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Items Acquired in December 2017 for the University Libraries

Tutorials in chemoinformatics

edited by Alexandre Varnek

Call Number: QD39.3.E46

Reviews in computational chemistry. Volume 30

edited by Abby L. Parrill, Kenny B. Lipkowitz

Call Number: QD39.3.E46

Preparing for your ACS examination in general chemistry : the official guide

Lucy T. Eubanks, I. Dwaine Eubanks

Call Number: QD42 .E83 1998

Limits of detection in chemical analysis

Edward Voigtman

Call Number: QD75.22

Charged aerosol detection for liquid chromatography and related separation techniques

edited by Paul H. Gamache, Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA

Call Number: QD79.C454

Targeted biomarker quantitation by LC-MS

edited by Dr. Naidong Weng and Dr. Wenying Jian, Janssen Research & Development, LLC

Call Number: QD79.C454

The HPLC-MS handbook for practitioners

edited by Stavros Kromidas

Call Number: QD79.C454

The HPLC expert II : find and optimize the benefits of your HPLCUHPLC

edited by Stavros Kromidas

Call Number: QD79.C454 H65 2017eb

Interpretation of MS-MS mass spectra of drugs and pesticides

Wilfried M.A. Niessen, Ricardo A. Correa C

Call Number: QD96.M3

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Mark E. Orazem, University of Florida, Bernard Tribollet, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Call Number: QD116.I57

Polymer brush films with varied grafting and cross-linking density via SI-ATRP : analysis of the mechanical properties by AFM [electronic resource]

Inga Lilge

Call Number: QD139.P6

Graphene : fabrication, characterizations, properties and applications

edited by Hongwei Zhu, Zhiping Xu, Dan Xie, Ying Fang

Call Number: QD181.C1 G737 2017

Crystal structure, electronic and optical properties of epitaxial alkaline Earth niobate thin films

Dongyang Wan

Call Number: QD181.N3

Asymmetric synthesis of three-membered rings

Hélène Pellissier, Alessandra Lattanzi and Renato Dalpozzo

Call Number: QD262

Chiral Lewis acids in organic synthesis

edited by Jacek Mlynarski

Call Number: QD262

Preparative chromatography for separation of proteins

edited by Arne Staby, Anurag S. Rathore, Satinder Ahuja

Call Number: QD272.C4 P75 2017eb

Cyclodextrins : properties and applications

Wanda Sliwa and Tomasz Girek

Call Number: QD321

Metallabenzenes : an expert view

edited by L. James Wright, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Call Number: QD341.H9 M51278 2017

Polymers for biomedicine : synthesis, characterization, and applications

edited by Carmen Scholz

Call Number: QD381

Responsive polymer surfaces : dynamics in surface topography

edited by Danqing Liu and Dirk J. Broer

Call Number: QD381.9.S97

Synthetic methods for conjugated polymer and carbon materials

edited by Mario Leclerc and Jean-Francois Morin

Call Number: QD382.C66

Main group metal coordination polymers : structures and nanostructures

Lida Hashemi and Ali Morsali

Call Number: QD382.C67 H37 2017eb

The organometallic chemistry of N-heterocyclic carbenes

Han Vinh Huynh, Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore

Call Number: QD411

Oxidation of C-H bonds

Wenjun Lu, Lihong Zhou

Call Number: QD411 .L848 2017eb

Applications of quantum dynamics in chemistry [electronic resource]

Fabien Gatti, Benjamin Lasorne, Hans-Dieter Meyer, Andr? Nauts

Call Number: QD462

Theory and applications of the empirical valence bond approach : from physical chemistry to chemical biology

editors, Fernanda Duarte, Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin ; with a foreword by Arieh Warshel

Call Number: QD469

Solid state properties of pharmaceutical materials

Stephen R. Byrn, George Zografi, Xiaoming (Sean) Chen

Call Number: QD478

Chemical reaction kinetics : concepts, methods, and case studies

Prof. Jorge Ancheyta

Call Number: QD502 .A53 2017

Nanotechnology in catalysis : applications in the chemical industry, energy development, and environment protection

editors: Marcel Van de Voorde, Bert Sels

Call Number: QD505

The development of catalysis : a history of key processes and personas in catalytic science and technology

Adriano Zecchina, Salvatore Califano

Call Number: QD505 .Z43 2017eb

Sustainable and green electrochemical science and technology

Keith Scott

Call Number: QD551 .S38 2017eb

Fundamentals of ionic liquids

Douglas R. MacFarlane, Mega Kar, and Jennifer M. Pringle

Call Number: QD561

Electrodeposition from ionic liquids

edited by Frank Endres, Andrew Abbott, and Douglas MacFarlane

Call Number: QD561 .E44 2017eb

Modern nuclear chemistry

Walter D. Loveland, David J. Morrissey, Glenn T. Seaborg

Call Number: QD601.3 .L68 2017eb

Nanocomposites for visible light-induced photocatalysis [electronic resource]

Mohammad Mansoob Khan, Debabrata Pradhan, Youngku Sohn, editors

Call Number: QD716.P45

Geometry of crystals, polycrystals and phase transfomations

Harshad K. D. H. Bhadeshia

Call Number: QD911 .B47 2018

Electronic states in crystals of finite size : quantum confinement of Bloch waves

Shang Yuan Ren

Call Number: QD939

Chemical engineering for non-chemical engineers

John W. Hipple

Call Number: TP155 .H56 2017eb

Process modeling and simulation for chemical engineers : theory and practice

Simant Ranjan Upreti

Call Number: TP155.7 .U67 2017eb

Advances in distillation retrofit [electronic resource]

Nguyen Van Duc Long, Moonyong Lee

Call Number: TP156.D5

Understanding membrane distillation and osmotic distillation

Robert A. Johnson, Minh H. Nguyen

Call Number: TP156.D5

Sustainable flow chemistry : methods and applications

edited by Luigi Vaccaro

Call Number: TP156.F6

Iridium (III) : in optoelectronic and photonics applications

edited by Eli Zysman-Colman

Call Number: TP245.I7

Bio-based solvents

edited by François Jerome, National Higher Engineering School of Poitiers (ENSIP), University of Poitiers, France, Rafael Luque, Departament of Quimica Organica, University of Cordoba, Spain

Call Number: TP247.5

The chemostat : mathematical theory of microorganism cultures

Jérôme Harmand, Claude Lobry, Alain Rapaport, Tewfik Sari

Call Number: TP248.25.B55

Membrane materials for gas and vapor separation : synthesis and application of silicon-containing polymers

edited by Yuri Yampolskii, E. Finkelshtein

Call Number: TP248.25.M46 I35 2017eb

Science and technology of separation membranes

Tadashi Uragami

Call Number: TP248.25.M46 U73 2017eb

Bionanocomposites : integrating biological processes for bioinspired nanotechnologies

edited by Carole Aimé, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France, Thibaud Coradin, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France

Call Number: TP248.25.N35

Nanocellulose and nanohydrogel matrices : biotechnological and biomedical applications

edited by Mohamad Jawaid and Faruq Mohammad

Call Number: TP248.25.N35

Industrial biotechnology. Volume 1, Microorganisms

edited by Christoph Wittmann and James C. Liao

Call Number: TP248.27.M53

Industrial biotechnology : products and processes

edited by Christoph Wittmann and James C. Liao

Call Number: TP248.27.M53

Plant-based natural products : derivatives and applications

edited by Shahid-ul-Islam

Call Number: TP248.27.P55 P524 2017

Cellulose nanocrystals : properties, production, and applications

Wadood Y. Hamad

Call Number: TP248.65.C45 H36 2017eb

Lignocellulosic biomass production and industrial applications

edited by Arindam Kuila and Vinay Sharma

Call Number: TP248.65.L54 L5383 2017

Process scale purification of antibodies

edited by Uwe Gottschalk

Call Number: TP248.65.M65

Sustainable polymers from biomass

edited by Chuanbing Tang and Chang Y. Ryu

Call Number: TP248.65.P62

Hydrogen production technologies

[edited by] Mehmet Sankir and Nurdan Demirci Sankir

Call Number: TP261.H9

Advances in biofeedstocks and biofuels. Volume 1, Biofeedstocks and their processing

edited by Lalit Kumar Singh, Gaurav Chaudhary

Call Number: TP339

Biofuels and bioenergy

[edited by] John Love

Call Number: TP339

Fuels, chemicals and materials from the oceans and aquatic sources

edited by Francesca M. Kerton, Ning Yan

Call Number: TP339

Biogas systems in China [electronic resource]

Bin Chen, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi

Call Number: TP359.B48

Multiphase reactor engineering for clean and low-carbon energy applications

edited by Yi Cheng, Yong Jin

Call Number: TP360 .M79 2017eb

Ultrasound in food processing

edited by Mar Villamiel and Antonia Montilla

Call Number: TP372.4

Glass transition and phase transitions in food and biological materials

edited by Jasim Ahmed, Yrjo Roos, Mohammad Rahman, Suprakas Sinha Ray

Call Number: TP372.5 .G56 2017eb

Food safety, risk intelligence and benchmarking

by Dr. Sylvain Charlebois

Call Number: TP373.5

Food authentication : management, analysis and regulation

[edited by] Constantinos A. Georgiou

Call Number: TP373.5 .F6635 2017eb

Natural food flavors and colorants

Mathew Attokaran

Call Number: TP418

Dictionary of flavors

Dolf De Rovira

Call Number: TP418 .D4 2017eb

Starter cultures in food production

edited by Barbara Speranza, University of Foggia, Italy, Antonio Bevilacqua, University of Foggia, Italy, Maria Rosaria Corbo, University of Foggia, Italy, Milena Sinigaglia, University of Foggia, Italy

Call Number: TP456.B32

Refrigeration systems and applications

İbrahim Dinçer, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

Call Number: TP495

Beckett's industrial chocolate manufacture and use

edited by Stephen T Beckett, Mark Fowler, Prof Gregory Ziegler

Call Number: TP640 .I53 2017eb

Troubleshooting process plant control

Norman P. Lieberman

Call Number: TP690.3 .L534 2017eb

77th Conference on Glass Problems : a collection of papers presented at the 77th Conference on Glass Problems, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio, November 7-9, 2016

edited by S. K. Sundaram

Call Number: TP845

Primary and secondary manufacturing of polymer matrix composites

edited by Kishore Debnath, Inderdeep Singh

Call Number: TP1177 .P75 2018