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University Libraries


  1. Who can use online library resources from off campus?

    You must be a Wright State University student, staff, or faculty to use the databases remotely.  Most of our databases can be used in the library by guests through the use of a guest computing account.

  2. How do I get into the library’s online resources from off-campus?

    To access library databases:

    • Go to the Databases page on the website.
    • Click on the database that you want to search.
    • Type your campus username (w#) and password. If you’re not sure what your campus username or password is, contact Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS) at (937) 775-4827.
    • Click on Login Securely button.
  3. Why do I get an authentication error?

    Verify that you typed your campus username (w#) and password correctly; if you are still having trouble logging in, please call the Information Desk at (937) 775-2925 or Ask a Librarian .

  4. Why did I get a "Page cannot be displayed" or "Page not found" error?

    This error can be caused by outdated bookmarks, browser incompatabilities, firewall permissions, DNS issues, or inaccessible web pages. To resolve the issue first be sure to connect through the University Library database selection page. Next try an alternate web browser. If neither solution is successful please Ask a Librarian for further help.

  5. I get through the library authentication successfully, but I am asked to log in again on the database screen.

    Some online resources restrict the number of Wright State users who can use the resource at the same time. If the database, journal, or streaming site has reached its maximium allowance of Wright State users you may see a message, "all seats are full," or you may see a login box from the company who owns the content. Try again after 15 minutes if you have received the message "all seats are full." If you continue to have difficulty reaching a resource contact the library through Ask a Librarian or call (937) 775-2925. Staff will need to know the name of the resource you selected and they may need to ask you several questions to help you to diagnose the problem.