993.5.A1 D59 2017

Politics of architecture in contemporary Argentine cinema

Amanda Holmes

Call Number: PN1993.5.A7 H65 2017eb

Australian screen in the 2000s

Mark David Ryan; Ben Goldsmith, editors

Call Number: PN1993.5.A8 A977 2017

Space and subjectivity in contemporary Brazilian cinema

Antônio Márcio da Silva, Mariana Cunha, editors

Call Number: PN1993.5.B6 S69 2017

Globalization and contemporary Chinese cinema : Zhang Yimou's genre films

Xuelin Zhou

Call Number: PN1993.5.C4

Contemporary Chinese films and celebrity directors

Shenshen Cai

Call Number: PN1993.5.C4 C35 2017

Formations of masculinity in post-communist Hungarian cinema : labyrinthian men

György Kalmár

Call Number: PN1993.5.H8

Japanese cinema between frames

Laura Lee

Call Number: PN1993.5.J3 L45 2017

Reel pleasures : cinema audiences and entrepreneurs in twentieth-century urban Tanzania

Laura Fair

Call Number: PN1993.5.T34 F35 2018

The producer's business handbook : the roadmap for the balanced film producer

John J. Lee, Jr., & Anne Marie Gillen

Call Number: PN1993.5.U6

Hollywood in Crisis or: The Collapse of the Real

by Wheeler Winston Dixon

Call Number: PN1993.5.U6

Perturbatory narration in film : narratological studies on deception, paradox and empuzzlement

edited by Sabine Schlickers and Vera Toro

Call Number: PN1995 .P445 2018

Art cinema and theology : the word was made film [electronic resource]

Justin Ponder

Call Number: PN1995.5

Everybody sing! : community singing in the American picture palace

Esther M. Morgan-Ellis

Call Number: PN1995.9.A8 M67 2018

Black children in Hollywood cinema : cast in shadow

Debbie Olson

Call Number: PN1995.9.C45

Cult media : re-packaged, re-released and restored

Jonathan Wroot, Andy Willis, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.C84

Documentary and disability

Catalin Brylla, Helen Hughes, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.D6 D63 2017eb

Representing the eighteenth century in film and television, 2000-2015

Karen Bloom Gevirtz

Call Number: PN1995.9.E34 G58 2017

Heading North : the north of England in film and television [electronic resource]

Ewa Maziecrska, editor

Call Number: PN1995.9.E55

Fairy tales on the teen screen : rituals of girlhood

Athena Bellas

Call Number: PN1995.9.F34 B45 2017

Argentine cinema : from noir to neo-noir

David George and Gizella Meneses

Call Number: PN1995.9.F54 G46 2018

Death, Image, Memory : the Genocide in Rwanda and its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film

Call Number: PN1995.9.G37

Cinematic urban geographies

François Penz, Richard Koeck, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.G38

Cognitive approaches to German historical film : seeing is not believing

Jennifer Marston William

Call Number: PN1995.9.H5 W54 2017

Domestic imaginaries : navigating the home in global literary and visual cultures

Bex Harper, Hollie Price, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.H54

Virtual weaponry : the militarized internet in Hollywood war films

Aaron Tucker

Call Number: PN1995.9.I573

Silver screen, Hasidic Jews : the story of an image

Shaina Hammerman

Call Number: PN1995.9.J46 H36 2018

London on film

Pam Hirsch, Chris O'Rourke, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.L57

Love and marriage across social classes in American cinema

Stephen Sharot

Call Number: PN1995.9.L6 S53 2017

Intimate relationships in cinema, literature and visual culture

Gilad Padva, Nurit Buchweitz, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.M27

Black masculinity and the cinema of policing [electronic resource]

Jared Sexton

Call Number: PN1995.9.N4

Black masculinity on film : native sons and white lies

Daniel O'Brien

Call Number: PN1995.9.N4 O37 2017

Shakespeare, Bakhtin, and film : a dialogic lens

Keith Harrison

Call Number: PN1995.9.P42

Politics, Hollywood style : American politics in film from Mr. Smith to Selma

John Heryman

Call Number: PN1995.9.P6 H49 2018

The long take : critical approaches

John Gibbs, Douglas Pye, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.P7

Genre trouble and extreme cinema : film theory at the fringes of contemporary art cinema

Troy Bordun

Call Number: PN1995.9.P7

Prostitution and sex work in global cinema : new takes on fallen women

Danielle Hipkins, Kate Taylor-Jones, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.P76

The Latin American (Counter-) road movie and ambivalent modernity

Nadia Lie

Call Number: PN1995.9.R63

Constructing transgressive sexuality in screenwriting : the feiticeiroa as character

LJ Theo ; with a forword by Lindsay Clowes

Call Number: PN1995.9.S45

Filmurbia : screening the suburbs

David Forrest, Graeme Harper, Jonathan Rayner, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.S74 F55 2017

Anatomy of the superhero film

Larrie Dudenhoeffer

Call Number: PN1995.9.S76

The modern supernatural and the beginnings of cinema

Murray Leeder

Call Number: PN1995.9.S8 L34 2017

Surrealism, cinema, and the search for a new myth

Kristoffer Noheden

Call Number: PN1995.9.S85 N64 2017eb

The postmillennial vampire : power, sacrifice and simulation in True blood, Twilight and other contemporary narratives

Susan Chaplin

Call Number: PN1995.9.V3

Domestic violence in Hollywood film : gaslighting

Diane L. Shoos

Call Number: PN1995.9.V5

Gossip, women, film, and chick flicks

Sarah-Mai Dang

Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 D36 2017

British women film directors in the new millennium

Stella Hockenhull

Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 H63 2017

Italian motherhood on screen

Giovanna Faleschini Lerner, Maria Elena D'Amelio, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 I875 2017

Pandora's box

Pamela Hutchinson

Call Number: PN1997.B785 H88 2018

La dolce vita

Richard Dyer

Call Number: PN1997.D563 D94 2018

Screening Auschwitz : Wanda Jakubowska's The Last Stage and the politics of commemoration

Marek Haltof

Call Number: PN1997.O68 H35 2018

Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo and the hermeneutic spiral

Robert J. Belton

Call Number: PN1997.V479 B45 2017

Fans, blockbusterisation, and the transformation of cinematic desire : global receptions of the Hobbit film trilogy

Carolyn Michelle, Charles H. Davis, Ann L. Hardy, Craig Hight

Call Number: PN1997.2.H635

Adaptation in visual culture : images, texts, and their multiple worlds

Julie Grossman, R. Barton Palmer, editors

Call Number: PN1997.85

Adaptation, awards culture, and the value of prestige

Colleen Kennedy-Karpat, Eric Sandberg, editors

Call Number: PN1997.85

Subversive adaptations : Czech literature on screen behind the Iron Curtain

Petr Bubeníček

Call Number: PN1997.85 .B83 2017

Reassessing the Hitchcock touch : industry, collaboration, and filmmaking

Wieland Schwanebeck, editor

Call Number: PN1998.3.H58

Reorienting Ozu : a master and his influence

edited by Jinhee Choi

Call Number: PN1998.3.O98 C57 2018

Margarethe von Trotta : interviews

edited by Monika Raesch

Call Number: PN1998.3.T775 A3 2018

Disney and the dialectic of desire : fantasy as social practice

Joseph Zornado

Call Number: PN1999.W27

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The Odin teatret archives

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Comic performance in Pakistan : the Bhānd [electronic resource]

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Staging queer feminisms : sexuality and gender in Australian performance, 2005-2015

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War and theatrical innovation

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How political actors use the media : a functional analysis of the media's role in politics

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Tabloid journalism in Africa

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The League of Youth

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Humour as politics : the political aesthetics of contemporary comedy

Nicholas Holm

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How to tell the birds from the flowers : a manual of flornithology for beginners

verses and illustrations by Robert Williams Wood

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Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon

Milton Caniff

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Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon

Milton Caniff

Call Number: PN6728.S685 C35 2003

Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon

Milton Caniff

Call Number: PN6728.S685 C35 2003

Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon

Milton Caniff

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The Jeu d'Adam : MS tours 927 and the provenance of the play

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The restless

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Daniele Fioretti

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Educational theatre for women in post-World War II Italy : a stage of their own

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Boccaccio the Philosopher : an epistemology of the Decameron [electronic resource]

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The optics of Giambattista Della Porta (ca. 1535--1615) : a reassessment

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Jesse Barker

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Spanish Gothic : national identity, collaboration and cultural adaptation

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Postcolonial modernism and the picaresque novel : literatures of precarity [electronic resource]

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The Mexican crack writers : history and criticism

Héctor Jaimes, editor

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The image of the river in Latin/o American literature : written in the water

edited by Jeanie Murphy and Elizabeth G. Rivero

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Rerouting Galician studies : multidisciplinary interventions

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Pedagogic criticism : reconfiguring university English studies [electronic resource]

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Teaching Victorian literature in the twenty-first century : a guide to pedagogy

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Incognito social investigation in British literature : certainties in degradation

Luke Seaber

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Portraits from life : Modernist novelists and autobiography

Jerome Boyd Maunsell

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The history of British women's writing, 1945-1975. Volume 9

edited by Clare Hanson and Susan Watkins

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Gender and representation in British 'golden age' crime fiction

Megan Hoffman

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Early modern women's writing : Domesticity, Privacy, and the Public Sphere in England and the Dutch Republic

Martine van Elk

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Romantic women witers and Arthurian legend : the quest for knowledge

Katie Garner

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Memory and confession in Middle English literature

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Medieval romance : the aesthetics of possibility

James F. Knapp and Peggy A. Knapp

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Male friendship and testimonies of love in Shakespeare's England

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Emotion in the Tudor court : literature, history, and Early Modern feeling

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Pirates, traitors, and apostates : renegade identities in early modern English writing

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The Palgrave handbook of early modern literature and science

Howard Marchitello, Evelyn Tribble editors

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The rise of new media 1750-1850 : transatlantic discourse and American memory

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In collaboration with British literary biography : haunting conversations [electronic resource]

Jane McVeigh

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Eighteenth-century women's writing and the 'scandalous memoir'

Caroline Breashears

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Alternate histories and nineteenth-century literature : untimely meditations in Britain, France, and America

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Syphilis in Victorian literature and culture : medicine, knowledge and the spectacle of Victorian invisibility

Monika Pietrzak-Franger

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Animals in Victorian literature and culture : contexts for criticism

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British Empire and the literature of rebellion : revolting bodies, laboring subjects

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Remaking romanticism : the radical politics of the excerpt

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Sensationalism and the Genealogy of Modernity : a global nineteenth- century perspective

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Sound and modernity in the literature of London, 1880-1918 [electronic resource]

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Aesthetics and ideology of D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, and T.S. Eliot

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Poetry and performance during the British poetry revival 1960-1980 : event and effect

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From the Romans to the Normans on the English Renaissance stage

by Lisa Hopkins

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Style, computers, and early modern drama : beyond authorship

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Sherlock Holmes from screen to stage : post-millennial adaptations in British theatre [electronic resource]

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Greece in early English travel writing, 1596-1682 [electronic resource]

Efterpi Mitsi

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Imperial women writers in Victorian India : representing colonial life, 1850-1910

Éadaoin Agnew

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The boy detective in early British children's literature : patrolling the borders between boyhood and manhood

Lucy Andrew

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Heroes and heroism in British fiction since 1800 : case studies

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Fictions of friendship in the eighteenth-century novel

Bryan Mangano

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The Female Philosopher and Her Afterlives : Mary Wollstonecraft, the British Novel, and the Transformations of Feminism, 1796-1811

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Victorian soul-talk : poetry, democracy, and the body politic [electronic resource]

Julia F. Saville

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An underground history of early Victorian fiction : Chartism, radical print culture and the social problem novel

Greg Vargo, New York University

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British working-class writing for children : scholarship boys in the mid-twentieth century

Haru Takiuchi

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Chaucer's neoplatonism : varieties of love, friendship, and community

John M. Hill

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The philosophy of Piers Plowman : the ethics and epistemology of love in late medieval thought

David Strong

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Queering Richard Rolle : Mystical Theology and the Hermit in Fourteenth-Century England

Christopher M. Roman

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John Donne and contemporary poetry : essays and poems

Judith Scherer Herz, editor

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Edmund Spenser and the eighteenth-century book

Hazel Wilkinson

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Shakespeare's Hamlet : philosophical perspectives

edited by Tzachi Zamir

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A midsummer night's dream : an authoritative text, sources, criticism, adaptations

William Shakespeare ; edited by Grace Ioppolo, University of Reading

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The Shakespeare user : critical and creative appropriations in a networked culture

edited by Valerie M. Fazel and Louise Geddes

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Shakespeare survey

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Marlowe and Shakespeare : The Critical Rivalry [electronic resource]

Robert Sawyer

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Poems, plays, and essays,

by Oliver Goldsmith, with introductory essay by Henry T. Tuckerman and memoir by John Aiken. Illustrated by Garrett, Schell, Taylor and other artists

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Jane Austen and performance

Marina Cano

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Women and 'value' in Jane Austen's novels : settling, speculating and superfluity

Lynda A. Hall

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Blake, myth, and enlightenment : the politics of apotheosis

David Fallon

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John Clare : nature, criticism and history

Simon Kövesi

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John Clare's romanticism

Adam White

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Dickens and the virtual city : urban perception and the production of social space

Estelle Murail, Sara Thornton, editors

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Sherlock Holmes in context

Sam Naidu, editor

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Postcolonial George Eliot

Oliver Lovesey

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George Eliot's religious imagination : a theopoetics of evolution

Marilyn Orr

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Food in the novels of Thomas Hardy : production and Consumption

Kim Salmons

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Thomas Hardy and history

Fred Reid

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John Keats : reimagining history

William A. Ulmer

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William Morris's utopianism : propaganda, politics and prefiguration

Owen Holland

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Bernard Shaw's marriages and misalliances

Robert A. Gaines, editor

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Bernard Shaw, W. T. Stead, and the New Journalism : Whitechapel, Parnell, Titanic, and the Great War

Nelson O'Ceallaigh Ritschel

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Crimes and punishments and Bernard Shaw

Bernard F. Dukore

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The amateur emigrant; : The Silverado squatters,

by Robert Louis Stevenson; with a preface by Mrs. Stevenson

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Treasure Island,

by Robert Louis Stevenson; with a preface by Mrs. Stevenson

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Essays of travel and in the art of writing,

by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Familiar studies of men and books

by Robert Louis Stevenson

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An inland voyage,

by Robert Louis Stevenson; with a preface by Mrs. Stevenson

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Memories and portraits

by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Travels with a donkey in the Cevennes

by Robert Louis Stevenson ; with a preface by Mrs. Stevenson

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Complete poems : a child's garden of verses--Underwoods--Ballads

by Robert Louis Stevenson ; With prefaces by Mrs. Stevenson

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The letters of Robert Louis Stevenson,

edited by Sidney Colvin

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The life of Robert Louis Stevenson,

by Graham Balfour

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Tennyson and geology : poetry and poetics

michelle Geric

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Oscar Wilde : his life and confessions

by Frank Harris

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The critical thought of W. B. Yeats

Wit Pietrzak

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Samuel Beckett and BBC Radio : a reassessment

David Addyman, Matthew Feldman, Erik Tonning, editors

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Milestones; : a play in three acts,

by Arnold Bennett and Edward Knoblauch

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Conrad's sensational heroines : gender and representation in the late fiction of Joseph Conrad

Ellen Burton Harrington

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Food in the Novels of Joseph Conrad : Eating As Narrative

Kim Salmons

Call Number: PR6005.O4 Z73 2017

Irish divorce

Joyce's Ulysses

Call Number: PR6019.O9

Rethinking Joyce's Dubliners

Claire A. Culleton, Ellen Scheible, editors

Call Number: PR6019.O9 Z838 2017e

How green was my valley

Richard Llewellyn

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Dracula : an international perspective

Marius-Mircea Crișan, editor

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Tolkien and alterity

Christopher Vaccaro, Yvette Kisor, editors

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Walking Virginia Woolf's London : an investigation in literary geography

Lisbeth Larsson

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The rub of time : Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump : essays and reportage, 1994-2017

Martin Amis

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The aesthetics of Anthony Burgess : fire of words

Jim Clarke

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Veronica Forrest-Thomson : poet on the periphery

Gareth Farmer

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Sex and sensibility in the novels of Alan Hollinghurst

Mark Mathuray, editor

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Ted Hughes : environmentalist and ecopoet

Yvonne Reddick

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Barry MacSweeney and the politics of post-war British poetry : seditious things

Luke Roberts

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I am, I am, I am : seventeen brushes with death

Maggie O'Farrell

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The late Harold Pinter : political dramatist, poet and activist

Basil Chiasson

Call Number: PR6066.I53 Z626193 2017


Will Self

Call Number: PR6069.E3654 P46 2018

Rose Tremain : a critical introduction

Emilie Walezak

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Gnomon : a novel

Nick Harkaway

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Peculiar ground : a novel

Lucy Hughes-Hallett

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Contemporary Irish poetry and the canon : critical limitations and textual liberations

Kenneth Keating

Call Number: PR8491

Irish poets and modern Greece : Heaney, Mahon, Cavafy, Seferis [electronic resource]

Joanna Kruczkowska

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National identities and imperfections in contemporary Irish literature : unbecoming Irishness

Luz Mar González-Arias, editor

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The lost girls of Camp Forevermore

Kim Fu

Call Number: PR9199.4.F8 L67 2018

Animals and desire in South African fiction : biopolitics and the resistance to colonization

Jason D. Price

Call Number: PR9362.2

J.M. Coetzee and the ethics of narrative transgression : a reconsideration of metalepsis

Alexandra Effe

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Popular media in Kenyan history : fiction and newspapers as political actors

George Ogola

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Chinua Achebe and the politics of narration : envisioning language

Thomas Jay Lynn

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The diaspora writes home : subcontinental narratives

Jasbir Jain

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A state of freedom : a novel

Neel Mukherjee

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Claiming space for Australian women's writing [electronic resource]

Devaleena Das, Sanjukta Dasgupta editors

Call Number: PR9604.3

Transgressive humor of American women writers

Sabrina Fuchs Abrams, editor

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The midrashic impulse and the contemporary literary response to trauma

Monica Osborne

Call Number: PS153.J4 O53 2017

Gender and place in Chicana/o literature : critical regionalism and the Mexican American Southwest

Melina V. Vizcaíno-Alemán

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Ghosts of the African diaspora : re-visioning history, memory, and identity

Joanne Chassot

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Celtic myth in contemporary children's fantasy : idealization, identity, ideology

d. Dimitra Fimi

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John Keats and the medical imagination

Nicholas Roe, editor

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Late Cold War literature and culture : the nuclear 1980s

Daniel Cordle

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Queer experimental literature : the affective politics of bad reading [electronic resource]

Tyler Bradway

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The modernist corpse : posthumanism and the posthumous

Erin E. Edwards

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Negative theology and utopian thought in contemporary American poetry : determined negations

Jason Lagapa

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Jane Austen and the Victorian heroine

Cheryl A. Wilson

Call Number: PS374.G55

Where the new world is : literature about the U.S. South at global scales

Martyn Bone

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Consuming gothic : food and horror in film

Lorna Piatti-Farnell

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American horror fiction and class : from Poe to Twilight

David Simmons

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White writers, race matters : fictions of racial liberalism from Stowe to Stockett

Gregory S. Jay

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Gender, pregnancy and power in eighteenth-century literature : the maternal imagination

Jenifer Buckley

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Novels in the time of democratic writing : the American example

Nancy Armstrong and Leonard Tennenhouse

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Lyrical strategies : the poetics of the twentieth-century American novel

Katie Owens-Murphy

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Challenges to the dream : the best of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Writing Awards at Carnegie Mellon University

edited by Jim Daniels

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The life of Mark Twain : the early years, 1835-1871

Gary Scharnhorst

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Emerson's memory loss : originality, communality, and the late style

Christopher Hanlon

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Literature and life; : studies

by W.D. Howells ..

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The sketch book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent

Call Number: PS2066 .A1 1848b

Moby-Dick and Melville's anti-slavery allegory

Brian R. Pellar ; foreword by J. Hillis Miller

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The four million

by O. Henry

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Heart of the West

by O. Henry ..

Call Number: PS2649.P5 H42 1910

Roads of destiny

by O. Henry

Call Number: PS2649.P5 R6 1913

Strictly business; more stories of the four million,

By O. Henry

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Gentle Julia

Booth Tarkington

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Born again : a novel

by Alfred William Lawson

Call Number: PS3523.A95 B6 1904


by Sinclair Lewis

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The valley of the moon

by Jack London

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The lifted cup,

by Jessie B. Rittenhouse

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John Steinbeck : a literary life

Linda Wagner-Martin

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Lad: a dog

by Albert Payson Terhune

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The hermit and the wild woman : and other stories

by Edith Wharton

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Claude before time and space : poems

Claudia Emerson

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Talking Pillow

Angela Ball

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White houses : a novel

Amy Bloom

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Paul Bowles's literary engagement with Morocco : poetic space, liminality, and in-betweenness

Bouchra Benlemlih ; foreword by Allen Hibbard

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Going for a beer : selected short fictions

Robert Coover ; introduction by T. C. Boyle

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The which way tree

Elizabeth Crook

Call Number: PS3553.R545 W55 2018

Ralph Ellison : temporal technologist

Michael Germana

Call Number: PS3555.L625 Z68 2018eb

Extra hidden life, among the days

Brenda Hillman

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The largesse of the sea maiden : stories

by Denis Johnson

Call Number: PS3560.O3745 A6 2018

Cormac McCarthy's philosophy

Ty Hawkins

Call Number: PS3563.C337

Morality in Cormac McCarthy's fiction : souls at hazard

Russell M. Hillier

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Points north : stories

Howard Frank Mosher

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Our lady of the prairie

Thisbe Nissen

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Beautiful days : stories

Joyce Carol Oates

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Wild is the wind

Carl Phillips

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George Saunders : critical essays

Philip Coleman, Steve Gronert Ellerhoff, editors

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Luxury : poems

Philip Schultz

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The winter station : a novel

Jody Shields

Call Number: PS3569.H4836 W56 2018

The maze at Windermer

Gregory Blake Smith

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Codex Orféo : a novel

Michael Charles Tobias

Call Number: PS3570.O28

Brass : a novel

Xhenet Aliu

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Let's not live on Earth

Sarah Blake

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The house of impossible beauties

Joseph Cassara

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Make way for her : and other stories

Katie Cortese

Call Number: PS3603.O78255 A6 2018


David Daniel

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The ghost notebooks : a novel

Ben Dolnick

Call Number: PS3604.O44 G48 2018


Lisa Halliday

Call Number: PS3608.A548363 A37 2018

Dulce : poems

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

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Eternal life : a novel

Dara Horn

Call Number: PS3608.O76 E85 2018

The driest season : a novel

Meghan Kenny

Call Number: PS3611.E6687 D75 2018


Dore Kiesselbach

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The weight of an infinite sky : a novel

Carrie La Seur

Call Number: PS3612.A244 W45 2018

Everything here is beautiful

Mira T. Lee

Call Number: PS3612.E3465 E82 2018

Self-portrait with boy : a novel

Rachel Lyon

Call Number: PS3612.Y566 S45 2018

Heart spring mountain

Robin MacArthur

Call Number: PS3613.A244 H43 2018

Only Child

by Rhiannon Navin

Call Number: PS3614.A932 O55 2018

Fire sermon : a novel

Jamie Quatro

Call Number: PS3617.U38 F57 2018

King Zeno

Nathaniel Rich

Call Number: PS3618.I3334 K56 2018

All blue so late : poems

Laura Swearingen-Steadwell

Call Number: PS3619.W436 A78 2018

Call me Zebra

Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi

Call Number: PS3622.A58543 C35 2018

Red clocks : a novel

Leni Zumas

Call Number: PS3626.U43 R44 2018

Berliner Adressen : soziale Topographie und urbaner Realismus bei Theodor Fontane, Paul Lindau, Max Kretzer und Georg Hermann

Hinrich C. Seeba

Call Number: PT134.C48 S44 2018

German ecocriticism in the Anthropocene

Caroline Schaumann, Heather I. Sullivan, editors

Call Number: PT405

Transnationalism and German-Language Literature in the Twenty-First Century [electronic resource]

by Stuart Taberner

Call Number: PT415

Pictures of travel

by Heinrich Heine ; translated by Charles Godfrey Leland ; with a critical and biographical introd. by Charles Harvey Genung

Call Number: PT2316.R4 L4 1904

Understanding Franz Kafka

Allen Thiher

Call Number: PT2621.A26 Z93165 2018

Black consciousness and South Africa's national literature [electronic resource]

Tom Penfold

Call Number: PT6510

Ibsen's Hedda Gabler : philosophical perspectives

edited by Kristin Gjesdal

Call Number: PT8868 .I27 2018

The way home in the night

Akiko Miyakoshi

Call Number: PZ7.M69957395 Way 2017


Rémi Courgeon ; translated from the French by Claudia Zoe Bedrick

Call Number: PZ7.1.C6774 Fe 2017


Isabelle Simler

Call Number: PZ7.1.S5496 Plu 2017