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Biological Sciences

Items Acquired in December 2017 for the University Libraries

Key thinkers on the environment

edited by Joy A. Palmer Cooper and David E. Cooper

Call Number: GE55 .K49 2018

Understanding trust in government : environmental sustainability, fracking, and public opinion in American politics

Scott E. Robinson, James W. Stoutenborough, and Arnold Vedlitz

Call Number: GE180 .R63 2017

Environmental challenges in the Baltic Region : a perspective from economics

Ranjula Bali Swain, editor

Call Number: GE190.B29 E574 2017

Genetic management of fragmented animal and plant populations

Richard Frankham, Jonathan D. Ballou & Katherine Ralls, Mark D.B. Eldridge, Michele R. Dubash, Charles B. Fenster, Robert C. Lacy, Paul Sunnucks

Call Number: QH75 .F73 2017

Sustaining wildlands : integrating science and community in Prince William Sound

edited by Aaron J. Poe and Randy Gimblett

Call Number: QH76.5.A4 S87 2017

The handbook of histopathological practices in aquatic environments : guide to histology for environmental toxicology

Pedro M. Costa

Call Number: QH90.8.T68 C67 2018

Fluorescence microscopy : from principles to biological applications

edited by Ulrich Kubitscheck,

Call Number: QH212.A25

Visualising the charge and Cooper-pair density waves in cuprates

Stephen Edkins

Call Number: QH212.S35

Modeling life : the mathematics of biological systems

Alan Garfinkel, Jane Shevtsov, Yina Guo

Call Number: QH323.5

Applied mathematics for the analysis of biomedical data : models, methods, and MATLAB

Peter J. Costa

Call Number: QH323.5 .C683 2016eb

Discriminative pattern discovery on biological networks

Fabio Fassetti, Simona E. Rombo, Cristina Serrao

Call Number: QH324.2

Advanced computational methods in life system modeling and simulation : International Conference on Life System Modeling and Simulation, LSMS 2017 and International Conference on Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment, ICSEE 2017, Nanjing, China, September 22-24, 2017, Proceedings.

Minrui Fei, Shiwei Ma, Xin Li, Xin Sun, Li Jia, Zhou Su (eds.)

Call Number: QH324.2

Computational methods in systems biology : 15th International Conference, CMSB 2017, Darmstadt, Germany, September 27-29, 2017, Proceedings

Jérôme Feret, Heinz Koeppl (eds.)

Call Number: QH324.2

Bioinformatics in aquaculture : principles and methods

edited by Zhanjiang (John) Liu

Call Number: QH324.2

Systems biology

edited by Jens Nielsen and Stefan Hohmann

Call Number: QH324.2

Basic applied bioinformatics : a beginner's guide for students

by Chandra Sekhar Mukhopadhyay, Ratan Kumar Choudhary, Mir Asif Iquebal

Call Number: QH324.2 .M85 2017

Algorithms for next-generation sequencing

Wing-Kin Sung

Call Number: QH324.2 .S85 2017

A guide to bioethics

Emmanuel A. Kornyo

Call Number: QH332 .K67 2018

Ecology and management of terrestrial vertebrate invasive species in the United States

edited by William C. Pitt, James C. Beasley, and Gary W. Witmer

Call Number: QH353 .E33 2018

The theory that changed everything : On the Origin of Species" as a work in progress

Philip Lieberman

Call Number: QH365.O8 L54 2018

Challenging the modern synthesis : adaptation, development, and inheritance

edited by Philippe Huneman and Denis M. Walsh

Call Number: QH366.2

Crumbling genome : the impact of deletrious mutations on humans

Alexey S. Kondrashov

Call Number: QH390 .K66 2017eb

Genetic data analysis for plant and animal breeding

Fikret Isik, James Holland, Christian Maltecca

Call Number: QH430 .I85 2017e

The AGT cytogenetics laboratory manual

edited by Marilyn S. Arsham, Margaret J. Barch, Helen J. Lawce

Call Number: QH441

Comparative genomics : 15th International Workshop, RECOMB CG 2017, Barcelona, Spain, October 4-6, 2017, Proceedings

Joao Meidanis, Luay Nakhleh (eds.)

Call Number: QH447

Somatic genome variation in animals, plants, and microorganisms

edited by Xiu-Qing Li

Call Number: QH447

Clinical genomics : practical applications in adult patient care

editors, Michael F. Murray, Mark W. Babyatsky, Monica A. Giovanni ; associate editors, Fowzan S. Alkuraya, Douglas R. Stewart

Call Number: QH447 .C55 2014eb

Gene regulation, epigenetics and hormone signaling

edited by Subhrangsu S. Mandal

Call Number: QH450

Animal models and human reproduction

edited by Heide Schatten, Gheorghe M. Constantinescu

Call Number: QH481

Periconception in physiology and medicine

Alireza Fazeli, William V. Holt, editors

Call Number: QH485

Dictionary of stem cells, regenerative medicine, and translational medicine

Frank J. Dye

Call Number: QH491

Introduction to biomolecular structure and biophysics : basics of biophysics [electronic resource]

Gauri Misra, editor

Call Number: QH505

Compendium of biophysics

Andrey B. Rubin

Call Number: QH505 .R776 2017

Molecular data analysis using R

Csaba Ortutay, Zsuzsanna Ortutay

Call Number: QH506 .O78 2016eb

Biomechanics : optimization, uncertainties and reliability

Ghias Kharmanda, Abdelkhalak El Hami

Call Number: QH513

Railway ecology

Luís Borda-de-Água, Rafael Barrientos, Pedro Beja, Henrique Miguel Pereira, editors

Call Number: QH541

Habitat suitability and distribution models : with applications in R

Antoine Guisan, Wilfried Thuiller, Niklaus E. Zimmermann ; with contributions from Valeria di Cola, Damien Georges, Achilleas Psomas

Call Number: QH541.15.H34 G85 2017

Ecoacoustics : the ecological role of sounds

edited by Almo Farina, Urbino University, IT, Stuart H Gage, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Call Number: QH541.15.L35

Deep-sea ecosystems off Mauritania

Call Number: QH541.5.D35

Ecology of high altitude waters

Dean Jacobsen and Olivier Dangles

Call Number: QH541.5.F7 J33 2017

Radiation biology for medical physicists

C.S. Sureka and C. Armpilia

Call Number: QH543.5 .S87 2017

Technology platforms for 3D cell culture : a user's guide

edited by Stefan Przyborski

Call Number: QH585.2

The biology and therapeutic application of mesenchymal cells

edited by Kerry Atkinson

Call Number: QH588.S83

The biophysics of cell membranes : biological consequences [electronic resource]

Richard M. Epand, Jean-Marie Ruysschaert, editors

Call Number: QH601

Cell-cell junctions : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology

edited by Carien M. Niessen, University of Cologne, and Alpha S. Yap, the University of Queensland

Call Number: QH603.C4 C455 2017

Molecular basis for mitochondrial signaling

Tatiana K. Rostovtseva, editor

Call Number: QH603.M5 M65 2017

Medicinal and aromatic plants of the world. Volume 3 Africa.

Mohamed Neffati, Hanen Najjaa, Ákos Máthé, editors

Call Number: QK99.A35

Vegetation ecology of Central Europe. Volume II, Ecology of Central European non-forest vegetation : : coastal to alpine, natural to man-made habitats

Christoph Leuschner, Heinz Ellenberg

Call Number: QK281

Ecology of Central European forests : vegetation ecology of Central Europe.

Christoph Leuschner, Heinz Ellenberg ; revised and extended version of the 6th German edition ; translated by Laura Sutcliffe

Call Number: QK281

The vegetation of the Iberian Peninsula. Volume 2

Javier Loidi, editor

Call Number: QK328

The vegetation of the Iberian Peninsula. Volume 1

Javier Loidi, editor

Call Number: QK328

Flowering plants : structure and industrial products

Dr. Aisha S. Khan

Call Number: QK495.A1

Harmal : the genus Peganum

Ephraim Shmaya Lansky, Shifra Lansky, Helena Maaria Paavilainen

Call Number: QK495.Z9 L36 2017

Functional importance of the plant microbiome : implications for agriculture, forestry and bioenergy

Sharon Lafferty Doty, editor

Call Number: QK604.2.E53 F86 2017e

Practical handbook of the biology and molecular diversity of Trichoderma species from Tropical regions

Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee

Call Number: QK625.M7

Plant minds : a philosophical defense

by Chauncey Maher ; illustrated by Jim Sias

Call Number: QK714.4 .M34 2017

Plant cells and their organelles

edited by William V. Dashek, Gurbachan S. Miglani

Call Number: QK725

Selenium in plants : Molecular, Physiological, Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects

edited by Elizabeth A.H. Pilon-Smits, Lenny H.E. Winkel, Zhi-Qing Lin

Call Number: QK753.M56

Mechanism of plant hormone signaling under stress

edited by Girdhar K. Pandey

Call Number: QK754

UV-B radiation : from environmental stressor to regulator of plant growth

edited by Vijay Pratap Singh, Samiksha Singh, Sheo Mohan Prasad, Parul Parihar

Call Number: QK757 .M36 2017eb

Recent advances in polyphenol research. Volume 5

edited by Kumi Yoshia, Véronique Cheynier, Stéphane Quideau

Call Number: QK898.P764

Obligate Pollination Mutualism

edited by Makoto Kato, Atsushi Kawakita

Call Number: QK926

Rotifers : aquaculture, ecology, gerontology, and ecotoxicology [electronic resource]

Atsushi Hagiwara, Tatsuki Yoshinaga, editors

Call Number: QL391.R8

Insect biodiversity : science and society

edited by Dr. Robert G. Foottit, Professor Peter H. Adler

Call Number: QL463 .I57 2017

Diversity and evolution of butterfly wing patterns : an integrative approach

Toshio Sekimura, H. Frederik Nijhout, editors

Call Number: QL541

Birds : the art of ornithology

by Jonathan Elphick

Call Number: QL674.4 .E47 2017

Why penguins communicate : the evolution of visual and vocal signals

Pierre Jouventin, Director of Research (retired), National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Montpellier, France, F. Stephen Dobson, Alumni Professor and Curator, Department of Biological Sciences and Auburn University of Natural History, Auburn University, AL, USA

Call Number: QL696.S473 J68 2017

Beyond sex differences : genes, brains, and matrilineal evolution

Eric B. Keverne, University of Cambridge

Call Number: QL708.5 .K48 2017

Understanding host-microbiome interactions -- an omics approach : omics of host-microbiome association

Ravindra Pal Singh, Ramesh Kothari, Prakash G. Koringa, Satya Prakash Singh, editors

Call Number: QL757 .U53 2017

Junqueira's basic histology : text and atlas

Anthony L. Mescher

Call Number: QL807 .H57 2016eb

Clinical neuroanatomy

Stephen G. Waxman

Call Number: QM451 .W39 2017eb

Compendium of histology : a theoretical and practical guide

Anders Rehfeld, Malin Nylander, Kirstine Karnov

Call Number: QM551

Ganong's review of medical physiology

Kim E. Barrrett, Susan M. Barman, Scott Botano, Heddwen L. Brooks

Call Number: QP34.5 .G15 2016eb

Ganong's medical physiology examination and board review

Kim E. Barrett, Susan M. Barman, Scott Boitano, Jane F. Reckelhoff

Call Number: QP40

Non-ionizing radiation protection : summary of research and policy options

edited by Andrew W. Wood, Ken Karipidis

Call Number: QP82.2.N64

Evolution, the logic of biology

John S. Torday, Virender K. Rehan

Call Number: QP90.4

Heart rate variability analysis with the R package RHRV

Constantino Antonio Garcia Martinez [and six others]

Call Number: QP113

Flavor, satiety and food intake

edited by Beverly Tepper, Rutgers University, NJ, US, Martin Yeomans, University of Sussex, UK

Call Number: QP136 .F54 2017eb

Wild plants, mushrooms and nuts : functional food properties and applications

[edited by] Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Patricia Morales Gómez, Lillian Barros

Call Number: QP144.F85

New polymers for encapsulation of nutraceutical compounds

edited by Jorge Carlos Ruiz Ruiz, Maira Rubi Segura Campos

Call Number: QP144.F85

Olives and olive oil as functional foods : bioactivity, chemistry and processing

edited by Paul Kiritsakis, Fereidoon Shahidi

Call Number: QP144.F85

Nutrigenomics and proteomics in health and disease : towards a systems-level understanding of gene-diet interactions

edited by Martin Kussmann, Lausanne, Switzerland, Patrick Stover, Ithaca, NY, US

Call Number: QP144.G45

Biomechanics of the human stomach [electronic resource]

Roustem N. Miftahof

Call Number: QP151

Human reproduction : updates and new horizons

edited by Heide Schatten

Call Number: QP251 .H845 2017eb

Endocrinology of the testis and male reproduction [electronic resource]

Manuela Simoni, Ilpo T. Huhtaniemi, editors

Call Number: QP252

Protocols in semen biology (comparing assays)

N. Srivastava, Megha Pande, editors

Call Number: QP255

Neurobiology of motor control : fundamental concepts and new directions

[edited by] Scott L. Hooper, Ansgar Büschges

Call Number: QP301

The Wiley handbook of evolutionary neuroscience

edited Stephen V. Shepherd

Call Number: QP355.2 .W55 2017eb

Genome editing in neurosciences

Rudolf Jaenisch, Feng Zhang, Fred Gage, editors

Call Number: QP356.22

Handbook of neurobehavioral genetics and phenotyping

[edited by] Valter Tucci

Call Number: QP356.22

Computational models of brain and behavior

edited by Dr Ahmed A. Moustafa

Call Number: QP357.5 .C627 2018

Principles of computational modelling in neuroscience

David Sterratt [and others]

Call Number: QP357.5 .P75 2011

Evolution of the brain, cognition, and emotion in vertebrates [electronic resource]

Shigeru Watanabe, Michel A. Hofman, Toru Shimizu, editors

Call Number: QP376

Brain function assessment in learning : first International Conference, BFAL 2017, Patras, Greece, September 24-25, 2017, proceedings

Claude Frasson, George Kostopoulos (eds.)

Call Number: QP385

Why we sleep : unlocking the power of sleep and dreams

Matthew Walker, PhD

Call Number: QP425 .W44 2017

Time-dependent measures of perception in sensory evaluation

edited by Sarah E. Kemp, Joanne Hort, Tracey Hollowood

Call Number: QP435 .K442 2016eb

Primate hearing and communication

Rolf M. Quam, Marissa A. Ramsier, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper, editors

Call Number: QP461

Recovering bioactive compounds from agricultural wastes

edited by Van Tang Nguyen

Call Number: QP517.B44

Chemoselective and bioorthogonal ligation reactions : concepts and applications

edited by W. Russ Algar, Philip E. Dawson and Igor L. Medintz

Call Number: QP517.B49

Protein carbonylation : principles, analysis, and biological implications

edited by Joaquim Ros

Call Number: QP517.P76

Mass spectrometry and stable isotopes in nutritional and pediatric research

edited by Henk Schierbeek

Call Number: QP519.9.M3 M3158 2017eb

Photoaffinity labeling for structural probing within protein [electronic resource]

Yasumaru Hatanaka, Makoto Hashimoto, editors

Call Number: QP519.9.P48

Store-operated Ca²⁺ entry (SOCE) pathways : emerging signaling concepts in human (patho)physiology

Klaus Groschner, Wolfgang F. Graier, Christoph Romanin, editors

Call Number: QP535.C2

Calcium signaling : from physiology to diseases

Senthilkumar Rajagopal, Murugavel Ponnusamy

Call Number: QP535.C2

Reactive oxygen species : signaling between hierarchical levels in plants

edited by Franz-Josef Schmitt and Suleyman I. Allakhverdiev

Call Number: QP535.O1

Protein deimination in human health and disease

Anthony P. Nicholas, Sanjoy K. Bhattacharya, Paul R. Thompson, editors

Call Number: QP551

Chemical ligation : tools for biomolecule synthesis and modification

edited by Luca D. D'Andrea, Alessandra Romanelli

Call Number: QP551

Protein Analysis using Mass Spectrometry [electronic resource]

Call Number: QP551

Protein analysis using mass spectrometry : accelerating protein biotherapeutics from lab to patient

edited by Mike S. Lee and Qin C. Ji

Call Number: QP551 .P748 2017eb

Transporters as Drug Targets

Call Number: QP552.C34

Enzyme kinetics : principles and methods

Hans Bisswanger

Call Number: QP601.3

Enzyme regulation in metabolic pathways

Lloyd Wolfinbarger

Call Number: QP601.4

Beta-Lactams : Novel Synthetic Pathways and Applications

edited by Bimal K. Banik

Call Number: QP609.B46

Phosphodiesterases : CNS functions and diseases [electronic resource]

Han-Ting Zhang, Ying Xu, James M. O'Donnell, editors

Call Number: QP609.P53

Proteases in physiology and pathology [electronic resource]

Sajal Chakraborti, Naranjan S. Dhalla, editors

Call Number: QP609.P78

Drebrin : from structure and function to physiological and pathological roles

Tomoaki Shirao, Yuko Sekino, editors

Call Number: QP624.75.P74

Algorithms for next-generation sequencing data : techniques, approaches, and applications

Mourad Elloumi, editor

Call Number: QP625.N89

Selective glycosylations : synthetic methods and catalysts

edited by Clay S. Bennett

Call Number: QP702.G577

Vitamin D. Volume 1, Biochemistry, physiology and diagnostics

editor-in-chief, David Feldman, senior associate editor, J. Wesley Pike, associate editors, Roger Bouillon [and 3 others]

Call Number: QP772.V53 V58 2018eb

Vitamin D. Volume 2, Health, disease and therapeutics

editor-in-chief, David Feldman, senior associate editor, J. Wesley Pike, associate editors, Roger Bouillon [and 3 others]

Call Number: QP772.V53 V582 2018eb

The Brazilian microbiome : current status and perspectives [electronic resource]

Victor Pylro, Luiz Roesch, editors

Call Number: QR41.2

Forensic microbiology

edited by David O. Carter, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, M. Eric Benbow, Jessica L. Metcalf

Call Number: QR41.2

Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg's medical microbiology

Karen C. Carroll [and others]

Call Number: QR46 .J39 2016eb

Review of medical microbiology and immunology

Warren Levinson

Call Number: QR46 .L64 2016eb

Sherris medical microbiology

editor, Kenneth J. Ryan

Call Number: QR46 .M465 2018eb

Agriculturally important microbes for sustainable agriculture. Volume 2, Applications in crop production and protection

Vijay Singh Meena, Pankaj Kumar Mishra, Jaideep Kumar Bisht, Arunava Pattanayak, editors

Call Number: QR51

Agriculturally important microbes for sustainable agriculture. Volume I, Plant-soil-microbe nexus

Vijay Singh Meena, Pankaj Kumar Mishra, Jaideep Kumar Bisht, Arunava Pattanayak, editors

Call Number: QR51 .A447 2017e

Probiotics in agroecosystem

Vivek Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Shivesh Sharma, Ram Prasad, editors

Call Number: QR51 .P76 2017e

The dark art of blood cultures

edited by Wm. Michael Dunne, Jr., and Carey-Ann Burnham

Call Number: QR66 .D37 2017

MALDI-TOF and tandem MS for clinical microbiology

edited by Haroun N. Shah, Middlesex University, Middlesex, UK, Saheer E. Gharbia, Public Health England, Genomic Research Unit, London, UK

Call Number: QR67

Antisepsis, disinfection, and sterilization : types, action, and resistance

Gerald E. McDonnell

Call Number: QR69.S75 M33 2017

Biocommunication of Archaea [electronic resource]

Guenther Witzany, editor

Call Number: QR82.A69

Molecular tools for the detection and quantification of toxigenic cyanobacteria

edited by Rainer Kurmayer, Kaarina Sivonen, Annick Wilmotte, Nico Salmaso

Call Number: QR99.63

Handbook of cyanobacterial monitoring and cyanotoxin analysis

editors, Jussi Meriluoto, Lisa Spoof and Geoffrey A. Codd

Call Number: QR99.63 .H3594 2016eb

Biofilms in plant and soil health

edited by Dr. Iqbal Ahmad and Dr. Fohad M Husain

Call Number: QR111

Rhizobium biology and biotechnology [electronic resource]

Alexander P. Hansen...[et al.], editors

Call Number: QR113

Control of salmonella and other bacterial pathogens in low-moisture foods

edited by Richard Podolak, Grocery Manufacturers Association and Darryl G. Black, Grocery Manufacturers Association

Call Number: QR115

Immune metabolism in health and tumor

Bin Li, Fan Pan, editors

Call Number: QR182

Immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry : essential methods

edited by Simon Renshaw

Call Number: QR183.6

Regulation of inflammatory signaling in health and disease

Dakang Xu, editor

Call Number: QR185.2

Foodborne pathogens and antibiotic resistance

[edited by] Om V. Singh

Call Number: QR201.F62

Plant-microbe interactions in agro-ecological perspectives. Volume 1, Fundamental mechanisms, methods and functions

Dhananjaya Pratap Singh, Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Ratna Prabha, editors

Call Number: QR351

Sustainability challenges in the agrofood sector

edited by Rajeev Bhat, Food Science Department, College of Engineering, Science & Technology (CEST), School of Sciences, Campus -- Nabua, Fiji National University, Fiji Islands

Call Number: S494.5.S86 S84 2017eb

Phytonutritional improvement of crops

editor, Noureddine Benkeblia

Call Number: SB175 .P498 2017

Pseudocereals : chemistry and technology

edited by Claudia Monika Haros, Regine Schönlechner

Call Number: SB189 .P775 2017eb

Millets and sorghum : biology and genetic improvement

[edited by] Jagannath V. Patil

Call Number: SB191.M5

Oilseed crops : yield and adaptations under environmental stress

edited by Parvaiz Ahmad

Call Number: SB298

Handbook of mango fruit : production, postharvest science, processing technology and nutrition

editor Muhammad Siddiq, Michigan State University, USA, associate editors Jeffrey K. Brecht, University of Florida, USA, Jiwan S. Sidhu, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Call Number: SB379.M2

Micropropagation of orchids

Tim Wing Yam and Joseph Arditti

Call Number: SB409.58 .A73 2017eb

Biology, productivity and bioenergy of timber-yielding plants : an experimental technology

Maginot Ngangyo Heya, Ratikanta Maiti, Rahim Foroughbakhch Pournavab, Artemio Carrillo-Parra

Call Number: SB435

Handbook of major palm pests : biology and management

edited by Victoria Soroker, Stefano Colazza

Call Number: SB608.P22

Weed research : expanding horizons

edited by Paul E. Hatcher and Robert J. Froud-Williams

Call Number: SB611.3

Microbial plant pathogens : detection and management in seeds and propagules

P. Narayanasamy

Call Number: SB732.8

Forest insect population dynamics, outbreaks, and global warming effects

A.S. Isaev, V.G. Soukhovolsky, O.V. Tarasova, E.N. Palnikova and A.V. Kovalev

Call Number: SB761 .I792 2017

Forest structure, function, and dynamics in western Amazonia

edited by Randall W. Myster

Call Number: SD160 F67 2017eb

Mapping forest landscape patterns

Tarmo K. Remmel, Ajith H. Perera, editors

Call Number: SD387.M3 M37 2017e

Handbook of milk of non-bovine mammals

edited by Young W. Park, Ph. D., George F.W. Haenlein, Ph. D., William L. Wendorff, Ph. D

Call Number: SF249

Handbook of drying for dairy products

edited by Dr. C. Anandharamakrishnan

Call Number: SF250.5 .H36 2017eb

High temperature processing of milk and milk products

by Hilton Deeth, Michael Lewis

Call Number: SF259 .D44 2017eb

Equine color genetics

D. Phillip Sponenberg, Rebecca Bellone

Call Number: SF279

Marine ornamental species aquaculture

edited by Ricardo Calado, Ike Olivotto, Miquel Planas Oliver, G. Joan Holt

Call Number: SF457.1

Beekeeping : from science to practice

Russell H. Vreeland, Diana Sammataro, editors

Call Number: SF523 .B445 2017e

Bee products : chemical and biological properties

José M. Alvarez-Suarez, editor

Call Number: SF539

Treatment and care of the geriatric veterinary patient

edited by Mary Gardner, Dani McVety

Call Number: SF745

Laser therapy in veterinary medicine : photobiomodulation

edited by Ronald J Riegel

Call Number: SF745 .L38 2017eb

Guide to ruminant anatomy : dissection and clinical aspects [electronic resource]

Mahmoud Mansour, Ray Wilhite, Joe Rowe

Call Number: SF762

Necropsy guide for dogs, cats, and small mammals

edited by Sean P. McDonough, Teresa L. Southard

Call Number: SF769 .N43 2017eb

Cardiology for veterinary technicians and nurses

edited by H. Edward Durham

Call Number: SF811

Color atlas of veterinary ophthalmology

Call Number: SF891

Advances in veterinary dermatology. Volume 8 : : Proceedings of the eighth World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, Bordeaux, France, 31 May - 4 June 2016

edited by Sheila M.F. Torres, Philip Roudebush

Call Number: SF901

Diagnostic techniques in veterinary dermatology : a manual of diagnostic techniques

Ariane Neuber, Tim Nuttall

Call Number: SF901 .N48 2017

Pitfalls in veterinary surgery

edited by Geraldine B. Hunt

Call Number: SF911

Practical transfusion medicine for the small animal practitioner

Carolyn A. Sink

Call Number: SF919.5.B55

Nutritional management of equine diseases and special cases

edited by Bryan Waldridge

Call Number: SF951

Hospice and palliative care for companion animals : principles and practice

edited by Amir Shanan, Compassionate Veterinary Hospital, USA, Jessica Pierce, Center for Bioethics and Humanities, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Tamara Shearer, Compassionate Veterinary Hospital, USA

Call Number: SF981

Normal cell morphology in canine and feline cytology : an identification guide

written and translated by Lorenzo Ressel

Call Number: SF991

Atlas of canine and feline urinalysis

Theresa E. Rizzi, Amy Valenciano, Mary Bowles, Rick Cowell, Ronald Tyler, Dennis B. DeNicola

Call Number: SF991 .R59 2017

Pathology for toxicologists : principles and practices of laboratory animal pathology for study personnel

edited by Elizabeth McInnes

Call Number: SF996.5

Tilapia in intensive co-culture

edited by Peter W. Perschbacher and Robert R. Stickney

Call Number: SH167.T54 T595 2017eb

Diagnosis and control of diseases of fish and shellfish

edited by Brian Austin, University of Stirling, UK, Aweeda Newaj-Fyzul, University of the West Indies, Trinidad, JM

Call Number: SH171