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Items Acquired in August 2017 for the University Libraries

Advances in mathematical economics. Volume 21

Call Number: HB135

Mathematical-statistical models and qualitative theories for economic and social sciences

Šárka Hošková-Mayerová, Fabrizio Maturo, Janusz Kacprzyk, editors

Call Number: HB135 .M38 2017eb

The guidance of an enterprise economy

Martin Shubik and Eric Smith

Call Number: HB135 .S488 2016eb

Equilibrium models in economics : purposes and critical limitations

Lawrence A. Boland, FRSC

Call Number: HB145 .B65 2017

The economics of the global environment : catastrophic risks in theory and policy

Graciela Chichilnisky, Armon Rezai, editors

Call Number: HB171

Complexity and evolution : toward a new synthesis for economics

edited by David S. Wilson and Alan Kirman

Call Number: HB171 .C7714 2016eb

Tectonic shifts in financial markets : people, policies, and institutions

Henry Kaufman

Call Number: HB172.5

Advances in applied economic research : : Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Applied Economics (ICOAE)

Nicholas Tsounis, Aspasia Vlachvei, editors

Call Number: HB21

The European Union and the Eurozone under stress : challenges and solutions for repairing fault lines in the European project

John Theodore, Jonathan Theodore, Dimitrios Syrrakos

Call Number: HB3782 .T44 2017eb

Entrepreneurship education at universities : learning from twenty European cases

Christine K. Volkmann, David B. Audretsch, editor

Call Number: HB615

Entrepreneurship education : experiments with curriculum, pedagogy and target groups

Mathew J. Manimala, Princy Thomas

Call Number: HB615

Just financial markets? : finance in a just society [electronic resource]

Call Number: HB72

Was Ludwig von Mises a Conventionalist? : A New Analysis of the Epistemology of the Austrian School of Economics [electronic resource]

Call Number: HB98

Stories of progressive institutional change : challenges to the neoliberal economy

Deborah M. Figart

Call Number: HB99.5

S&P Capital IQ industry surveys

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

Economic injustice and the rhetoric of the American dream

Luke Winslow

Call Number: HC106.84 .W56 2017

Reclaiming the atmospheric commons : the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and a new model of emissions trading

Leigh Raymond

Call Number: HC110.P55

Places in need : the changing geography of poverty

Scott W. Allard

Call Number: HC110.P6 A675 2017

Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Latin America [electronic resource]

Call Number: HC125

After neoliberalism? : the left and economic reforms in Latin America [electronic resource]

Gustavo A. Flores-Macías

Call Number: HC125

Jenkins of Mexico : how a Southern farm boy became a Mexican magnate

Andrew Paxman

Call Number: HC132.5.J57 P38 2017eb

The Caribbean : the genesis of a fragmented nationalism [electronic resource]

Franklin W. Knight

Call Number: HC155

Post-Keynesian essays from down under. Volume II, Essays on policy and applied economics : : theory and policy in an historical context

[edited by] Joseph Halevi, G.C. Harcourt, Peter Kriesler and J.W. Nevile

Call Number: HC21 .P667 2015 vol. 2

Tangled governance : international regime complexity, the troika, and the euro crisis [electronic resource]

C. Randall Henning

Call Number: HC240

Rulers, religion, and riches : why the West got rich and the Middle East did not

Jared Rubin, Chapman University

Call Number: HC240 .R78 2017

Brexit time : leaving the EU--why, how and when?

Kenneth A. Armstrong, University of Cambridge

Call Number: HC240.25.G7 A76 2017

A century of fiscal squeeze politics : 100 years of austerity, politics, and bureaucracy in Britain

Christopher Hood and Rozana Himaz

Call Number: HC256 .H66 2017

The Scottish economy : a living book

edited by Kenneth Gibb, Duncan Maclennan, Des McNulty and Michael Comerford

Call Number: HC257.S4 S36 2018

Getting rich in late antique Egypt

Ryan E. McConnell

Call Number: HC33 .M35 2017

The Balkan economies c. 1800-1914 : evolution without development [electronic resource]

Michael Palairet

Call Number: HC401

China's national balance sheet : theories, methods and risk sssessment

Yang Li, Zhang, Xiaojing Zhang

Call Number: HC430.I5

Law and the economy in colonial India

Tirthankar Roy and Anand V. Swamy

Call Number: HC435 .R68 2016eb

Millennium development goals : ideas, interests and influence

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr

Call Number: HC59.7 .F78 2017

Multipolar globalization : emerging economies and development

Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Call Number: HC59.7 .N3345 2018

Catalyzing development through ICT adoption : the developing world experience

Harleen Kaur, Ewa Lechman, Adam, Marszk, editors

Call Number: HC59.72.I55

Natural resources available today and in the future : how to perform change management for achieving a sustainable world

Erik Dahlquist, Stefan Hellstrand, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Energy, resources and welfare : exploration of social frameworks for sustainable development

Bent Sørensen

Call Number: HC79.E5

Environmentalism of the rich

Peter Dauvergne

Call Number: HC79.E5 D3463 2016eb

ICT investment for energy use in the industrial sectors

Nabaz T. Khayyat

Call Number: HC79.I55

Computational intelligence applications in business and big data analytics

edited by Vijayan Sugumaran, Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Arunkumar Thangavelu

Call Number: HC79.I55 S932 2017

Technology and inequality : concentrated wealth in a digital world

Jonathan P. Allen

Call Number: HC79.T4

The Political Economy of Innovation Development : Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Economic Theory

Iurii Bazhal

Call Number: HC79.T4

Innovation equity : assessing and managing the monetary value of new products and services

Elie Ofek, Eitan Muller, and Barak Libai

Call Number: HC79.T4 O34 2016eb

African successes. Volume I, Government and institutions

edited by Sebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil

Call Number: HC800

African successes. Volume III, Modernization and development

Sebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil

Call Number: HC800

African successes. Volume IV, Sustainable growth

Sebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil

Call Number: HC800

Justice and Natural Resources : An Egalitarian Theory [electronic resource]

Chris Armstrong

Call Number: HC85

The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions [electronic resource]

Call Number: HC85

Real-Estate Derivatives : From Econometrics to Financial Engineering [electronic resource]

Radu S. Tunaru

Call Number: HD1382.5

Rental-property profits : a financial tool kit for landlords

Michael C. Thomsett

Call Number: HD1382.5

They leave their kidneys in the fields : illness, injury, and illegality among U.S. farmworkers

Sarah Bronwen Horton

Call Number: HD1527.C2 H67 2016

Fascist pigs : technoscientific organisms and the history of fascism

Tiago Saraiva

Call Number: HD1531.5 .S27 2016eb

International water scarcity and variability : managing resource use across political boundaries

Shlomi Dinar and Ariel Dinar

Call Number: HD1691 .D5625 2017

Water, security and U.S. foreign policy

edited by David Reed

Call Number: HD1691 .W3642 2017

Development of water resources in India

Vikas Garg, Vijay P. Singh, Vijay Raj, editors

Call Number: HD1698.I4

Rivers divided : Indus basin waters in the making of India and Pakistan

Daniel Haines

Call Number: HD1698.I4 H25 2016

Agrarian crossings : reformers and the remaking of the US and Mexican countryside

Tore C. Olsson

Call Number: HD207 .O47 2017

The remote worker's survival guide : get beyond the challenges to reap benefits

Esther Schindler

Call Number: HD2336.3

Crisis and turnaround in German medium-sized enterprises : an integrated empirical study

Thomas Wittig ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Andreas Hack

Call Number: HD2346.G3

The firm divided : manager-shareholder conflict and the fight for control of the modern corporation

Graeme Guthrie

Call Number: HD2741

Puppet 4.10 beginner's guide : go from newbie to pro with Puppet 4.10

John Arundel

Call Number: HD30.2

Breaking data science open : how open data science is eating the world

Michele Chambers, Christine Doig, and Ian Stokes-Rees

Call Number: HD30.2

Puppet : mastering infrastructure automation : gain key skills to manage your IT infrastructure and succeed with everyday IT automation : a course in three modules

Call Number: HD30.2

The science of managing our digital stuff

Ofer Bergman and Steve Whittaker

Call Number: HD30.2 .B4647 2016

QlikView for developers : design and build scalable and maintainable AlikView solutions

Miguel Ángel García, Barry Harmsen

Call Number: HD30.213

Solving complex decision problems : a heuristic process

Rudolf Grünig, Richard Kühn ; translated from German by Anthony Clark, Claire O'Dea and Maude Montani

Call Number: HD30.23

Profits and sustainability : a history of green entrepreneurship

Geoffrey Jones

Call Number: HD30.255

Predictive analytics : Microsoft Excel

Conrad Carlberg

Call Number: HD30.27

Brilliant business plan : what to know and do to make the perfect plan

Kevan Williams

Call Number: HD30.28

Value creation : the definitive guide for business leaders

Gautam Mahajan

Call Number: HD30.28 .M3234 2016

Nonmarket strategic management

Cosmina Lelia Voinea and Hans van Kranenburg

Call Number: HD30.28 .V65 2017

Strategic internal communication : how to build employee engagement and performance

David Cowan

Call Number: HD30.3

Let the story do the work : the art of storytelling for business success

Esther K. Choy

Call Number: HD30.3

Human centered management in executive education : global imperatives, innovation and new directions

[edited by] Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Ernst von Kimakowitz, Roland Bardy

Call Number: HD30.4

The secrets behind great one-on-one meetings

Esther Schindler

Call Number: HD31.2

The Financial Impact of Political Connections : Industry-Level Regulation and the Revolving Door [electronic resource]

Call Number: HD3611

Extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations cookbook : extend the potential of your Dynamics 365 for operations implementation

Simon Buxton

Call Number: HD38.5

Strategic supply chain management : the development of a diagnostic model

Safaa Sindi, Michael Roe

Call Number: HD38.5

Microsoft Dynamics 365 extensions cookbook : more than 80 extension recipes to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Rami Mounla

Call Number: HD38.5

Dancing with the devil : the political economy of privatization in China [electronic resource]

Call Number: HD4318

Blurring the Boundaries Through Digital Innovation : Individual, Organizational, and Societal Challenges

Call Number: HD45

Reinventing innovation : designing the dual organization

Aaron C.T. Smith, Fiona Sutherland, David H. Gilbert

Call Number: HD45

Human fatigue risk management : improving safety in the chemical processing industry

Susan L. Murray, Matthew S. Thimgan

Call Number: HD4904.5

Thriving in the gig economy : how to capitalize and compete in the new world of work

Marion McGovern

Call Number: HD5110

Who do we choose to be? : facing reality, claiming leadership, restoring sanity

Margaret J. Wheatley

Call Number: HD57.7

Leadership through trust : leveraging performance and spanning cultural boundaries

Gus Gordon

Call Number: HD57.7

Building better students : preparation for the workforce [electronic resource]

Call Number: HD5706 .B85 2017

Politics and the right to work : India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Rob Jenkins and James Manor

Call Number: HD5710.85

The network organization : a governance perspective on structure, dynamics and performance

Anna Moretti

Call Number: HD58.7

Unstoppable you : adopt the new learning 4.0 mindset and change your life

Patricia A. McLagan

Call Number: HD58.82

The business of humanity : strategic management in the era of globalization, innovation, and shared value

John C. Camillus, Bopaya Bidanda, N. Chandra Mohan

Call Number: HD60 .C324 2017

Sustainability reporting in Central and Eastern European companies : international empirical insights

Péter Horváth, Judith M. Pütter, editors

Call Number: HD60.3

Markets and bodies : women, service work, and the making of inequality in China [electronic resource]

Eileen M. Otis

Call Number: HD6073.S45

Global organizations : challenges, opportunities, and the future [electronic resource]

Rabi S. Bhagat, Annette S. McDevitt, B. Ram Baliga

Call Number: HD62.4 .B543 2017

Startup opportunities : know when to quit your day job

Sean Wise and Brad Feld

Call Number: HD62.5

The nonprofit human resource management handbook : from theory to practice

edited by Jessica K.A. Word and Jessica E. Sowa

Call Number: HD62.6 .N656 2017

Auto-industrialism : DIY capitalism and the rise of the auto-industrial society

Peter Murphy

Call Number: HD6331 .M87 2017

Getting new things done : networks, brokerage, and the assembly of innovative action

David Obstfeld

Call Number: HD69.S8 O27 2017

All edge : inside the new workplace networks

Clay Spinuzzi

Call Number: HD69.S8 S674 2015eb

A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about employment relations

Tony Dundon, Niall Cullinane and Adrian Wilkinson

Call Number: HD6971 .D8497 2017

Economics of means-tested transfer programs in the United States. Volume I

edited by Robert A. Moffitt

Call Number: HD7125 .E273 2016

Economics of means-tested transfer programs in the United States. Volume II

edited by Robert A. Moffitt

Call Number: HD7125 .E273 2016

Ours to lose : when squatters became homeowners in New York City

Amy Starecheski

Call Number: HD7287.96.U62 N7775 2016eb

Communicating development with communities

Linje Manyozo

Call Number: HD76 .M383 2017

How leaders mobilize workers : social democracy, revolution, and moderate syndicalism

Konstantin Vössing (Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Humboldt University, Berlin)

Call Number: HD8031 .V67 2017

Cultures of solidarity : consciousness, action, and contemporary American workers [electronic resource]

Rick Fantasia

Call Number: HD8072.5

The essential guide to critical development studies

edited by Henry Veltmeyer and Paul Bowles

Call Number: HD82 .E757 2018

The Land Question in India : State, Dispossession, and Capitalist Transition [electronic resource]

Anthony P. D'Costa and Achin Chakraborty

Call Number: HD876.5

Land use and climate change interactions in Central Vietnam : LUCCi [electronic resource]

Alexandra Nauditt, Lars Ribbe, editors

Call Number: HD890.5

Modern hungers : food and power in twentieth-century Germany

Alice Weinreb

Call Number: HD9013.5

Consumer reaction, food production and the Fukushima Disaster : assessing reputation damage due to potential radiation contamination

Kentaka Aruga

Call Number: HD9016.J42

International issues in adult education : food leadership [electronic resource]

Call Number: HD9018.D44 F668 2017

Hoptopia : a world of agriculture and beer in Oregon's Willamette Valley

Peter A. Kopp

Call Number: HD9019.H72 U65 2016

Sugar plantations in the formation of Brazilian society : Bahia, 1550-1835

Stuart B. Schwartz

Call Number: HD9114.B7 B347 1985eb

Sheep production adapting to climate change

Veerasamy Sejian, Raghavendra Bhatta, John Gaughan, Pradeep Kumar Malik, S.M.K. Naqvi, Rattan Lal, editors

Call Number: HD9410.6

Regulation and investments in energy markets : solutions for the Mediterranean

edited by Alessandro Rubino, Maria Teresa Campi, Veronica Lenzi, Ilhan Ozturk

Call Number: HD9502

Low-carbon energy security from a European perspective

editors, Patrizia Lombardi, Max Gruenig

Call Number: HD9502.E82

Europe's energy transition : insights for policy making

edited by Manuel Welsch [and 7 others]

Call Number: HD9502.E852 E98 2017

Mining North America : an environmental history since 1522

edited by J.R. McNeill and George Vrtis

Call Number: HD9506.A2 M5453 2017

Silver mining and society in colonial Mexico : Zacatecas, 1546-1700 [electronic resource]

by P.J. Bakewell

Call Number: HD9536.M43

The ecology of oil : environment, labor, and the Mexican Revolution, 1900-1938 [electronic resource]

Myrna I. Santiago

Call Number: HD9574.M615

Managing resource abundance and wealth : the Norwegian experience [electronic resource]

Jonathon W. Moses and Bjørn Letnes

Call Number: HD9575.N62

Hydrogen economy : supply chain, life cycle analysis and energy transition for sustainability

edited by Antonio Scipioni, Alessandro Manzardo, Jingzheng Ren

Call Number: HD9660.H932

Therapeutic revolutions : pharmaceuticals and social change in the twentieth century

Jeremy A. Greene, Flurin Condrau, and Elizabeth Siegel Watkins, editors

Call Number: HD9665.5 .T46 2016eb

Future of utilities - utilities of the future : how technological innovations in distributed energy resources will reshape the electric power sector

edited by Fereidoon Sioshansi

Call Number: HD9685.A2

Selling power : economics, policy, and electric utilities before 1940

John L. Neufeld

Call Number: HD9685.U5 N45 2016eb

The politics of nuclear energy in western Europe

edited by Wolfgang C. Müller and Paul W. Thurner

Call Number: HD9698

Automotive FDI in emerging Europe : shifting locales in the motor vehicle industry

A.J. Jacobs

Call Number: HD9710.E82

Ward's motor vehicle facts & figures

Call Number: HD9710.U5 M6

Automotive recycling, plastics, and sustainability : the recycling renaissance

David Schönmayr

Call Number: HD9710.U62

Fake silk : the lethal history of viscose rayon

Paul David Blanc

Call Number: HD9929.5.R32 B53 2016eb

Regulating style : intellectual property law and the business of fashion in Guatemala

Kedron Thomas

Call Number: HD9940.G92 T46 2016eb

Serviceology for services : 5th International Conference, ICServ 2017, Vienna, Austria, July 12-14, 2017, Proceedings

Yoshinori Hara, Dimitris Karagiannis (eds.)

Call Number: HD9980.5

Luxury brands in China and India

Glyn Atwal, Douglas Bryson

Call Number: HD9999.L852

Health, United States

Call Number: HE 20.7042/6:

Paul Revere : a story of survival in Bristol Bay

produced by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Call Number: HE 20.7129:R 32/DVD

Himalayan mobilities : an exploration of the impact of expanding rural road networks on social and ecological systems in the Nepalese Himalaya

Robert E/ Beazley, James P. Lassoie

Call Number: HE336.R85

Jim Crow terminals : the desegregation of American airports

Anke Ortlepp

Call Number: HE9797.5.U5 O77 2017