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Criminal Justice

Items Acquired in February 2018 for the University Libraries

Reflexivity and criminal justice : intersections of policy, practice and research

Sarah Armstrong, Jarrett Blaustein, Alistair Henry, editors

Call Number: HV6024.5 .R44 2017

Social censure and critical criminology : after sumner

Anthony Amatrudo, editor

Call Number: HV6025

From Mafia to organised crime : a comparative analysis of policing models

Anna Sergi

Call Number: HV6025

The Palgrave handbook of Australian and New Zealand criminology, crime and justice

edited by Antje Deckert and Rick Sarre

Call Number: HV6025

The role of state agencies in translational criminology : connecting research to policy

Mark S. Davis

Call Number: HV6025

Criminalising peacekeepers : modernising national approaches to sexual exploitation and abuse

Melanie O'Brien

Call Number: HV6025

Re-examining the crime drop

Stephen Farrall

Call Number: HV6025

Crime, genes, neuroscience and cyberspace [electronic resource]

Tim Owen

Call Number: HV6025 .O94 2017eb

Oil, gas, and crime : the dark side of the boomtown [electronic resource]

Rick Ruddell

Call Number: HV6030

Female delinquency from childhood to young adulthood : recent results from the Pittsburgh girls study

Rolf Loeber, Wesley G. Jennings, Lia Ahonen, Alex R. Piquero, David P. Farrington

Call Number: HV6046 .L64 2017

Modelling the criminal lifestyle : theorizing at the edge of chaos

Glenn D. Walters

Call Number: HV6080

Victim participation in international criminal justice : practitioners' guide

Kinga Tibori-Szabó, Megan Hirst, editors

Call Number: HV6250.25

Environmental crime in Latin America : the theft of nature and the poisoning of the land

David Rodríguez Goyes, Hanneke Mol, Avi Brisman, Nigel South, editors

Call Number: HV6405.L29 E58 2017eb

Defining international terrorism : between state sovereignty and cosmopolitanism

Stella Margariti

Call Number: HV6431

Reintegrating extremists : deradicalisation and desistance

Sarah V. Marsden

Call Number: HV6431 .M36496 2017

September 11, 2001 as a cultural trauma : a case study through popular culture

Christine Muller

Call Number: HV6432.7 .M85 2017

Memory and the wars on terror : Australian and British perspectives

Jessica Gildersleeve, Richard Gehrmann, editors

Call Number: HV6433.A8

Contemporary organized crime : developments, challenges and responses [electronic resource]

Hans Nelen, Dina Siegel, editors

Call Number: HV6441

Serial homicide : profiling of victims and offenders for policing

Agnieszka Daniszewska

Call Number: HV6515

Mass and serial murder in America

Christine M. Sarteschi

Call Number: HV6529 .S27 2016

Criminology of homicidal poisoning : offenders, victims and detection

Michael Farrell

Call Number: HV6549

Sexual violence in a digital age [electronic resource]

Anastasia Powell, Nicola Henry

Call Number: HV6556

Contemporary sex offender risk management. Volume II, Responses

Hazel Kemshall, Kieran McCartan, editors

Call Number: HV6556 .C66 2017

Contemporary sex offender risk management. Volume I, Perceptions

Kieran McCartan, Hazel Kemshall, editors

Call Number: HV6558

Global responses to domestic violence

Eve S. Buzawa, Carl G. Buzawa, editors

Call Number: HV6626

Domestic homicides and death reviews : an international perspective

Myrna Dawson, editor

Call Number: HV6626 .D633 2017

Gambling, Crime and Society

James Banks

Call Number: HV6710

International money laundering through real estate and agribusiness : a criminal justice perspective from the "Panama Papers"

Fausto Martin De Sanctis

Call Number: HV6768

CEOs and white-collar crime : a convenience perspective

Petter Gottschalk

Call Number: HV6768

Explaining white-collar crime : the concept of convenience in financial crime investigations

Petter Gottschalk

Call Number: HV6768

Cybercrime, organized crime, and societal responses : international approaches

Emilio C. Viano, editor

Call Number: HV6773

New perspectives on cybercrime [electronic resource]

Tim Owen, Wayne Noble & Faye Christabel Speed

Call Number: HV6773

Toxic geek masculinity in media : sexism, trolling, and identity policing [electronic resource]

Anastasia Salter, Bridget Blodgett

Call Number: HV6773.15.C92

Fanaticism, racism, and rage online : corrupting the digital sphere

Adam Klein

Call Number: HV6773.5

Cyber racism and community resilience : strategies for combating online race hate [electronic resource]

Andrew Jakubowicz, Kevin Dunn, Gail Mason, Yin Paradies, Ana-Maria Bliuc, Nasya Bahfen, Andre Oboler, Rosalie Atie, Karen Connelly

Call Number: HV6773.5 .J35 2017

Hate Crime Statutes : a Public Policy and Law Enforcement Dilemma

by Frank S. Pezzella

Call Number: HV6773.52 .P49 2017

Critical perspectives on hate crime : contributions from the island of Ireland

Amanda Haynes, Jennifer Schweppe, Seamus Taylor, editors

Call Number: HV6773.55.I7

The New England Watch and Ward Society

P.C. Kemeny

Call Number: HV6795.B7 K47 2018

Crime, criminal justice, and the evolving science of criminology in South Asia : India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

Shahid M. Shahidullah, editor

Call Number: HV7085.3

Crime prevention in the 21st century : insightful approaches for crime prevention initiatives

Benoit Leclerc, Ernesto U. Savona, editors

Call Number: HV7431

Preventing crime and violence

Brent Teasdale, Mindy S. Bradley, editors

Call Number: HV7431 .P74 2017

Loaded : a disarming history of the Second Amendment

Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz

Call Number: HV7436 .D86 2018

Police chiefs in the UK : politicians, HR managers or cops?

Mark Roycroft

Call Number: HV7911.H3634

Policing encounters with vulnerability

Nicole L. Asquith, Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron, Karl A. Roberts, editors

Call Number: HV7921

Community policing - a European perspective : strategies, best practices and guidelines

P. Saskia Bayerl, Ruža Karlović, Babak Akhgar, Garik Markarian, editors

Call Number: HV7936.C83

Policing in Russia : combating corruption since the 2009 police reforms

Serguei Cheloukhine

Call Number: HV7936.C85

Producing bias-free policing : a science-based approach

Lorie A. Fridell

Call Number: HV7936.P75

Forensic memory : literature after testimony

Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard

Call Number: HV8073

Using open data to detect organized crime threats : factors driving future crime

Henrik Legind Larsen, José María Blanco, Raquel Pastor Pastor, Ronald R. Yager, editors

Call Number: HV8079.O73 U85 2017

Foot Patrol : Rethinking the Cornerstone of Policing

by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, Evan T. Sorg

Call Number: HV8080.P2

Police brutality, misconduct, and corruption : criminological explanations and policy implications [electronic resource]

James F. Albrecht

Call Number: HV8141

Police misconduct in Brooklyn : documenting, understanding and preventing

Brian A. Maule

Call Number: HV8148.N4

Inclusive Policing from the Inside Out

Angela L. Workman-Stark

Call Number: HV8158 .W67 2017

Police in Africa : the street level view

Jan Beek, Miroc Göpfert, Olly Owen, and Jonny Steinberg, editors

Call Number: HV8267.A2 P65 2017

Public international law and human rights violations by private military and security companies

Helena Torroja, edito

Call Number: HV8290

Dissecting the criminal corpse : staging post-execution punishment in early modern England

Elizabeth T. Hurren

Call Number: HV8579 .H87 2016

Japanese moratorium on the death penalty

Mika Obara-Minnitt

Call Number: HV8699

Justice, mercy, and caprice : clemency and the death penalty in Ireland

Ian O'Donnell

Call Number: HV8699.I73

Carceral spatiality : dialogues between geography and criminology

Dominique Moran, Anna K. Schliehe, editors

Call Number: HV8705

A History of Force Feeding : Hunger Strikes, Prisons and Medical Ethics, 1909-1974

by Ian Miller

Call Number: HV8706 .M55 2016eb

Unconstitutional solitude : solitary confinement and the US Constitution's evolving standards of decency

Charlie Eastaugh

Call Number: HV8728 .E27 2017

Media, politics and penal reform : influencing women's punishment

Gemma Birkett

Call Number: HV8738

Female imprisonment : an ethnography of everyday life in confinement

Catarina Frois

Call Number: HV8738

Remote control : television in prison

Victoria Knight

Call Number: HV8860 .K65 2016

International handbook of juvenile justice

edited by Scott H. Decker, Nerea Marteache

Call Number: HV9069 .I584 2017eb

Girls and juvenile justice : power, status, and the social construction of delinquency

Carla P. Davis

Call Number: HV9104

Young criminal lives : life courses and life chances from 1850

Barry Godfrey, Pamela Cox, Heather Shore, Zoe Alker

Call Number: HV9145.A5 G63 2017

Community reparation for young offenders : perceptions, policy and practice

Nicholas Pamment University of Portsmouth, UK

Call Number: HV9146.A5 P36 2016

Prisoner Reentry : Critical Issues and Policy Directions

Stan Stojkovic, editor

Call Number: HV9261

Desistance from crime : new advances in theory and research

Michael Rocque

Call Number: HV9275

New perspectives on desistance : theoretical and empirical developments

Emily Luise Hart, Esther F.J.C. van Ginneken, editors

Call Number: HV9276

Correctional counseling and treatment

Peter C. Kratcoski

Call Number: HV9304 .K7 2017

Swift, certain and fair : does Project HOPE provide a therapeutic paradigm for managing offenders?

Lorana Bartels

Call Number: HV9305.H3 B37 2017

Europe in prisons : assessing the impact of European institutions on national prison systems

Tom Daems, Luc Robert, editors

Call Number: HV9640.5.D34

Scandinavian penal history, culture and prison practice : embraced by the welfare state?

Peter Scharff Smith, Thomas Ugelvik, editors

Call Number: HV9718 .S33 2017

American exceptionalism in crime and punishment

edited by Kevin R. Reitz

Call Number: HV9950 .A44 2018

Law enforcement in the age of black lives matter : policing black and brown bodies

edited by Sandra E. Weissinger and Dwayne A. Mack

Call Number: HV9950 .L39 2018

Restorative justice in India : traditional practice and contemporary applications

edited by R. Thilagaraj, Jianhong Liu

Call Number: HV9960

Comparative criminology in Asia

Jianhong Liu, Max Travers, Lennon Y.C. Chang, editors

Call Number: HV9960.A78 C66 2017

Justice for victims of crime : human dignity as the foundation of criminal justice in Europe

Albin Dearing

Call Number: HV9960.E85