Printing & Copying

  1. How do I get a print/copy card?

    Wright State students, faculty, and staff use their Wright1 cards to make copies and print at the Libraries. The Wright1 Card Center is located in 238 Student Union and their number is (937) 775-5542.

    Persons who are not affiliated with Wright State may borrow or purchase a Guest PrintWright Card from the 1st floor Circulation Desk. To borrow a print card, you must give a valid photo ID for the library to hold until the card is returned. To purchase a print card, the cost is $3 plus the amount for printing/copying.

  2. I forgot my Wright1 card. How can I print or make copies?

    If you are a current student, staff, or faculty member and do not have your Wright1 card, you can check out a guest card from the Circulation Desk with your uID.

    You can also use a photocopier that accepts cash on the 2nd floor in the Media room.

  3. Where can I add money to my Wright1 card?

    In Dunbar Library, you can add money to your Wright1 card in the following ways: if you have bills, there is a Deposit Station on the 2nd floor opposite the elevators; if you have cash or a credit/debit card, you can go to the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor.

    You can also add money to your card online:

    • Log into WINGS
    • Click on the Wright1 Card Services for Students link in the lower right corner
    • Click on the link for Wright1 Card Flex Deposits
    • Follow the prompts to choose your amount and payment method
  4. I'm having trouble with a copier in the library. What do I do?

    Please report copier problems to a library staff member; they will contact the company who services the copiers. You can also see our floor plans to find out where the copiers are located in Dunbar Library.

  5. Does the library have a color copier?

    No, please visit the Wright Copy Center at 181 Student Union (by the bookstore).