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Items Acquired in February 2018 for the University Libraries

A capsule aesthetic : feminist materialisms in new media art

Kate Mondloch

Call Number: N72.F45 M66 2018


Call Number: N72 Glo.Ar 2017

Finding voice : a visual arts approach to engaging social change

Kim S. Berman

Call Number: N72.S6 B475 2017

Sustainable art communities : contemporary creativity and policy in the transnational Caribbean

edited by Leon Wainwright and Kitty Zijlmans

Call Number: N72.S6 S87 2018

The uses of reason in the evaluation of artworks : commentaries on the Turner Prize [electronic resource]

Les Gillon

Call Number: N396.G7 G55 2017eb

Maria Theresa and the arts

edited by Stella Rollig and Georg Lechner

Call Number: N5252.M37 M3713 2017

Egyptian art

Bill Manley

Call Number: N5350 .M28 2017

Gender, otherness, and culture in medieval and early modern art

edited by Carlee A. Bradbury; Michelle Moseley-Christian

Call Number: N5940

Arts of the East : highlights of Islamic art from the Bruschettini Collection

edited by Filiz Çakır Phillip

Call Number: N6264.C2 T673 2017


Call Number: N6490

When highbrow meets lowbrow : popular culture and the rise of nobrow

Peter Swirski, Tero Eljas Vanhanen, editors

Call Number: N6497

Art after the hipster : identity politics, ethics and aesthetics

Wes Hill

Call Number: N6512.7

Ann Hamilton : habitus

poems, Natalie Shapero, Susan Stewart ; contributors, Patricia C. Phillips, Susan Lubowsky Talbott

Call Number: N6537.H337 A4 2017

Roni Horn

Call Number: N6537.H644 A4 2017

Richard Serra : props, films, early works

herausgegeben von Alexander Klar, Jörg Daur ; Autoren, Silke von Berswordt-Wallrabe, Jörg Daur, Peter Forster, Magdalena Nieslony ; Übersetzung ins Englische, Staci von Boeckmann

Call Number: N6537.S385 A4 2017

Axis Mundo : queer networks in Chicano L.A.

C. Ondine Chavoya, David Evans Frantz, with Macarena Gómez-Barris ; Leticia Alvarado, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Simon Doonan, Colin Gunckel, Joshua Javier Guzmán, Iván A. Ramos, Richard T. Rodríguez

Call Number: N6538.M4 A95 2017

Charles II : art & power

[edited by Rufus Bird and Martin Clayton]

Call Number: N6766 .C43 2017

Victoria's lost pavilion : from nineteenth-century aesthetics to digital humanities

Paul Fyfe [and four others]

Call Number: N6767.5.V52 F94 2017

Contemporary British artists of African descent and the unburdening of a generation

Monique Kerman

Call Number: N6768 .K47 2017e

Rebecca Louise Law : life in death

Call Number: N6797.L39 A4 2017

Highlights of the Dom Museum Wien : historical treasures and key works of modernism

edited by Johanna Schwanberg ; [texts, Nina Binder [and three others] ; translations, Wolfgang Astelbauer, Michael Strand]

Call Number: N6804 .H5413 2017

Niki Passath : thinking like a machine : an artists journey into robotics

[with contributions from Gerald Bast [and nine others] ; translation from German into English, Christopher Barber, Sophie Frühling]

Call Number: N6811.5.P37 A4 2017

Cézanne : metamorphoses

edited by Alexander Eiling ; translations from the German, Rebecca van Dyck [and 3 others]

Call Number: N6853.C45 A4 2017


Call Number: N6868 .G53513 2017

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Thorsten Sadowsky ; [translation, Bram Opstelten]

Call Number: N6888.K45 S2313 2017

Mack : Licht Experimente = light experiments = expériences lumières : 1957-2017

Herausgeber = edited by Helmut Friedel ; [mit einem Text von = with texts by Heinz-Norbert Jocks ; Übersetzung, Daniel Kletke, Elise Alt]

Call Number: N6888.M3 A4 2017

Jeanne Mammen : the observer : retrospective 1910-1975

published by Thomas Köhler and Annelie Lütgens

Call Number: N6888.M36 A4 2017

Gabriele Münter, 1877-1962 : painting to the point

Isabelle Jansen ; edited by Isabelle Jansen for the Gabriele Münter- und Johannes Eichner-Stiftung and Matthias Mühling for the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München ; translation from the German, Bronwen Saunders, John Southard

Call Number: N6888.M83 A4 2017

Anita Rée : retrospective

edited by Karin Schick for the Hamburger Kunsthalle ; authors, Sophia Colditz [and seven others] ; translation from the German, José Enrique Macián

Call Number: N6888.R365 A4 2017

About painting : early works

Gerhard Richter ; edited by Christoph Schreier, Kunstmuseum Bonn ; with essays by Stephan Berg, Martin Germann and Christoph Schreier

Call Number: N6888.R49 A4 2017a

Burhan Doğançay

herausgegeben von Klaus Albrecht Schröder und Elsy Lahner; mit einem Vorwort von Klaus Albrecht Schröder und Texten von Deniz Beyazit, Edelbert Köb, Elsy Lahner und Magnus af Petersens

Call Number: N7173.D57 A4 2017

Animism in art and performance

Christopher Braddock, editor

Call Number: N7406

Emergence in interactive art

Jennifer Seevinck

Call Number: N7433.915

Indigenous creatures, native knowledges, and the arts : animal studies in modern worlds [electronic resource]

Wendy Woodward, Susan McHugh, editors

Call Number: N7660

Speculative taxidermy : natural history, animal surfaces, and art in the anthropocene

Giovanni Aloi

Call Number: N7660 .A57 2018

Dom Museum Wien : art, religion, society

edited by Johanna Schwanberg ; translations, Wolfgang Astelbauer [and three others]

Call Number: N7823.A9 V54 2017

Images of sex and desire in Renaissance art and modern historiography

edited by Angeliki Pollali and Berthold Hub

Call Number: N8217.E6 I43 2018

Not straight from Germany : sexual publics and sexual citizenship since Magnus Hirschfeld

Michael Thomas Taylor, Annette F. Timm, and Rainer Herrn, editors

Call Number: N8217.E6 N68 2017

Cartographic abstraction in contemporary art : seeing with maps

Claire Reddleman

Call Number: N8222.M375 R43 2018

Apprenticeship pilgrimage : developing expertise through travel and training

Lauren Miller Griffith and Jonathan S. Marion

Call Number: N8258 .G75 2018

Disturbing pasts : memories, controversies and creativity

edited by Leon Wainwright

Call Number: N8260 .D57 2018

Image and text in conceptual art : critical operations in context

Eve Kalyva

Call Number: N8265 .K35 2016

Gurlitt : status report

editor, Kunstmuseum Bern and Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland GmbH ; editorial team, Andrea Baresel-Brand, Meike Hopp, Agnieszka Lulińska ; translation, Josephine Cordero Sapien [and 3 others]

Call Number: N8795.3.E85 B47 2017

Authenticity in architectural heritage conservation : discourses, opinions, experiences in Europe, South and East Asia

Katharina Weiler, Niels Gutschow, editors

Call Number: NA105 .A98x 2017

A wealth of buildings : marking the rhythm of English history.

Richard Barras

Call Number: NA963

Architectural theorisations and phenomena in Asia : the polychronotypic Jetztzeit

Francis Chia-Hui Lin

Call Number: NA1460

Stella Hamberg

Moritz Woelk ; English translation, Russell Stockman

Call Number: NB588.H235 A4 2017

Elke Härtel : Rapunzel : Genese einer Skulptur = genesis of a sculpture

Petra Giloy-Hirtz ; [Übersetzung, Bram Opstelten]

Call Number: NB588.H37 E45 2017

A theory of narrative drawing

Simon Grennan

Call Number: NC730

Nineteenth-century illustration and the digital : studies in word and image

Julia Thomas

Call Number: NC960

Julia Jacquette : unrequited and acts of play

Tracy Adler

Call Number: ND237.J24 A4 2017

Praised and ridiculed : French painting 1820-1880

editor, Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft / Kunsthaus Zürich ; translations from German, Philippa Hurd [and others]

Call Number: ND547 .P73 2017

Van Gogh among the philosophers : painting, thinking, being

edited by David P. Nichols

Call Number: ND653.G7 V353 2018

Perfection's therapy : an essay on Albrecht Dürer's Melencolia I

Mitchell B. Merback

Call Number: NE654.D9 A673 2017

Rembrandt's religious prints : the Feddersen collection at the Snite Museum of Art

Charles M. Rosenberg

Call Number: NE2054.5.R4 A4 2017

Wiener Werkstätte 1903-1932 : the luxury of beauty

edited by Christian Witt-Dörring and Janis Staggs ; preface by Ronald S. Lauder, foreword by Renée Price, with contributions by Paul Asenbaum and ten others

Call Number: NK945.V53 N58 2017

Swansea and Nantgarw porcelains : a scientific reappraisal

Howell G.M. Edwards

Call Number: NK4399.S9

The Transformation of Athens : Painted Pottery and the Creation of Classical Greece

Robin Osborne

Call Number: NK4649 .O82 2018

Ancient lamps in the J. Paul Getty Museum

Jean Bussière and Birgitta Lindros Wohl

Call Number: NK4680 .J2 2017

Postcolonialism and postsocialism in fiction and art : resistance and re-existence

Madina Tlostanova

Call Number: NX180.P67 T599 2017

Rhetoric, social value and the arts : but how does it work?

Charlotte Bonham-Carter, Nicola Mann, editors

Call Number: NX180.S6 B664 2017eb

Locating Nordic noir : from Beck to the Bridge [electronic resource]

Kim Toft Hansen, Anne Marit Waade

Call Number: NX456.5.N65

A.Bandit : a secret has two faces

the collaborative work of Glenn Kaino and Derek Delgaudio

Call Number: NX456.5.P38 A25 2017

Ally : Janine Antoni, Anna Halprin, Stephen Petronio

edited by Adrian Heathfield ; [writers, Carol Becker [and three others]]

Call Number: NX512.A58 A4 2017

Selfie citizenship

Adi Kuntsman, editor

Call Number: TR184


Call Number: TR658.3 .F4213 2017

100 great street photographs

David Gibson

Call Number: TR659.8 .G53 2017

Above the clouds

Scott Mead

Call Number: TR810 .M385 2017

Expressive spaces in digital 3D cinema

Owen Weetch

Call Number: TR854 .W43 2016

Animation : from concept to production

Hannes Rall

Call Number: TR897.5 .R3513 2018