Digital Collections

Several University Archives collections have been digitized and are available online in Wright State University's institutional repository, CORE Scholar. Major University Archives digital projects are described below.

To view all University Archives digital projects, visit CORE Scholar: University Archives. To receive email updates when new University Archives materials are available online, create a free CORE Scholar account, and "follow" the University Archives.

Academic Course Catalogs

The University Archives maintains a complete run of Wright State University Catalogs, which contain descriptions of all courses offered at Wright State from 1964 to present. Course catalogs between 1964 and 2010 are available online in CORE Scholar: Academic Course Catalogs.

Alternative Student Newspaper Collection

The collection of alternative student newspapers is comprised of 43 various newspapers with duplicate copies. The alternative papers were created by students to have a voice of their own since they felt that the official school paper did not fully represent them. The papers are illustrated and at times express extreme or radical viewpoints. The papers offer a rare view inside the student body during the early years of WSU. The alternative student newspapers are available online in CORE Scholar: Alternative Student Newspapers.

Alumni Publications

Collection of publications sent to faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university from Wright State University. This collection includes The Wright Stater (1966-1990), AlumNews (1977-2008), Community (1996-2011), and Wright State University Magazine (2011-Present). These are available online in CORE Scholar: Alumni Publications.

Boonshoft School of Medicine Oral History Project

The oral histories in this collection capture the events of the founding of Wright State University's School of Medicine. The project took place from 1983-1985, in an effort to preserve the history of the School of Medicine through its founders' personal experiences and opinions. The audio interviews are available online in CORE Scholar: Boonshoft School of Medicine Oral History Project.

Economics Students' Culminating Experience Papers

A collection of Culminating Experience papers submitted by Economics students. The Culminating Experience assignment was similar in nature to a final capstone project for graduate students in the program. These papers are available online in CORE Scholar: Economics Student Publications.

Faculty Senate

A collection of agendas and minutes from Academic Council, General Faculty, and Faculty Senate meetings at Wright State University. These documents aer available online in CORE Scholar: Faculty Senate.

The Guardian Student Newspaper

The Guardian is the official student-run newspaper of Wright State University. Current issues of The Guardian are digitized as they are published. Historical issues of The Guardian, dating back to as early as 1964, are currently in the process of being digitized. All issues currently available in digital form can be found on CORE Scholar: The Guardian Student Newspaper.

Wright State University Retirees Association (WSURA) Oral History Project

The WSU Retirees Association (WSURA) collects oral history interviews with faculty, staff, and students from the early days of Wright State. This is an ongoing project, with new interviews still being conducted. Interview videos and transcripts are available online in CORE Scholar: WSU Retirees Association (WSURA) Oral History Project.

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