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Items Acquired in December 2017 for the University Libraries

Competition, Innovation, and Growth in Japan

edited by Yuji Honjo

Call Number: HB126.J2

The gamification of work : the uses of games in the workplace

Emmanuelle Savignac

Call Number: HB144 .S28 2016eb

Aspirational revolution : the purpose-driven economy [electronic resource]

Michael Taillard

Call Number: HB171.5

Money and finance after the crisis : critical thinking for uncertain times

[edited by] Brett Christophers, Andrew Leyshon, Geoff Mann

Call Number: HB3717 2008

Innovation engines : entrepreneurs and enterprises in a turbulent world

edited by Dimitri Uzunidis, Pierre Saulais

Call Number: HB615

Building 21st century entrepreneurship

Aude d'Andria, Inés Gabarret

Call Number: HB615

Trailblazing in entrepreneurship : creating new paths for understanding the field

by Dean A. Shepherd, Holger Patzelt

Call Number: HB615 .S54 2017

The Wiley handbook of entrepreneurship

edited by Gorkan Ahmetoglu, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Bailey Klinger, Tessa Karcisky

Call Number: HB615 .W538 2017

Measuring multidimensional poverty and deprivation : incidence and determinants in developed countries

Rober White, editor

Call Number: HB71

Economics without laws : towards a new philosophy of economics [electronic resource]

Łukasz Hardt

Call Number: HB72

Applied approaches to societal institutions and economics : essays in honor of Moriki Hosoe

Tohru Naito, Woohyung Lee, Yasunori Ouchida, editors

Call Number: HB74.5

Economics for the Common Good

Jean Tirole ; translated by Steven Rendall

Call Number: HB74.P65 T576 2017

Business Dynamics in North America : Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Trade Patterns

by Rajagopal, Vladimir Zlatev

Call Number: HC103

The rise of big government : how egalitarianism conquered America

Sven R. Larson

Call Number: HC106.84 .L37 2018

Coping with adversity : regional economic resilience and public policy

Harold Wolman, Howard Wial, Travis St. Clair, and Edward Hill

Call Number: HC110.D5 W65 2017

The economics of inequality, discrimination, poverty, and mobility

Robert S. Rycroft

Call Number: HC110.I5 R895 2018

The new poverty

Stephen Armstrong

Call Number: HC260.P6 A76 2017

Baidu SEO : challenges and intricacies of marketing in China

Véronique Duong

Call Number: HC426.5.M327

China's lessons for India. Volume I, The political economy of development

Sangaralingam Ramesh

Call Number: HC427.92

China's market communism : challenges, dilemmas, solutions

Steven Rosefielde and Jonathan Leightner

Call Number: HC427.92 .R67 2018

Economic analysis and forecast of China (2015) [electronic resource]

Yang Li, Ping Li, Xuesong Li, Ping Zhang, editors

Call Number: HC427.95

China's economic reform : experience and implications

Yu Zhang

Call Number: HC427.95 Z43547 2018

Making money : how Taiwanese industrialists embraced the global economy

Gary G. Hamilton and Cheng-shu Kao

Call Number: HC430.5 .H35 2017

A new perspective on agglomeration economies in Japan : an application of productivity analysis

by Akihiro Otsuka

Call Number: HC465.D5

Trade and the Labor Market [electronic resource]

Call Number: HC465.I53

The rise and fall of Korea's economic development : lessons for developing and developed economies [electronic resource]

Sung-Hee Jwa

Call Number: HC467.965

The economic indicator handbook : how to evaluate economic trends to maximize profits and minimize losses

Richard Yamarone

Call Number: HC59.3 .Y36 2017eb

The BRICS and collective financial statecraft

Cynthia Roberts, Leslie Elliott Armijo and Saori N. Katada

Call Number: HC59.7

Understanding the policymaking process in developing countries

William Ascher

Call Number: HC59.7 .A83553 2017

Imperial theory and colonial pragmatism : Charles Harper, economic development and agricultural co-operation in Australia [electronic resource]

David J. Gilchrist

Call Number: HC604

Environmental economics and sustainability

edited by Brian Chi-ang Lin and Siqi Zheng

Call Number: HC79.E5

Future challenges in evaluating and managing sustainable development in the built environment

edited by Peter S. Brandon, Patrizia Lombardi, Geoffrey Q. Shen

Call Number: HC79.E5

The behavioral economics of climate change : adaptation behaviors, global public goods, breakthrough technologies, and policy-making

S. Niggol Seo

Call Number: HC79.E5 S46 2017

Analysing inequalities in Germany : a structured additive distributional regression approach

Alexander Silbersdorff

Call Number: HC79.I5

Inequality : a short history

Michele Alacevich and Anna Soci

Call Number: HC79.I5 .A36 2018

Food leadership : leadership and adult learning for global food systems transformation

edited by Catherine Etmanski

Call Number: HD1491.A3 F66 2017

The reality for agricultural economics within the European Union : stressing the efficiency indicators across the representative farms

Vítor João Pereira Domingues Martinho

Call Number: HD1917

Location strategies and value creation of international mergers and acquisitions

Ludivine Chalençon

Call Number: HD2746.5

The big book of dashboards : visualizing your data using real-world business scenarios

Steve Wexler, Jeffrey Shaffer, Andy Cotgreave

Call Number: HD30.213 .W43 2017eb

Sustainable Supply Chains : a Research-Based Textbook on Operations and Strategy

edited by Yann Bouchery, Charles J. Corbett, Jan C. Fransoo, Tarkan Tan

Call Number: HD30.23

Social sustainability for business

Jerry A. Carbo, Viet T. Dao, Steven J. Haase, M. Blake Hargrove and Ian M. Langella

Call Number: HD30.255 .C357 2018

Futureproof : How to get your business ready for the next disruption

Minter Dial and Caleb Storkey

Call Number: HD30.28 .D53 2017

Writing a business plan : a practical guide

Ignatius Ekanem

Call Number: HD30.28 .E383 2017

Headwinds of opportunity : a compass for sustainable innovation

Tim Lindsey

Call Number: HD30.28 .L5447 2018

The agency of organizing : perspectives and case studies

edited by Boris H. J. M. Brummans

Call Number: HD30.3 .A385 2018

Redefining success : integrating sustainability into management education

edited by Patricia M. Flynn, Tay Keong Tan and Milenko Gudić

Call Number: HD30.4 .R454 2018

Reframing organizations : artistry, choice and leadership

Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal

Call Number: HD31

Exploring Morgan's metaphors : theory, research, and practice in organizational studies

editores, Anders Örtenblad, Nord University, Norway, Kiran Trehan, University of Birmingham Business School, UK, Linda L. Putnam, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Call Number: HD31.M6282 A67 2017

Modeling and simulation of logistics flows. 1, Theory and fundamentals

Jean-Michel Réveillac

Call Number: HD38.5

Modeling and simulation of logistics flows. 2, Dashboards, traffic planning and management

Jean-Michel Réveillac

Call Number: HD38.5

Modeling and simulation of logistics flows. 3, Discrete and continuous flows in 2D/3D

Jean-Michel Réveillac

Call Number: HD38.5

International specialization dynamics

Didier Lebert, Hafida El Younsi

Call Number: HD38.5

Supply chain management and business performance : the VASC model

Christelle Camman, Claude Fiore, Laurent Livolsi, Pascal Querro

Call Number: HD38.5

Contemporary Logistics in China : Reformation and Perpetuation

edited by Zhi-lun Jiao, Shao-ju Lee, Ling Wang, Bing-lian Liu

Call Number: HD38.5 .C66 2017

Green supply chain management : a concise introduction

Joseph Sarkis and Yijie Dou

Call Number: HD38.5 .S275 2018

Analytics : the agile way

Phil Simon

Call Number: HD38.7

The living supply chain : the evolving imperative of operating in real time

Robert Handfield, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA, Tom Linton, FLEX, Milpitas, CA, USA

Call Number: HD39.5

Comparative perspectives on work-life balance and gender equality : fathers on leave alone

Margaret O'Brien, Karin Wall, editors

Call Number: HD4904.25

Leading professionals : power, politics, and prima donnas

Laura Empson

Call Number: HD57.7 .E47 2017

Still moving : how to lead mindful change

Deborah Rowland

Call Number: HD58.8

Rapid organizational change

Steven Bleistein

Call Number: HD58.8

The innovative company : an ill-defined object

Danièle Chauvel, Stefano Borzillo

Call Number: HD58.8

Reform as routine : organizational change and stability in the modern world

Nils Brunsson

Call Number: HD58.8 .B78 2009eb

The digital helix : transforming your organization's DNA to thrive in the digital age

Michael Gale & Chris Aarons

Call Number: HD58.8 .G354 2017

Human Agency at Work : An Active Approach Towards Expertise Development

Call Number: HD58.82

Information technology and organizational learning : managing behavioral change in the digital age

Arthur M. Langer

Call Number: HD58.82 .L33 2018

My 10 strategies for integrative coaching : co-constructing the journey from freedom to responsibility

Vincent Lenhardt ; translated by Guy Bullen

Call Number: HD58.82 .L46 2017eb

International labor mobility to and from Taiwan

Yumiko Nakahara

Call Number: HD5832.A6

Managing corporate responsibility in the real world : lessons from the frontline of CSR

Jouko Kuisma

Call Number: HD60 .K85 2017eb

Social enterprise and impact investment beyond the benefit corporation : trust, public benefit and capital markets

Dana Brakman Reiser and Steven A. Dean

Call Number: HD60 .R4675 2017eb

Enterprise risk and opportunity management : concepts and step-by-step examples for pioneering scientific and technical organizations

Allan S. Benjamin

Call Number: HD61

Stochastic risk analysis and management

Boris Harlamov

Call Number: HD61

The money formula : dodgy finance, pseudo science, and how mathematicians took over the markets

Paul Wilmott, David Orrell

Call Number: HD61

Implementing enterprise risk management : from methods to applications

James Lam

Call Number: HD61

Understanding systemic risk in global financial markets

Aron Gottesman and Michael Leibrock

Call Number: HD61

Family business and technological innovation : empirical insights from the Italian pharmaceutical industry

Alessandra Perri, Enzo Peruffo

Call Number: HD62.25

Family entrepreneurship in emerging markets

Neri Karra

Call Number: HD62.25 .K37 2018


Call Number: HD62.37 .M38 2017

Global business : competitiveness and sustainability

Riad A. Ajami and G. Jason Goddard

Call Number: HD62.4 .A43 2018

Graduate work : skills, credentials, careers, and labour markets

Gerbrand Tholen

Call Number: HD6278.G7

Managing networks in project-based organisations

Stephen Pryke

Call Number: HD69.P75

Asymmetric alliances and information systems : issues and prospects [electronic resource]

Karim Saïd, Fadia Bahri Korbi

Call Number: HD69.S8

Professional networks in transnational governance

edited by Leonard Seabrooke (Copenhagen Business School), Lasse Folke Henriksen (Copenhagen Business School)

Call Number: HD69.S8 .P755 2017

The evolution of tiger management : Korean companies in global competition

Martin Hemmert

Call Number: HD70.K6 H46 2018

Successful defined contribution investment design : how to align target-date, core, and income strategies to the PRICE of retirement

Stacy L. Schaus, with Ying Gao

Call Number: HD7105.4

Decentralization and Development of Sri Lanka Within a Unitary State

edited by N.S. Cooray, Sirimal Abeyratne

Call Number: HD72-88

Japan's Lost Decade : Lessons for Asian Economies

edited by Naoyuki Yoshino, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary

Call Number: HD72-88

Occupational health disparities : improving the well-being of ethnic and racial minority workers

edited by Frederick T.L. Leong, Donald E. Eggerth, Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang, Michael A. Flynn, J. Kevin Ford, and Rubén O. Martinez

Call Number: HD7261 .O335 2017

Towards a common future : understanding growth, sustainability in the Asia-Pacific Region

Arindam Banik, Munim Kumar Barai, Yasushi Suzuki, editors

Call Number: HD75.6

Going past limits to growth : a report to the Club of Rome EU-Chapter

Patrick Corsi

Call Number: HD82

Neuroliberalism : behavioural government in the twenty-first century

Mark Whitehead, [and four others]

Call Number: HD87 .W478 2018

Knowledge-driven developments in the bioeconomy : technological and economic perspectives

Stephan Dabbert, Iris Lewandowski, Jochen Weiss, Andreas Pyka, editors

Call Number: HD9000.5

Accelerating new food product design and development

edited by Jacqueline H. Beckley, the Understanding & Insight Group, Denville, NJ, Leslie J. Herzog, the Understanding & Insight Group, Denville, NJ., M. Michele Foley, Nestlé, Fremont, MI

Call Number: HD9005 .A62 2017

Better eating, from start to finish; : the story of the Hobart Manufacturing Company

Call Number: HD9009.H65 M4

Innovative technologies in beverage processing

edited by Ingrid Aguiló-Aguayo, Lucia Plaza

Call Number: HD9348.A2

Sustainable development in energy systems [electronic resource]

Brian Azzopardi, editor

Call Number: HD9502.A2

The final frontier : E&P's low-cost operating model

Justin Pettit

Call Number: HD9502.A2

Mining in the Asia-Pacific : risks, challenges and opportunitie [electronic resource]

edited by Terry O'Callaghan, Geordan Graetz

Call Number: HD9506.P33 M56 2017

Dayton Malleable Inc. : a story of progress

John F. Torley

Call Number: HD9529.D53 T67

The evolution of an international oil corporatio : Marathon Oil Company

Call Number: HD9569.M3 D6

Modernisation, mechanisation and industrialisation of concrete structures

edited by Kim S. Elliott, Zuhairi Abd. Hamid

Call Number: HD9622.A2 M63 2017eb

Dayton Reliable Tool & Manufacturing Company

Ermal C. Fraze

Call Number: HD9703.D38 F7 1987

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, "a people company

[by] Robert H. Meyer

Call Number: HD9800.7.U62 M48

In quiet ways;

George H. Mead, the man and the company

Call Number: HD9829.M4 I6

Humane enterprise; : an account of the Mead Corporation, 1846-1963

Call Number: HD9829.M4 W5

Current and emerging issues in the audiovisual industry

Mercedes Medina, Mónica Herrero, Alicia Urgellés

Call Number: HD9999.C9472

The traffic systems of Pompeii

Eric E. Poehler

Call Number: HE347 .P64 2017

Dynamic shipping and port development in the globalized economy. Volume 1, Applying theory to practice in maritime logistics

edited by Paul Tae-Woo Lee, Kevin Cullinane

Call Number: HE571 .D93 2016 v.1

Telecommunications industry in India : state, business and labour in a global economy

Dilip Subramanian

Call Number: HE8374 .S83 2018