Part of the Diversity Team's mission is to foster and encourage sensitivity to diversity among its patrons and staff. To fulfill this goal, the team has sponsored a variety of events and programs including book and movie discussions, diversity training, and a heritage fair.

Three successful book/movie discussions were held to further dialogue on topics of multiculturalism and diversity. Staff from the Libraries' read the book or viewed the movie, then participated in a discussion facilitated by library staff. In 1998, we discussed the book Amistad and then viewed the movie, followed by a discussion period. In 2000, we read and viewed I Heard the Owl Call My Name, followed by a discussion of cultural issues in Native American communities. In 2009, the team sponsored a campus discussion on the novel Push, followed by the movie adaptation, Precious. In addition, the Libraries' helped fund and promote the author's visit to campus.

Amistad I Heard the Owl Call My Name Push

The team has sponsored diversity training for all new library staff members. Part of this training included viewing the film The Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities. The goal with the training was to provide library staff with information about the difficulties encountered by people with disabilities and effective communication techniques.

In 2011, the team organized a Heritage Fair for library staff, giving them the opportunity to showcase their own heritage or family tree. There were fifteen participants with displays and demonstrations. Displays included family trees, historical photos and artifacts from their native country. Some shared recipes and ethnic food.

Heritage Fair Heritage Fair

Heritage Fair Heritage Fair

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