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Items Acquired in December 2017 for the University Libraries

The handbook of translation and cognition

edited by John W. Schwieter and Aline Ferreira

Call Number: P37

Entrenchment and the psychology of language learning : how we reorganize and adapt linguistic knowledge

edited by Hans-Jörg Schmid, Department of English and American Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen

Call Number: P53.7 .E68 2017eb

Sacred languages of the world : an introduction

Brian P. Bennett

Call Number: P53.76

The handbook of technology and second language teaching and learning

edited by Carol A. Chapelle and Shannon Sauro

Call Number: P53.855

The Routledge companion to imaginary worlds

edited by Mark J. P. Wolf

Call Number: P96.G46 R68 2018

Communications and mobility : the migrant, the mobile phone, and the container box

David Morley

Call Number: P96.T42 M67 2017eb

A companion to the philosophy of language

edited by Bob Hale, Crispin Wright, and Alexander Miller

Call Number: P107

Research methods in language acquisition : principles, procedures, and practices

Maria Blume, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and Barbara C. Lust, Cornell University ; collaborators: Yuchin Chien, Department of Psychology, California State University, Cristina D. Dye, Center for Linguistics and Language Sciences, Newcastle University, Claire A. Foley, Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures, Boston College, Yarden Kedar, Department of Early Childhood Education, Beit Berl College

Call Number: P118.15 .B58 2017eb

The handbook of linguistics

Mark Aronoff, Janie Rees-Miller

Call Number: P121 .H324 2017eb

Quantitative historical linguistics : a corpus framework

Gard B. Jenset and Barbara McGillivray

Call Number: P140 .J46 2017

Word studies in the Renaissance

Gabriele Stein

Call Number: P327.45.E85 S74 2017

A handbook to classical reception in eastern and central Europe

edited by Zara Martirosova Torlone, Dana Lacourse Munteanu, Dorota Dutsch

Call Number: PA3013 .H27 2017eb

Future freedoms : intergenerational justice, democratic theory, and ancient Greek tragedy and comedy

Elizabeth K. Markovits

Call Number: PA3131 .M3415 2018

The Odyssey

Homer ; translated by Emily Wilson

Call Number: PA4025.A5 W56 2018

Imagining the chorus in Augustan poetry

Lauren Curtis, Bard College, New York

Call Number: PA6047 .C87 2017

Plant of a strange vine : oratio corrupta" and the poetics of Senecan tragedy Robert John Sklenář

Call Number: PA6685 .S52 2017

English and its teachers : a history of policy, pedagogy and practice

Simon Gibbons

Call Number: PE68.G5 G53 2017

The linguistic past in twelfth-century Britain

Sara Harris (University of Cambridge)

Call Number: PE525 .H47 2017

Approaches to teaching the history of the English language : pedagogy in practice

edited by Mary Hayes and Allison Burkette

Call Number: PE1075 .A64 2017

Workplace writing : beyond the text

Stephen Bremner

Call Number: PE1404 .B74 2018

Corpus linguistics for vocabulary : a guide for research

Paweł Szudarski

Call Number: PE1449 .S98 2018

Physical pain and justice : Greek tragedy and the Russian novel

Gary Rosenshield

Call Number: PG2980.5 .R67 2017

Writings from the Golden Age of Russian poetry

Konstantin Batyushkov ; presented & translated by Peter France

Call Number: PG3321.B4 A2 2018

Dostoevsky and the riddle of the self

Yuri Corrigan

Call Number: PG3328.Z7 S4536 2017

The essential fictions

Isaac Babel ; edited and translated from the Russian by Val Vinokur ; illustrations by Yefim Ladyzhensky

Call Number: PG3476.B2 A2 2018

Magnetic point : selected poems 1968-2014

Ryszard Krynicki ; translated, edited, and with an introduction by Clare Cavanagh

Call Number: PG7170.R9 A2 2017

The Ruined House : A Novel

Ruby Namdar ; translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin

Call Number: PJ5055.35.A34 B3913 2017

The poetry of Ruan Ji and Xi Kang

translated by Stephen Owen and Wendy Swartz ; volume edited by Xiaofei Tian and Ding Xiang Warner

Call Number: PL2664.J8 A2 2017

Semi-detached : the aesthetics of virtual experience since Dickens

John Plotz

Call Number: PN45 .P566 2018

Artefacts of writing : ideas of the state and communities of letters from Matthew Arnold to Xu Bing

Peter D. McDonald

Call Number: PN51 .M36525 2017

The end of Fortuna and the rise of modernity

edited by Arndt Brendecke and Peter Vogt

Call Number: PN56.F67 E53 2017

Spaces of feeling : affect and awareness in modernist literature

Marta Figlerowicz

Call Number: PN56.M54 .F54 2017

East-West exchange and late modernism : Williams, Moore, Pound

Zhaoming Qian

Call Number: PN56.M54 Q34 2017


Call Number: PN56.U8 K68 2017


Call Number: PN56.5.H35 B46 2017

A companion to critical and cultural theory

edited by Imre Szeman, Sarah Blacker, Justin Sully

Call Number: PN81

Performing exile : foreign bodies

edited by Judith Rudakoff

Call Number: PN495 .P47 2017

Genre theory and historical change : theoretical essays of Ralph Cohen

edited by John L. Rowlett

Call Number: PN511 .C48 2017

Hysterical! : women in American comedy

edited by Linda Mizejewski and Victoria Sturtevant ; foreword by Kathleen Rowe Karlyn

Call Number: PN1590.W64 H97 2017

The death and resurrection show : from shaman to superstar

by Rogan P. Taylor

Call Number: PN1650.S52 T39 1985

Microdramas : crucibles for theater and time

John H. Muse

Call Number: PN1661 .M87 2017

Game of thrones versus history : written in blood

edited by Brian A. Pavlac

Call Number: PN1992.77.G35

A companion to Italian cinema

edited by Frank Burke

Call Number: PN1993.5.I88

A companion to Latin American cinema

edited by Stephen M. Hart, Maria Delgado and Randal Johnson

Call Number: PN1993.5.L3

Migrants in contemporary Spanish film

Clara Guillén Marín

Call Number: PN1993.5.S7 G85 2018


Call Number: PN1993.7 .F67 2012

Cinematic overtures : how to read opening scenes

Annette Insdorf

Call Number: PN1994 .I4645 2017

Monitoring the movies : the fight over film censorship in early twentieth-century urban America

Jennifer Fronc

Call Number: PN1995.62 .F76 2017

A companion to Ancient Greece and Rome on screen

edited by Arthur J. Pomeroy

Call Number: PN1995.9.G74 C66 2017eb

Contemporary cinema and neoliberal ideology

edited by Ewa Mazierska and Lars Kristensen

Call Number: PN1995.9.P42 C66 2018


Call Number: PN1995.9.S4 L66 2017

Real sex films : the new intimacy and risk in cinema

John Tulloch, Belinda Middleweek

Call Number: PN1995.9.S47 T85 2017

The screenwriters taxonomy : a roadmap to collaborative storytelling

Eric R. Williams

Call Number: PN1996 .W535 2018

Alien and philosophy : I infest, therefore I am

edited by Jeffrey Ewing and Kevin S. Decker

Call Number: PN1997

Great adaptations : screenwriting and global storytelling

Alexis Krasilovsky

Call Number: PN1997.85 .K84 2018

Michael Curtiz : a life in film

Alan K. Rode

Call Number: PN1998.3.C87 R65 2017

Boats on the Marne : Jean Renoir's critique of modernity

Prakash Younger

Call Number: PN1998.3.R46 Y68 2017

A companion to Steven Spielberg

edited by Nigel Morris

Call Number: PN1998.3.S65

Adapturgy : the dramaturg's art and theatrical adaptation

Jane Barnette

Call Number: PN2053 .B312 2018

Staged reading magic : a play producer's quick guide for turning a free staged reading into a hot theater ticket

Carole Schweid

Call Number: PN2053 .S39 2017

Acting : the basics

Bella Merlin

Call Number: PN2061 .M395 2018


Call Number: PN2071.I5 W37 2017

Ellen Stewart presents : fifty years of La Mama experimental theatre

Cindy Rosenthal

Call Number: PN2277.N52 L36 2017

Anne Bancroft : the life and work

Peter Shelley

Call Number: PN2287.B164 S54 2017

The Eddie Cantor story : a Jewish life in performance and politics

David Weinstein

Call Number: PN2287.C26 W46 2018

Memory, transitional justice, and theatre in postdictatorship Argentina

Noe Montez

Call Number: PN2451 .M59 2018

Developing children's speech, language and communication through stories and drama

Jodi Lea-Trowman

Call Number: PN3171 .L35 2018

Willing's press guide

Call Number: PN4889 .W5

Call me Waldo : a transcendental romance

by Rob Ackerman

Call Number: PN6120.A52 A24c 2012

A memory of two Mondays; : play in one act

Call Number: PN6120.A52 M553m 1956

The last Sunday in June

by Jonathan Tolins

Call Number: PN6120.A52 T644l 2004

Veiled superheroes : Islam, feminism, and popular culture

Sophia Rose Arjana

Call Number: PN6712 .A75 2017

Wonder Woman and philosophy : the Amazonian mystique

edited by Jacob M. Held

Call Number: PN6728.W663

Mangasia : the definitive guide to Asian comics

Paul Gravett ; foreword by Park Chan-wook

Call Number: PN6790.A78 G73 2017

Compassion's edge : fellow-feeling and its limits in early modern France

Katherine Ibbett

Call Number: PQ239 .I23 2018

French écocritique : reading contemporary French theory and fiction ecologically

Stephanie Posthumus

Call Number: PQ307.E26 P67 2017

La petite Fadette

George Sand ; translated with an introduction by Gretchen van Slyke

Call Number: PQ2411.P4 E5 2017

The kites

Romain Gary ; translated from the French and with an afterword by Miranda Richmond Mouillot

Call Number: PQ2613.A58 C413 2017

Journal of a homecoming = : Cahier d'un retour au pays natal

Aimé Césaire ; translated by N. Gregson Davis ; introduction, commentary, and notes by F. Abiola Irele

Call Number: PQ3949.C44 C3413 2017

What Is Africa to me? : fragments of a true-to-life autobiography

Maryse Condé ; translated by Richard Philcox

Call Number: PQ3949.2.C65 Z4613 2017

Class warrior -- Taoist style

Abdelkebir Khatibi ; translated by Matt Reeck

Call Number: PQ3989.2.K4 A2 2017

The Iliac crest

Cristina Rivera Garza ; translated from the Spanish by Sarah Booker ; afterword by Elena Poniatowska

Call Number: PQ7298.28.I8982 C7413 2017

The kingdom of this world

Alejo Carpentier ; translated from the Spanish by Pablo Medina

Call Number: PQ7389.C263 R413 2017

Venture of the infinite man

Pablo Neruda ; translated by Jessica Powell ; with an introduction by Mark Eisner

Call Number: PQ8097.N4 T413 2017

International perspectives on the teaching of literature in schools : global principles and practices

edited by Andrew Goodwyn, Cal Durrant, Louann Reid and Lisa Scherff

Call Number: PR33 .I67 2018

Political appetites : food in medieval English romance

Aaron Hostetter

Call Number: PR149.F66 H67 2017

The Oxford English literary history. Volume 1, 1000-1350, conquest and transformation

Laura Ashe

Call Number: PR255

The Oxford English literary history. Volume V, 1645-1714, companion volume

Margaret J.M. Ezell

Call Number: PR401

The politics of female alliance in early modern England

edited and with an introduction by Christina Luckyj and Niamh J. O'Leary

Call Number: PR428.W63 P65 2017

The Oxford English literary history. Volume 5, 1645-1714, the later seventeenth century

Margaret J.M. Ezell

Call Number: PR431 .E94 2017

Victorian ecocriticism : the politics of place and early environmental justice

edited by Dewey W. Hall

Call Number: PR468.N3 V53 2017

The modernist art of queer survival

Benjamin Bateman

Call Number: PR478.M6

The Victorian verse-novel : aspiring to life

Stefanie Markovits

Call Number: PR591 .M37 2017

A new companion to Renaissance drama

edited by Arthur F. Kinney, Thomas Warren Hopper

Call Number: PR651

Dramatic geography : romance, intertheatricality, and cultural encounter in early modern Mediterranean drama

Laurence Publicover

Call Number: PR658.G46


Call Number: PR801 .G34 2017

Reading the eighteenth-century novel

David H. Richter

Call Number: PR851

Everyday words and the character of prose in nineteenth-century Britain

Jonathan Farina

Call Number: PR868.L35 F37 2017

Unperfect histories : The mirror for magistrates, 1559-1610

Harriet Archer

Call Number: PR2199

The taming of the shrew

edited by Ann Thompson

Call Number: PR2832.A2 T47 2017

Greek tragic women on Shakespearean stages

Tanya Pollard

Call Number: PR2976

Canonising Shakespeare : stationers and the book trade, 1640-1740

edited by Emma Depledge and Peter Kirwan

Call Number: PR3071 .C36 2017

Shakespeare's workplace : essays on Shakespearean theatre

Andrew Gurr (University of Reading, Emeritus)

Call Number: PR3095 .G87 2017

Dickens studies annual

Call Number: PR4579 .D49

Gerard Manley Hopkins and the poetry of religious experience

Martin Dubois (Newcastle University)

Call Number: PR4803.H44 Z6243 2017

Mary Shelley and the rights of the child : political philosophy in Frankenstein

Eileen Hunt Botting

Call Number: PR5397.F73 B676 2018

Oscar Wilde and classical antiquity

edited by Kathleen Riley, Alastair J.L. Blanshard, and Iarla Manny

Call Number: PR5824

The poems of Dylan Thomas

edited and annotated by John Goodby

Call Number: PR6039.H52 A6 2017

The lay of Aotrou and Itroun : together with the Corrigan poems

by J.R.R. Tolkien ; edited by Verlyn Flieger ; with a note on the text by Christopher Tolkien

Call Number: PR6039.O32 L39 2017

Woolf's ambiguities : tonal modernism, narrative strategy, feminist precursors

Molly Hite

Call Number: PR6045.O72 Z6975 2017

Mrs. Osmond

John Banville

Call Number: PR6052.A57 M78 2017

The Ferryman

Jez Butterworth

Call Number: PR6052.U894 F47 2017

Sometimes we're all living in a foreign country

Rebecca Morgan Frank

Call Number: PR6106.R4528 A6 2017


Call Number: PR6118.A3336 I67 2017

The Cambridge companion to Irish poets

edited by Gerald Dawe, Trinity College, Dublin

Call Number: PR8761 .C36 2017

Imagined homelands : British poetry in the colonies

Jason R. Rudy

Call Number: PR9082 .R83 2017

African literature and social change : tribe, nation, race

Olakunle George

Call Number: PR9340.5 .G44 2017

Forms of dictatorship : power, narrative, and authoritarianism in the Latinao novel

Jennifer Harford Vargas

Call Number: PS153.H56 H37 2017eb

Race and upward mobility : seeking, gatekeeping, and other class strategies in postwar America

Elda María Román

Call Number: PS153.M56 R66 2018

Empire of ruin : black classicism and American imperial culture

John Levi Barnard

Call Number: PS153.N5 B294 2018

Literary celebrity and public life in the nineteenth-century United States

Bonnie Carr O'Neill

Call Number: PS201 .O54 2017

Race, transnationalism, and nineteenth-century American literary studies

Robert S. Levine

Call Number: PS217.R28 L48 2018

The word on the streets : the American language of vernacular modernism

Brooks E. Hefner

Call Number: PS228.M63 H42 2017

Building natures : modern American poetry, landscape architecture, and city planning

Julia E. Daniel

Call Number: PS310.C58 D36 2017

Red modernism : American poetry and the spirit of communism

Mark Steven

Call Number: PS310.M57 .S745 2017

Thick and dazzling darkness : religious poetry in a secular age

Peter O'Leary

Call Number: PS310.R4 O44 2018

The poetry of the Americas : from good neighbors to countercultures

Harris Feinsod

Call Number: PS323.5 .F45 2017

The fate of difficulty in the poetry of our time

edited by Charles Altieri and Nicholas D. Nace

Call Number: PS326 .F38 2018

The Cambridge companion to American gothic

edited by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Central Michigan University

Call Number: PS374.G68 C36 2017

Why horror seduces

Mathias Clasen

Call Number: PS374.H67 C53 2017

Racial worldmaking : the power of popular fiction

Mark C. Jerng

Call Number: PS374.R34 J46 2018

The illiberal imagination : class and the rise of the U.S. novel

Joe Shapiro

Call Number: PS374.S68 S53 2017

Emerson and the history of rhetoric

Roger Thompson

Call Number: PS1638 .T53 2017

Melville among the philosophers

edited by Corey McCall and Tom Nurmi

Call Number: PS2387 .M375 2017

Ferlinghetti's greatest poems

Lawrence Ferlinghetti ; edited by Nancy J. Peters

Call Number: PS3511.E557 A6 2017

The life of Robert Frost

Henry Hart

Call Number: PS3511.R94 Z7426 2017eb

Collected poems

Galway Kinnell ; introduction by Edward Hirsch

Call Number: PS3521.I582 A6 2017

Understanding Norman Mailer

Maggie McKinley

Call Number: PS3525.A4152 Z7655 2017

The bughouse : the poetry, politics, and madness of Ezra Pound

Daniel Swift

Call Number: PS3531.O82 Z853 2017

A political companion to James Baldwin

edited by Susan J. McWilliams

Call Number: PS3552.A45 Z849 2017

The story of Arthur Truluv : a novel

Elizabeth Berg

Call Number: PS3552.E6996 S76 2017

Storm for the living and the dead : uncollected and unpublished poems

Charles Bukowski ; edited by Abel Debritto

Call Number: PS3552.U4 A6 2017

Farm Hall and the German atomic project of World War II : a dramatic history [electronic resource]

David C. Cassidy

Call Number: PS3553.A87

Philip K. Dick's electric dreams

Philip K. Dick

Call Number: PS3554.I3 A6 2017

Mickey Rourke and the bluebird of happiness : a poet's notebooks

W. S. Di Piero

Call Number: PS3554.I65 Z46 2017

Nashville burning : a novel

Gerald Duff

Call Number: PS3554.U3177 N37 2017

The wine lover's daughter : a memoir

Anne Fadiman

Call Number: PS3556.A314 Z46 2017

The revolution of Marina M.

Janet Fitch

Call Number: PS3556.I8155 R48 2017

Fefu and her friends

Maria Irene Fornes

Call Number: PS3556.O7344 F43 2017

Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace murders

by Jeffrey Hatcher, based on the novel by Larry Millett

Call Number: PS3558.A7349 S54 2017

No time to spare : thinking about what matters

Ursula K. Le Guin ; introduction by Karen Joy Fowler

Call Number: PS3562.E42 .A6 2017

Walker Percy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the search for influence

Jessica Hooten Wilson

Call Number: PS3566.E6912 Z976 2017

Season of the second thought

Lynn Powell

Call Number: PS3566.O83255 S43 2017

Understanding Marilynne Robinson

Alex Engebretson

Call Number: PS3568.O3125 Z75 2017


Call Number: PS3569.I4712 S55 2017

It can't happen here

by Sinclair Lewis ; adapted by Tony Taccone and Bennet S. Cohen

Call Number: PS3570.A236 I8 2017


Jasmine V. Bailey

Call Number: PS3602.A5437 A6 2017

The savage

Frank Bill

Call Number: PS3602.I436 A6 2017

Miss Bennet : Christmas at Pemberley

by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon

Call Number: PS3607.U5473 M57 2017

Invocation to daughters

Barbara Jane Reyes

Call Number: PS3618.E938 A6 2017

Georg Forster : deutsche ,Antheilnahme' an der europäischen Expansion über die Welt

Helmut Peitsch

Call Number: PT1865.F15 P454 2017

Campo Santo

W.G. Sebald ; translated by Anthea Bell

Call Number: PT2681.E18 C36 2005

On a magical do-nothing day

Beatrice Alemagna ; translation by Jill Davis

Call Number: PZ7.A3744 On 2017

King of the sky

Nicola Davies ; illustrated by Laura Carlin

Call Number: PZ7.D2842 Ki 2017

The giving tree

by Shel Silverstein

Call Number: PZ7.S588 .S55 2005