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Anatomy & Physiology

Items Acquired in December 2017 for the University Libraries

Clinical neuroanatomy

Stephen G. Waxman

Call Number: QM451 .W39 2017eb

Compendium of histology : a theoretical and practical guide

Anders Rehfeld, Malin Nylander, Kirstine Karnov

Call Number: QM551

Heart rate variability analysis with the R package RHRV

Constantino Antonio Garcia Martinez [and six others]

Call Number: QP113

Flavor, satiety and food intake

edited by Beverly Tepper, Rutgers University, NJ, US, Martin Yeomans, University of Sussex, UK

Call Number: QP136 .F54 2017eb

Wild plants, mushrooms and nuts : functional food properties and applications

[edited by] Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Patricia Morales Gómez, Lillian Barros

Call Number: QP144.F85

New polymers for encapsulation of nutraceutical compounds

edited by Jorge Carlos Ruiz Ruiz, Maira Rubi Segura Campos

Call Number: QP144.F85

Olives and olive oil as functional foods : bioactivity, chemistry and processing

edited by Paul Kiritsakis, Fereidoon Shahidi

Call Number: QP144.F85

Nutrigenomics and proteomics in health and disease : towards a systems-level understanding of gene-diet interactions

edited by Martin Kussmann, Lausanne, Switzerland, Patrick Stover, Ithaca, NY, US

Call Number: QP144.G45

Biomechanics of the human stomach [electronic resource]

Roustem N. Miftahof

Call Number: QP151

Human reproduction : updates and new horizons

edited by Heide Schatten

Call Number: QP251 .H845 2017eb

Endocrinology of the testis and male reproduction [electronic resource]

Manuela Simoni, Ilpo T. Huhtaniemi, editors

Call Number: QP252

Protocols in semen biology (comparing assays)

N. Srivastava, Megha Pande, editors

Call Number: QP255

Neurobiology of motor control : fundamental concepts and new directions

[edited by] Scott L. Hooper, Ansgar Büschges

Call Number: QP301

Ganong's review of medical physiology

Kim E. Barrrett, Susan M. Barman, Scott Botano, Heddwen L. Brooks

Call Number: QP34.5 .G15 2016eb

The Wiley handbook of evolutionary neuroscience

edited Stephen V. Shepherd

Call Number: QP355.2 .W55 2017eb

Genome editing in neurosciences

Rudolf Jaenisch, Feng Zhang, Fred Gage, editors

Call Number: QP356.22

Handbook of neurobehavioral genetics and phenotyping

[edited by] Valter Tucci

Call Number: QP356.22

Computational models of brain and behavior

edited by Dr Ahmed A. Moustafa

Call Number: QP357.5 .C627 2018

Principles of computational modelling in neuroscience

David Sterratt [and others]

Call Number: QP357.5 .P75 2011

Evolution of the brain, cognition, and emotion in vertebrates [electronic resource]

Shigeru Watanabe, Michel A. Hofman, Toru Shimizu, editors

Call Number: QP376

Brain function assessment in learning : first International Conference, BFAL 2017, Patras, Greece, September 24-25, 2017, proceedings

Claude Frasson, George Kostopoulos (eds.)

Call Number: QP385

Ganong's medical physiology examination and board review

Kim E. Barrett, Susan M. Barman, Scott Boitano, Jane F. Reckelhoff

Call Number: QP40

Why we sleep : unlocking the power of sleep and dreams

Matthew Walker, PhD

Call Number: QP425 .W44 2017

Time-dependent measures of perception in sensory evaluation

edited by Sarah E. Kemp, Joanne Hort, Tracey Hollowood

Call Number: QP435 .K442 2016eb

Primate hearing and communication

Rolf M. Quam, Marissa A. Ramsier, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper, editors

Call Number: QP461

Recovering bioactive compounds from agricultural wastes

edited by Van Tang Nguyen

Call Number: QP517.B44

Chemoselective and bioorthogonal ligation reactions : concepts and applications

edited by W. Russ Algar, Philip E. Dawson and Igor L. Medintz

Call Number: QP517.B49

Protein carbonylation : principles, analysis, and biological implications

edited by Joaquim Ros

Call Number: QP517.P76

Mass spectrometry and stable isotopes in nutritional and pediatric research

edited by Henk Schierbeek

Call Number: QP519.9.M3 M3158 2017eb

Photoaffinity labeling for structural probing within protein [electronic resource]

Yasumaru Hatanaka, Makoto Hashimoto, editors

Call Number: QP519.9.P48

Store-operated Ca²⁺ entry (SOCE) pathways : emerging signaling concepts in human (patho)physiology

Klaus Groschner, Wolfgang F. Graier, Christoph Romanin, editors

Call Number: QP535.C2

Calcium signaling : from physiology to diseases

Senthilkumar Rajagopal, Murugavel Ponnusamy

Call Number: QP535.C2

Reactive oxygen species : signaling between hierarchical levels in plants

edited by Franz-Josef Schmitt and Suleyman I. Allakhverdiev

Call Number: QP535.O1

Protein deimination in human health and disease

Anthony P. Nicholas, Sanjoy K. Bhattacharya, Paul R. Thompson, editors

Call Number: QP551

Chemical ligation : tools for biomolecule synthesis and modification

edited by Luca D. D'Andrea, Alessandra Romanelli

Call Number: QP551

Protein Analysis using Mass Spectrometry [electronic resource]

Call Number: QP551

Protein analysis using mass spectrometry : accelerating protein biotherapeutics from lab to patient

edited by Mike S. Lee and Qin C. Ji

Call Number: QP551 .P748 2017eb

Transporters as Drug Targets

Call Number: QP552.C34

Enzyme kinetics : principles and methods

Hans Bisswanger

Call Number: QP601.3

Enzyme regulation in metabolic pathways

Lloyd Wolfinbarger

Call Number: QP601.4

Beta-Lactams : Novel Synthetic Pathways and Applications

edited by Bimal K. Banik

Call Number: QP609.B46

Phosphodiesterases : CNS functions and diseases [electronic resource]

Han-Ting Zhang, Ying Xu, James M. O'Donnell, editors

Call Number: QP609.P53

Proteases in physiology and pathology [electronic resource]

Sajal Chakraborti, Naranjan S. Dhalla, editors

Call Number: QP609.P78

Drebrin : from structure and function to physiological and pathological roles

Tomoaki Shirao, Yuko Sekino, editors

Call Number: QP624.75.P74

Algorithms for next-generation sequencing data : techniques, approaches, and applications

Mourad Elloumi, editor

Call Number: QP625.N89

Selective glycosylations : synthetic methods and catalysts

edited by Clay S. Bennett

Call Number: QP702.G577

Vitamin D. Volume 1, Biochemistry, physiology and diagnostics

editor-in-chief, David Feldman, senior associate editor, J. Wesley Pike, associate editors, Roger Bouillon [and 3 others]

Call Number: QP772.V53 V58 2018eb

Vitamin D. Volume 2, Health, disease and therapeutics

editor-in-chief, David Feldman, senior associate editor, J. Wesley Pike, associate editors, Roger Bouillon [and 3 others]

Call Number: QP772.V53 V582 2018eb

Non-ionizing radiation protection : summary of research and policy options

edited by Andrew W. Wood, Ken Karipidis

Call Number: QP82.2.N64

Evolution, the logic of biology

John S. Torday, Virender K. Rehan

Call Number: QP90.4