Paul Laurence Dunbar Library

Wright State's University Library was dedicated in 1973 and then renamed in 1992 to honor Dayton-born Paul Laurence Dunbar. Planned by architect Don Hisaka, the building was the cover photo for the August 1975 Architectural Record. The library is known for its triangular shape and for its skylighted, multistory atrium.

A full-scale replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer is suspended in the atrium of the library. It was conceived and built by a dedicated group of volunteer model makers, mechanics, engineers, woodworkers, and seamstresses under the leadership of Howard R. DuFour. After over 4,000 hours of volunteer time, the 1903 Wright Flyer was completed in September 2001 and made its ascent in the library atrium.

Dunbar Library Exterior
Dunbar Library Interior


The University Libraries uphold the mission of Wright State University by providing exceptional research services and resources to facilitate faculty and student success and by fostering innovation and lifeā€long learning in our diverse community.


The Libraries will be known and valued by the University community as essential to the educational process and student success. As the scholarly information center for the University, the Libraries will be an innovative leader in support of teaching, learning, and research in an intellectually open, inclusive environment.


  • Service: Provide exceptional customer service, instruction, and outstanding resources
  • People: Empower an engaged and diverse staff invested in the future
  • Learning: Create an environment conducive to student success
  • Research: Encourage a culture of innovation and scholarly exploration
  • Collaboration: Engage with the broader university community and our external partners
  • Stewardship: Exemplify responsible stewardship of university assets


The University Libraries are committed to promoting an educational, cultural, and work environment that is responsive to Wright State University's increasingly multicultural community. Accordingly, the Libraries will foster and encourage sensitivity to diversity among its patrons and staff and will continuously work to further the intellectual diversity of its collections and services.

Welcome to the Libraries

Karen Wilhoit, Interim University Librarian

The University Libraries are the scholarly information center for the University. In support of the University's mission of educational excellence, the Libraries collect, organize, preserve, and facilitate access to scholarly resources in all formats; support teaching, learning, and research in an intellectually open environment; and provide instruction in the use of traditional and new information resources and technologies.

Karen Wilhoit
University Librarian